Monday, March 14, 2011

AMW Reports: Come shop with me at Bonifacio High Street, BGC

As a blogger who talks a lot about beauty products, clothing, shoes and food, a lot of you probably expected to see me out on malls carrying huge bags of retail happiness.


After a challenging incident that happened to my mom almost 2 years ago, I value most of my time by spending it with her and its no surprise that I don't go out much!  If I do go out, it'll probably be me attending events/launches or just out there buying the essentials!  That's how "scheduled" my life is.

One Tuesday evening, after a wonderful dinner at Serendra (which of course, I will blog about it on my Weekend Food Tripping), we've decided to have our nightly walk at Bonifacio High Street instead of our usual routine of exercising near our home!

*insert*  The window shopping was put on halt for a couple of minutes!  So many cute "furry friends" out for a night walk!  What I love about Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is the fact that it's pet-friendly!  I saw a lot of dog owners taking out their gorgeous dogs for a walk and I can't help but stalk them!  Saw a pair of gorgeous Siberian Huskies, at least 3 Shitzus and 2 Malteses!  At that very instant, I wished to have taken my 3 Poms with me for their much needed exercise!
I stopped by Make Up For Ever to check out their new makeup collection.  I actually took a mental note if I have enough of my favorite MUFE Eye Seal perfect for Brides and I still do have backups!  I was told they have stocks of it in this branch and I will definitely come back for these and the MUFE Aqua Eyes in black and brown as well.

After a quick look around Make Up For Ever store,  I went in The Face Shop!  I haven't been back inside any Korean Cosmetics stores after my Korea Trip!  I went there to checkout new nail polish shades and I can see they have a lot of stocks of the Changpo Magic Straight Shampoo and Conditioner and they are now selling them as a set which is really nice!

It's nice to see though that The Face Shop is selling Nail Art Pens for Php175.00 (approx $4.00).  Great news for my readers who wanted to try nail art designs with a nail art pen!  The only available colors are black and white!  Not a lot of variety but both colors are good enough to spark up your nail creativity!

I'm actually an easy-to-be-with companion when it comes to shopping!  I don't take up a lot of time in one store as I always know what I'm looking for! 

ALDO caught my attention with their lovely shoes on display! Aside from shoes, I am actually drawn to the lovely pieces of accessories and bags!  Most of the stuffs there are good for working people like myself who wants to look good on any occasion!

There's something about Charles & Keith that I love, must be the brand name?  *laughs*  There are only a couple of shoe brands that I don't mind spending a bit because of the quality and design!  Charles & Keith is definitely one of them! I usually go to this trustee shoe store if I'm looking for shoes I would like to wear on special events! 

Healthy Options!  I zoomed in the store because I haven't been there for ages!  Keith and I used to "food trip" inside Healthy Options, we like to purchase different chips, drinks, granola bars! 

I took a break, sat down on a bench and enjoyed the gorgeous weather!  Bonifacio High Street, with its unique open air retail ambiance, lets shoppers enjoy the warm sun at day, and the breezy wind at night.  It was really relaxing to shop at BGC because the place is clean and you get to see a nice overview of all the shops and restaurants while relaxing!

Keith took a shot on the gorgeous moon that night!

Keith and I shared a bit of stories on how our day went and I asked him to play games with me just like old times!  I promised him I won't kick him if I'm losing!  I am more mature now! *winks*  

We loaded our cards and we played our favorite games!  Car racing, drum playing, shooting and even those punching games!  It is relaxing to end a stressful day with games like these!  It feels nice to be kids at heart again!

Note from AMW: Keith is good at picking up toys!  We will share to you the tip when we see each other ok?

Because poor Keith has been checking out cosmetics and girly stuffs with me, I told him it's time he channel back to being a man - I mean Boy! *laughs*  Maxiworks

A "ninja" shot on my favorite Funko Toys!  I can't believe we have it down here!  Each costs around Php435.00 (approx $10.35) which isn't badly priced because I recently have a friend help me purchase from Amazon for $9.00 (approx Php378.00) each! 

This is our current collection, and looks like there will be more joining Funko Robin and Funko Batman!

We also stopped by Krispy Kreme for a takeout on my favorite Original Glaze Donuts to share to the family as well.

They also have the special edition heart shaped donuts for Valentine's Day!  I love it because they have my favorite chocolate of all times --- KITKAT!  And yes,  it must have something to do with the name again!

On a last minute,  I wanted to check out Muji as I haven't been there since its launch!  I've only been to Muji in Hong Kong and I want to see what our local Muji has to offer.

It was a couple of minutes before closing time so I rushed on checking out the place!  Containers after containers...

Beauty section!  Organic skincare products, makeup tools - brushes, cotton buds, scissors etc...  I am also secretly hoping to be a student again after seeing their notebooks, pens and pencils!

Too bad it was 10:00pm already so I wasn't able to check out their clothing section!  I will go earlier next time! 

We also stopped by White Hat to order a tub of our favorite original yogurt!  We have a cooler inside our car so this survived until we got home and put it in a freezer for future cravings!


It was a fun night!  I will definitely do this again!  I usually go out on dates like these during weekends, this is such a nice change to unwind on a weeknight!  Thanks to Mr. AMW for the company and it's actually our little way of celebrating Super Post Valentines!

Do you think I'm a fun shopping companion?
I hope so..I believe so! :D
Do you enjoy shopping at BGC too?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. wow! I love how you breakdown Boni High, I always go there and I agree, the ambiance is really nice, especially at night. :) What's Mr. AMW's secret in picking up toys??? SHARE! the BF is so frustrated with that! :p

  2. Wow! I love how you breakdown Boni High! I always go there and I agree, the ambiance is really nice, especially at night. :D What's Mr. AMW's secret in picking up toys? SHARE! The BF is so frustrated with that! :p

  3. Oooh funko toys! I want Wonder Woman!

  4. I love BHS too! Did you see the new cleansing oils in The Face Shop? I'm liking them but they are kind of expensive, I think. I like my Muji cleansing oil :)

  5. Rachaelah, hahahah we have to share to you in person! it's hard to explain! hahhahah

    Krys, that's my next target too! :) I was told they will come up with more! Will go back!

    Michelle, I agree!

    Kari, yes,I've seen the cleansing oils but I haven't tried them! If you like Muji cleansing oil that is good enough :)

  6. Wow! Its really been ages since the last time I went there... I think 1 1/2 years already LOL too lazy to drive there and I dont know how to get there by myself... hehehe... I tried once but got lost and reached Eastwood already LOL

    Will definitely ask H to go there soon! Will checkout MUJI store.

    TC Niks! dont know what happened to your Mom but just pray.

  7. Harry, yup :)

    Baya, I know what you mean! Its quite far from where I work as well and it's always nice to have a quiet date like these! Thanks for the kind words regarding my mom, it's long and dramatic so I'll leave out the details (:P) and yup, I do pray....! :)

  8. Awww. Seems like a quiet yet fun date. I love it when you tell stories about you and Mr. AMW. I've always been a fan of you two. :)

  9. love going to serendra, it's like a yearly tradition of ours to have our Christmas or new year's date there. i'm from q.c. and work in ortigas so serendra is something we go out of our way to be at. i just like the atmosphere


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