Friday, March 18, 2011

Tip for the Day: Party Make-up For Moms

Happy Friday everyone!  Are you in good spirits?  I hope I am as I've been feeling down the weather for a couple of days, probably from running around here and there and I always have to remind myself I am not a robot! 

My high school friend, came back from the US for a quick vacation for her daughter's baptism.  I was honored that she wanted me to do her make-up and specifically wanted Keith to be the photographer (Darn!  I was hoping he's doing the hair!  hahaha Just joking!).  Mr. and Mrs. AMW is definitely a tag team! 

While creating a look for her, my readers are definitely in my thoughts!  I may have a lot of student readers out there but of course, I did not forget those mommy readers who emailed me or messaged me on Cbox on how they want to prettify themselves but felt its difficult to do so as make-up tends to disappear on them especially for moms who are hands-on.

Just like my good friend Jals.  I am amazed on how the couple were able to stay calm, maintain composure, greet guests and smile while their baby girl is sick and crying 50% of the time!  The wonders of parenthood.  

I will share some tips for moms out there who want to look good on special occasions!  Yes, it is allowed to look gorgeous while you take care of your kid!

Before I pick up any make-up for Jals, I bear in mind to use hypo-allergenic or products with less harmful ingredients to protect not only the clients' skin but also their babies.

I also try to apply as light make-up as possible as babies or kids could get really clingy when they are tired and sleepy!  Let's not forget, there will also be a lot of smacking and T.L.C.

Jals have combination skin.  She gets oily on T-zone and dry on the rest of her face like cheeks and forehead!  Because of temperature change plus jet lag, Jals' face is a bit red and I concentrated on matching her face color and neck.

Prior to foundation application, I applied a thin layer of oil-free moisturizer on her drier areas and evenly spread an oil-control primer on parts of her face that oils up!  I waited for a couple of minutes and took the time to choose the right foundation for her.

But before we go into foundation application, I used a couple of correctors (green for redness, orange for undereye circles) for a nice base before I apply a thin layer of the chosen foundation.

You can't get away with oily lids if you have oily skin.  I did not forget to apply a good amount of eye primer for eyeshadow to stay crease-free and budge-proof.  It also helps the eyeshadow to stay longer and prevent Panda Eyes.

False lashes are a must on most occasions, in this case, I chose to give falsies a skip as she is carrying her daughter 90% of the time, I want her to be comfortable!  I curled her lashes and applied coat after coats of mascara!  Do not be afraid to use 2 types of mascaras.  One for volumizing and another one for lengthening.

Use a contouring powder on the nose area and cheeks for better-looking photographs!  Apply a tiny amount of blush then I finished with a nice cream lipstick.  I skipped on lip glosses as I don't like the feeling of "gooey gloss" when someone kiss me on the cheek, I am sure babies feel the same!

Before and After Photo of Jals

I instructed Jals to carry an oil blotting sheet a tube of lipstick on her pouch.  I told her I'll help her out with retouch because I am a guest for the Baptism Dinner anyways.

Here's a photo of Jals with her makeup artist for the day.  If you're wondering why I'm semi-dolled up, well I am her daughter's Godparent!  I may have to add --- A cool one!  *winks*

This photo was taken around 2:30pm.

After Baptism ceremony around 4:00pm.  Izzy was crying and clingy the whole time as she's not feeling well.

At around 9:00pm at the reception area with very minimal powder retouching (only on oiled up areas).  With just one tube of lipstick, I was able to retouch her lip color at the same time, used the same tube of lipstick as "cream blush".   Pat the cheek area with an oil blotter to remove the "oiliness of the lipstick" then  set with another thin layer of loose powder.  She's ready for her photos to be taken!

I am glad my good friend's makeup stayed until the end of the party, I've seen proofs on how a very busy mom can still look gorgeous!  I look up to them because they were able to manage a very successful party!  I don't see any stressed moment from either one of them and it shows on their photos!

A friendly note from AMW:
If you are a busy mom, stop making excuses and start prettifying yourself.  You don't have to pile on makeup to look gorgeous, a simple blusher or lipstick can be enough to make you look and feel good!  You deserve it!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. you did great on her makeup nikki! and your last note...correct ka jan! :)

  2. Perfect timing for this post. I have a 3-month old baby who's also about to be baptized in a few weeks and I'm planning to look my best.

    Thanks Nikki! :) You have an awesome blog.

  3. I love reading your posts :). Being a mommy means that I don't really have a lot of time to spend on prettifying myself, so I look to your blog for inspiration and quick tips :)


  4. awesome work on her makeup! she looks great! i agree, being a mom shouldn't stop one from looking pretty!

  5. this is soooo true miss nikki! moms deserve to look beautiful no matter how busy we are! very nice post! :)

  6. I love this post. I have been a silent reader of your blog for a long time now, and I too am a full-time mom of two kids. Love the tips, keep 'em coming. :)

  7. i love Ms. Jan's makeup, good job Nikki! i agree with what you said... I'm a mom and its a stressful job talaga, kaya I always find time to prettify myself coz I dont want to look "stressed" haha

  8. I like the make up you did on your friend and she look comfortable with it,

    Great Job Nikki!!!

  9. I'll agree. Moms dont have to look like yayas! =D

    Kaya nga po I admire my grandma and my mom for being able to take care of themselves, eh... (which, I think I should learn a lot! hahaha! Workaholic kasi ako!!! XD)

  10. You did an awesome job, she looks beautiful!

  11. You did an amazing job on her makeup, she looks gorgeous :)

  12. Kim, thank you so much! And I love it thaty ou agree my last note :)

    Sheryl, yay!!! Goodluck I am sure you will look good! As long as there is the "want" to look good, its a great great start :D

    Theworkingmom, thank you so much for commenting dear Joey :) I am glad you can find tips and inspirations on my blog!

  13. Lootwagon :) Thanks dear!

    Issa, thank you for liking my post :)

    Full Time Mom, aww thank you so much for being a reader, i do appreciate readers like you :) Thanks for commenting and I'll try to bring in more tips :)

  14. Khymm, thank you for liking her makeup :) I am happy because she looks good ! She's happy even without makeup :)

    AiDiSan, thank you! :)

    Angel dear, thanks for agreeing ang cute ng comment mo! :)

  15. Gio, Thanks :D

    Christine, thank you!

    Michelle, thanks, i'll tell her friend you said she looks gorgeous :D :D :D

  16. u did a great job!! it's amazing how makeup can transform looks... she's a pretty mom with or without makeup... mainit ba sa atin ngayon?? u really need oil blotting sheets???


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