Friday, March 25, 2011

Something New: Beach Hut SPF 100 + New Haircut!

As I was preparing for my bestfriend's Baby Shower, Mr. AMW got back home from work with a box on hand and without looking, I said: "Thanks for the pizza but I'm full!"  Gulay!  I should look before I speak!  

I got a box from Beach Hut wanting me to be ready for summer!  I am actually ready for summer but my body will never be!  I'll probably wait until I get old and wrinkly that no one would even care if I go nude on the beach?  *flinch*

Blame it on the box for the "Served fresh, hot and fast!" line, blame it on me for being a PIGGY and for thinking about food any time of the day!

The cute orange box brightened up my "tensed" Saturday afternoon!

Included are Beach Hut Face Ultra-Sensitive Hypoallergenic Sunblock in SPF 65 and Beach Hut Max 100++ SPF.  Together with the two star products are frisbee and waterproof film type camera!  All I need to do is to nudge my friends for a beach party!  I'd love to play frisbee!  The last time I played frisbee was when I was less than 10 years old!  Never thought of playing it again as my cousin hit my head hard with  frisbee and I literally see birds flying on top of my  head!  *laughs*

Two Star Products I am looking forward to try ---

 Beach Hut Face Ultra-Sensitive Hypoallergenic Sunblock SPF65
Beach Hut Face is specifically designed for sensitive skin.  It is specially formulated with organic micronized zinc oxide for an ultra mild yet complete sun protection that is proven and tested hypoallergenic.  

Beach Hut Max 100 ++ SPF
Unbelievably light lotion sunblock.  It's here!  Experience extreme high SPF protection without the messy and oily feel like other lotion sunblock.  Beach Hut Max 100++ is uber light on skin, quick drying and non-messy.

Anyone who tested this ahead of me can click comment and give me some insights on how it worked for you!  Have you road tested this?  How did it fair with other brands?

On my part, I haven't had the chance to really plan a summer outing yet!  Been very busy lately!  To kick-off my summer, I had a haircut at Tony and Jackey first time at Retiro Branch!  It may look like I haven't done a lot of changes by the look of the photograph below!  But just so you know, I have layered cut so the longest part of my hair can be seen only from the back part. 

The hairstylist actually took off more than 3 inches off my hair
Do I like it?  Yes, I love how much lighter my head feels and no more dry ends!
What do you do to kick off summer?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I love the hair! Looks so good on you, looking gorgeous sis!

  2. I love your hair.

    **hair e-stalker alert**

  3. nice haircut!!! i would like to have my hair cut like that, too! anong tawag sa style na yan? hihi :)

    btw, i read your blog everyday. your posts are very inspiring. I enjoy reading your reviews, too. keep it up! :)

  4. Love the new haircut! I normally get haircuts around summertime too. :)

    I didn't know Beach Hut had new products..I love the packaging! I'll go check those out (but maybe I'll wait for a review first! haha)

  5. The haircut looks awesome! Didn't notice that 3 inches had been chopped! The layers are wonderful!

    I had my first haircut at Tony and Jackey's San Lazaro last December and loved it! I'll go back one of these days because my hair had grown long already! hehehe... just going back for a trim.

    You look G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! ^_^

  6. love your hair!!! hmm do u have to blow dry and style it everyday? because frm my exp with layered cut was, my hair would fly all over if i dont manage it well

  7. And they also have a way in making our heads feel lighter although our hair doesn't look chopped! ^__~

  8. You look as awesome as ever, and your hair is so healthy... i hope i can get that quality of hair.

    But first, i want the same hairstyle as you do.. il copy your pic and show it to the stylist ha! hahahha!

  9. The box reminds me of Buko Pie boxes for some reason. :D

  10. Achi you and your mind talaga ah always want to go nude haha

  11. Thanks Dear Vanessa for liking my hair! How's the wedding prep going?

    TPS, hahahaha Hair e-stalker alert? What's the E ? Electronic stalker? hahahha ang cute!

    Diary of a Late Bloomer, wow thank you so much for reading my blog and for enjoying every post I've written! That is very sweet and nice of you to say! That gives me the push to write worthwhile posts:) Anong tawag sa cut? LAYERED! hahahah I actually requested the stylist not to "thin out" my hair as they usually do, so the shortest hair isn't that short anymore!

  12. Chrissy, hahaha I love getting haircuts! I can't go longer than 6 months without a haircut, the last one was around December, so its even less than 4 months! Yes I'm glad you get to know about Beach Hut here, I've used their tiny sunblock from way back and they are nice!

    Angel, well, I don't usually take photos of my hair from the back! But the backpart is super long na talaga :) Naiipit na nga ng kili kili ko eh! :P I love Tony and Jackey at SM San Lazaro! There's this lady Korean Stylist (medyo chubby?) She's really good!

    Xin, well I just blowdry it JUST TO DRY, not really to style! :) I love layers because it frames my face, I haven't had ONE LENGTH cut FOREVER! I think I've had layers way back even before Jennifer Aniston did! *proud mode* LOL!!!

  13. Icysunitz, awww, well, it takes a lot of effort on my part to take care of it! Home treatment as much as possible - once a week! hahahha Go ahead! I hope they get to see the style of the hair base on the photo of me! I'm sure they can do it for you!

    Pammy, thanks sis!

    Lootwagon, Thanks!

  14. Joyce, ay! Agree, its a bit bigger so mas kasya nga ang buko pie! hahhaha For some reason it doesn't remind me of Buko Pie because I don't eat much Buko Pie!

    Mrs. M, hahahahhah Shhhhhhh, i did say I am NUDE ONLY when I'm 60yrs old and above! Whatyathink?

  15. I love your new haircut, it's awesome!

  16. that's a beautiful hair style! this post reminded me of having my hair done. I will do so next week or so! Can't be lazy!

    I really like the back of your hair.

  17. Love the layers! Especially from the back :D Ooh, those are cute packagings for sunblock

  18. Wah! Love the hair, especially the back! :D

  19. I want you hair!!! Bouncy, glossy, layered hair!

    Sana dumating din yung BH package ko heheh....but i was lucky to receive their BH Kids sunscreen spray at a Serenitea tweet-up, LOL! I like it coz spray form siya so I don;t have to spread it on the skin. Non-sticky, and lovely citrus scent :)

  20. My goodness! It *does* look like pizza! LOL

  21. Thanks Gio

    Jojoba, oh my! You have gorgeous hair! no need to do anything :)

    Connie, so I should start turning my back now? hehehhe Just joking! i agree, i like the back part too!

  22. Skysenshi! Kayo ha, likod lang type niyo!

    Mom-Friday, hahaha thanks! You have nice hair na no! I saw your post with your hair! Yup, I will cross my finger you get your BH package too! :)

    michelle, hahahahha Thanks for agreeing!

  23. i love your hair Nikki...i'm so envy, been having trouble with my hair for a long time now and thinking the best treatment I can avail in salons except rebond:)

  24. Thanks for the sweet comment Nikki! I think your new haircut looks great on you, the layers look soft and has a gorgeous volume!

  25. Loving the new haircut sis :D x

  26. AiDiSan, girl! Trust me, I have a lot of hair troubles too when I'm growing up and I still do! That explains why I try a lot of products!

    Nic nic, thank you! "D

    Gracie, thanks sis!!!! When will you have your haircut dear?

  27. love the hair! i have tried tony and jackey retiro branch before too... :)


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