Monday, March 14, 2011

AMW Version: Opening My Eyes with Purples

Purples has always been a challenge for most of us because it can either make you look sweet or the outcome could be "domestic violence".  I am quite lucky I can play around with purples without looking like  "My Husband Hits Me When We Argued".

Neutrals after Neutrals, I think its time to show some colors because summer is coming up!

AMW Diagram

Before we start:
Applied a good amount of Benefit Lemon Aid all over lids to "brighten up" the lid area at the same time, this act as an eyeshadow base.

Step 1:
Using L'Oreal Open Eyes Pro Palette 05, apply shimmery lilac eyeshadow all over lids going a bit beyond your lids for a nice base.  Using a pencil brush, apply a bit on the lower lash line.

Step 2:
Using the darkest purple color of the palette, gently sweet on the purple eyeshadow on the outer corner creating an illusion of deeper set eyes.

Step 3:
With the silver shadow, apply a bit more on the inner lids, patting motion would be better!

Step 4:
With a sponge applicator, apply the shimmery white powder on the inner corner of your eyes and a bit on the brow bone.

Step 5:
I needed a dark black shadow to create more "depth", with Sleek's Graphite palette, I chose the darkest metallic black to make my eyes bigger by applying a bit on the outer v.  Blending as the colors were packed.  With the same eye shadow, I used pencil brush to line the outer lower lash line to create a natural liner.

I gave false lashes a skip and decided to use what God has given me, my natural, non-existent lashes!  :)  I curled my lashes with Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, applied coats of Maybelline Magnum Volum' Express mascara in Black.

I filled my brows with Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil no. 2

I lined the upper lash line creating a tiny wing with ELF Cream Eyeliner in Black

AMW Opening Up Her Eyes
with L'Oreal Open Eyes Pro 05

Here's what I used for the rest of my face

For the Face:
Avon Ideal Shade Dual Powder Foundation
in Shell with Kabuki Brush

For the Face:
Contoured with Stila Contouring Trio

For the Cheeks:
MAC Mineralized Blush in Super Duper Natural
Applied The Body Shop 02 Cheek and Face Powder in Berry on top 
for a healthy looking cheeks!
For the Lips:
MAC Viva Glam V
make sure to prep your lips with balm 
prior to lipstick application

Fix your hair and you're ready go on a date :)

Have you braved purples?
What's your best purple eyeshadow?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. loving the purple on u sis! i too have the stila contouring trio and love your tutorial! I usually only use the darkest shade :D but now i have places for the highlight too. yeay!

  2. Gorgeous and simple look..Love the look so much..can't wait to see more from you hun..^_^..

  3. OMg Nikki, you're so funny! But you look really gorgeous with the purple shadows and it doesn't look like your hubby hit you hehe..

  4. I love purples! They go great with my eye color and purple is also one of my favorite colors! Have you tried Avon's True Color Eye Shadow Quad in Purple Haze? I love it!

  5. Pretty! I need more practice w/ my eyeshadow application. Your tutorials are super helpful! :)

  6. I love the purple look on you! so pretty the smokey effect. siguro papa keith can't stop looking at you! :)

    i remember playing with purple eyeshadows before and ending up looking like a punching bag. parang may malaking "pasa" sa fez. hehehe!

  7. I love this look on you. You look so girly and dainty. :)

  8. Purple looks great on you! And the color is amazing at bringing out brown eyes. :)

  9. This is very pretty, I love it! Purples really suit you. :)

  10. You look lovely as always. I like your hair, slight wave makes u look so lady like.

  11. Xin, we are definitely sisters for owning the same Stila Contouring Trio, I am so happy when I saw it on sale as I've been wanting to purchase it for quite some time :)

    -AnGiEpInK-, thank you! Will try to do more :)

    Becky, :) I'm glad I don't look like I've been punched! That's a successful Version then :D

  12. Lizlane, I don't own the Avon quad yet but I've seen other bloggers using it and it does look really gorgeous!

    Aya, aww, thanks! I'm glad you find my tutorials helpful! It's inspiring to know!

    Hahahah He shouldn't stop looking at me Shenny, coz he's taking my photo! If he looks elsewhere, I'll kick him :D Ay sis, keri mo na ang purples today! I saw how gorgeous your eye makeup application is in person!

  13. Pammy, hahaha I am girly, and long as I don't talk :P

    Michelle, thank you! :) Wow, you can even see the color of my eyes!

    tiffyama , thanks!

  14. Issa, thank you for liking the look.

    Gio, thanks

    Lavender, aww, thanks I did curl it a bit to have this sweet, girly look! :)

  15. Because of you, I shall wear purple eyeshadow to work tomorrow! i've missed you, Nikki! Sorry I haven't been around much :(

  16. hi ms. nikki! great tutorial as always. i'm an avid reader of your blog. i need your help. i'd like to give gel liners a try but i don't know which brush to purchase. there are a lot of brushes out there but i only want to get one since not most of them are that affordable. what would you recommend? i'd like a brush that's easy to use that'll produce lines with great precision. thanks in advance and keep up with the good work in making this world more beautiful by empowering Filipinas. :)

  17. Connie, thanks! I can't wait to see more FOTDs from you as you have such gorgeous looks! :D

    Graciescorner, hey, thank you so much for being a reader of my blog, yes, there are so many brushes out there but if you want one for eyelining, actually you can try the Angled liner brushes that are thin and stiffer which can be found at SM or Landmark malls, those that aren't branded but they would work good! :D


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