Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tech Review: Golla Case for Iphones and Ipod touch

I remember those days when I enjoy using a slip-in pouch for my Nokia phone!  I tend to panic when I get phone calls and I would like to answer them right away!  Having a complicated pouch won't be much of a help that's why the simpler the pouch, the better and the longer my life span will be!  *chuckles*

Since I changed my phone, a slip in pouch for my current phone will be much appreciated!  I was sent one from Golla Philippines and it looked like this...

Looks so cool!  Reminded me a bit of those tattoo artists!  Don't ask me why, it's probably the design!

Map-like design at the front part

A nice G Font for Golla or Generation Mobile?
The size is just right and you can easily open up the pouch. 

I can slip in my Iphone easily, what I like about its inner texture is its softness, you won't make a mistake of scratching your phone because the insides of the Golla Case are well cushioned.

Fits like a glove

But then, the Ipod Touch pouch of Mr. AMW was torn apart
(as seen on photo below)

I willingly gave my Golla pouch to him as he needed it more, with pink sides and all!  He's actually OC like me and wouldn't want to remove the existing silicon case of his Ipod Touch.

The Ipod Touch, together with its silicon case, fits Golla Case perfectly!

Golla Pouches can be purchased locally for Php690.00 (approx $16.00) at the following retails stores ---
  • The Travel Club
  • Globe Telecom
  • Bratpack
  • Fullybooked
  • Istudio
  • Hello Telecom
  • Fashion Rack
  • PowerMac
  • Island Souvenir
  • A Shop
You can check out Golla Website for their 2011 collection by smiling and clicking HERE.

By the way, Golla will be giving away three prized gadget bags or cases this month!

How to join and get yourself the chance to win?  Kindly click photo below for contest mechanics!  Goodluck!

As for myself, I am ok with my Pink Case because "girly" doesn't want to leave my side!
And oh, I also have this in white!
I tried to be hip and cool, but there are circumstances in life that does not allow me to!
Such as hubby who needs it more *winks*

What do you use to protect your gadgets?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. not sure if you knew i am a big fan of golla pc backpacks? i don't have i phone but this is way too cute. maybe i ought to get a phone so i can get a bag. lol

    cool find!

  2. i've been looking for a pouch for my Samsung Ace (which reviews say looks like an iphone), so i guess this would fit my phone.

    but seeing your pink leather case made me want that more than the pouch.. where did you get it? =)

  3. Your pink pouch is more "you" :)

  4. love the pink case!!!!! i have golla pouch for camera ^_^ used to have a pouch for phone, but now since the phone screen is quite impossible to be scratched so i don't use pouch anymore

  5. I am ok with the cases but I like your manicure!

  6. Jojoba, I know you are! I remembered reading a couple of your Golla related blog posts especially the backpacks! Perfect for travel and short weekend trips :)

    Icysunitz, greenhills! :) they have it in various colors! (black, white, pink, blue, red)

    Michelle, ahhaha I know what you mean!

  7. Xin, same! i also have one for my camera! :) Arent' we seriously sisters from different countries? LOL

    Citrine, hahahahah you are too cute!

    Gio, :) Thanks!

  8. so sad... =( i'm in cebu.. i love it kasi it doesn't look bulky and it's so chic. =)


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