Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: Chic-Boy

There is a restaurant that caught my attention Jupiter Street right next to Strumms.  It's jampacked during lunch hour, the scent of grilled meat fills the air and made my stomach growl, and most of all, here's one major reason why I have to get in to this restaurant....

The cute Chic-Boy photo!  Chic (Chicken) Boy (Baboy/Pork), Keith loves to call me a chicken because I eat nothing but chicken meat when we were dating (the reason why I am a allergic to it right now) and I love calling Keith a Pig not because he eats like a pig but pigs are cute!!!  So seeing these 2 hang out in this photo, gave me a warm fuzzy feeling...were we paid in this photoshoot?  *laughs*

Chic-Boy at Jupiter street is huge and spacious, people can dine inside and outside of the restaurant.  There is a huge space were the staffs grill their pork or chicken and you can see everything is sanitary. 

Once you get to the order taker, there is a huge menu board!  Though the restaurant prides themselves for Pork and Chicken dishes, they package it in a way you have so many choices to choose from and create value meals great for office people on a budget!

Ginisang Kangkong sa Bawang
Php30.00 (less than $1.00)
Eating whatever meat-y makes me crave for vegetables!  I like to accompany my meat dishes with vegetables for a balanced meal!  I really like Kangkong and this dish came in with loads of crunchy garlic!  No-no on a date but yes-yes when you're married!  *lol*  I think I can kill a vampire 100m away! 

Which reminds me to remind you, that it is quite useful to take along with you a mouth spray, I usually hate people using mouth sprays because of those in commercials or movies where guys are trying to "hit on a girl' whenever they use one, but after eating super garlicky meal, it made sense why these are useful, for temporary confidence to speak to other people after meal, then brush your teeth when you get back the office.

Note from AMW: Do not spray in front of other people!  *laughs* try to excuse yourself and go inside a restroom and spritz away.  Photo above:  Binaca Aeroblast in Spearmint and Peppermint.  Both available at Watson's Philippines.

2 pcs Pork Barbecue (CB-3)
Php99.00 (approx $2.00)
I opted for pork because I did not have any anti-histamines with me.  I like barbecue anyways.  The meal comes with 2 sticks of pork barbecue, rice and "atchara" (vegetable).  The marinate of the pork barbecue is indeed wonderful but they do insert fat meat in between the barbecue which I am not a fan of!  I'd rather go for lean meat.....then fat at the end part of the stick.

Chicken Inasal (Petso) (CB-2)
Php99.00 (approx $2.00)
When it comes to parts of the chicken, we are "breast-eaters" (don't make this X-rated ok?)  :P  We  do like our white meat.  The chicken came out grilled quite well, not burnt nor raw.  Just right.  According to Mr. AMW, the meat is very tender but the taste of the chicken itself is nothing special, just like regular grilled chicken.  What sets this one apart is the condiments that comes on each table.  A vinegar, a sweet and sour chili oil, etc..

Overall, it was a quick, fun lunch!  So many groups of colleagues, friends or even families dining in this restaurant. The restaurant opens 24 hours and does delivery service within the area. 

112 Jupicter St. (Beside Strumms),
Makati City
Tel nos: (632)659-4762 / (632) 659-8000

Enjoy your weekend food tripping!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I just saw this last night when we passed by jupiter and the name of the resto also caught my eye. Food looks really good and I love anything grilled. I also like kangkong with my meat :) I'll definitely try this one of these days. By the way, can you really develop allergies by eating chicken all the time?

  2. I love how affordable it is! :) I always pass by this when I'm on my way home from school. :)

  3. sarap! layo lang fr me, hehehe

  4. they all look so good, and only P30 for the kangkong. winner!

  5. There is actually a branch of Chicboy here in Quezon City. :)

  6. Kat_m, not really developing allergies on anything overtime, I do have allergies ever since I was born but there are something that could trigger it. I am allergic to certain dust, air etc...I think it's not the chicken itself but the preservatives! I am ok eating some chicken freshly made from home, but those from fastfood chains, I always get the allergies!

    Michelle, I know, it's "sulit meal" for both working people and students!

    Marge, there are many branches, you can find their other branches in their website! They even have a branch at Recto which is near the University Belt!

  7. Nehs, I agree, the kangkong is love!

    Photoescape, agree! So many branches pa to open soon!


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