Saturday, March 19, 2011

The PFW Unbeaten Challenge: There's Nothing Wrong In Trying to Save Up!

AskMeWhats can pass up as my beauty diary because long time reader would know my skin care regimen, my current favorites and when I get so excited for something that deserve a space for my "Eureka Moments"!

Readers see me post a lot of inexpensive to expensive make-up, hair products or even random stuff, but seldom can you find me rave about an Inexpensive Skin Care line.  Sad to say, my skin has its own "expensive taste".

Don't get me wrong, I am not a brand snob!  I grew up with normal skin and I can even get away with soap and water!  It's just that, as I grew older, my skin is getting back at me by "craving" for a bit pricier skincare brands!  It all started when I turned the big 3-0, my skin totally changed and I was actually looking into expensive Skin Care brands when none from the inexpensive brands would work for my skin situation!  Quoting Mr. AMW: "Go ahead, spend a bit more on skincare as you only have one face and you have to take care of that face that I love!"  --- awwww....

That's when my skin care budget rose to "I don't want to mention the price" level! 

I, as part of the Pond's pool of bloggers whom they invite to attend events to serve as a "medium" in sharing information regarding Pond's new product launches or contests!  That's why when I got an invite a couple of weeks ago, I wasn't expecting to be surprised!

We were asked to bring along a friend and my dearest friend Sophie (small world, also my school mate) chose me to be her partner/friend because she loves me! *winks*  She doesn't mention it a lot but I assumed and my assumptions are always right! :P

In all honesty, Sophie and I became friends when we met as Bloggers, it was a small world to know that she studied at the same elementary and high school I studied and she started calling me "Achie" (Older sister) because, I am obviously older!  It all started out with Gmail Chatting, to emailing, to texting and now, phone calling!  It was easy for us to share stories as light as random jokes to make-up talk, food talk to more serious stuff about life in general!  That's why it was such a nice feeling to know that I will be doing a challenge with her!

 AMW and the Beautynomist during an event
What challenge?
Pond's Flawless White Challenge, or PFW Challenge.  We were tasked to say goodbye to our current expensive skin care regimen as one will chronicle the 3-weeks experience of using only Pond's Flawless White Line.

Sophie and I looked at each other, we're both Bloggers, and we're both Product Reviewers!  Both of us are a bit wary to give up our current skin care regimen!  

Right after a quick presentation from the Pond's team regarding the Pond's Flawless White being tested by Skin Scientists on a  "half face" clinical study as they concluded that Prestige Brands can't beat Pond's Flawless White. Now we're talking! 

With that statement in mind, I told Sophie I'll do the challenge because I want Pond's to prove to me how true such statement was and at the same time, it would be great if I can trim down my skincare expenses!  Sophie agreed to write about my experiences and I am quite happy with the set up because we talk almost everyday anyways!

So now, the challenge is officially on!  I bid goodbye to my pricey skincare products and even stopped using my ever reliable BB Cream!  Yes, I feel so naked and honestly?  Scared!  But what the heck?  This is even better than eating snakes, spiders or cockroaches --->  a challenge I will definitely chicken out! 

To read Sophie's witty entry, head on to Pond's Microsite and don't forget to send us some love by liking our entry and you can also give us some lovin' by leaving us words of encouragement at the end of each entry! :)

Before I end this post, here's a cartoon version of Sophie and myself!  She loves calling me "Pucca", I don't know if its because I look like her or I am as hyper as her!  Whatever the reasons are, I am getting back at her by calling her "Garu".  Don't get mad Soapy dear, Pucca Loves Garu!  You know that!  *winks*

 Ok, serious na!
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thank you! :) 

Wish us luck!
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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I und the fear of change, esp from something that works for u, to uncertainties. U go sis! Bravooooo

  2. Good luck on the product sis and the competition :) xxx

  3. Xin, thank you sis for the "needed push" you know how similar we are to each other so you know the feeling of uncertainty I have right now :) Thanks

    MrsM ACHIE! :P Thank you! Go go go to you din!

    Gracie, thank you :)

  4. Liked it Ms. Nikki :) You and Ms. Sophie looks beautiful! :)

  5. voted! goodluck nikki and sophie! :3

  6. pretty girls! I liked your page darlings will follow your journey! gambateh!

    and oo nga you look like pucca haha

  7. voted already! good luck!


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