Thursday, April 14, 2011

AMW Reports: NaRaYa

NaRaYa, have you heard or seen this brand?  The brand has been around for years and I've visited their Robinson's Place branch several times and even bought some cute ribbon pouches as gifts!

I love ribbons!  *ahmm* I am sure it's quite a known fact to my friends! So seeing ribbon travel bags, handbags, pouches is like seeing a huge DOLLAR sign!  hehehe

Here are store photos of NaRaYa in SM North EDSA branch....

In-store display
You get my point about feeling like a princess inside the store, right?

To get to know more about the brand and just to get to know the people who brought the brand to our country.  A couple of bloggers were invited for an intimate dinner at 2nd's Restaurant last week.  I was a bit early and got in to a function room with this gorgeous display of NaRaYa bags!


The Brand Manager for Ferretti and NaRaYa  Philippines, who is also a blogger Ms. Liz Lanuzo was there to accommodate us.  Gorgeous outfit and her shoes I want to "shoe-nap"! 

Lauren was also there and we both enjoy our Buffalo Chicken!

And Jill who sat right beside me for the night,
I believe base on her lovely smile, she enjoyed sitting next to me noh? *laughs*

As I took the photos quite early, I wasn't able to get a photo for the rest of the bloggers together with Ms. Cecille (the wonderful person who brought in NaRaYa to the Philippines), but I grabbed a photo from Pax of Drowning Equilibriums.  Thank you dear!

Here's what I learned about NaRaYa, the brand creates various products from different fabrics depending on the demands of clients!  Each production was done in such quality control that I took a huge "gasp" when I learned how meticulous they are in creating ONE bag!

There are surprisingly so many variety to choose from colors, textures, sizes and fabric designs!  Whether you are a huge bag person or a tiny pouch person, you will definitely find something worth your money!  I was glad to be assured that the NaRaYa products are made for durability as seen on its stitches!  That is what I am aiming for in a bag as I carry gazillion of stuffs!

Here are some products available locally, all photos from NaRaYa Philippines.


I got myself a medium-sized white bag!  I usually don't go for white bags but the fabric is washable! 

I will use this bag for make-up gigs!  I've changed so many "gig bag" because they tear up quite easily. I am excited to use this to store my make-up brushes, make-up tools and a lot of those extras that aren't inside my make-up train case!

Fellow blogger Kim also uses NaRaYa bag for her hair stuffs, which are seriously heavy!  I think she vouch for the quality of these bags as well!

NaRaYa branches that I know is SM North EDSA and Robinson's Place Ermita.  
The bag shown on photo costs Php1,199.00 (approx $28.50)

Oh, we do not only talk about bags but also shoes!  We were also re-introduced to the Ferretti Shoes!  Yay for locally-made shoes!  I will talk more about Ferretti when I get the chance to visit their store and take photos for everyone okie dokie?

Ah, are you into ribbons like AMW?
Gosh, I have ribbon clips, headbands, dresses, shoes, sandals!
Grow up Nikki, grow up! :P

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Cool that you have Naraya in the Philippines! We have them here (brought in my independent sellers) but they're usually at least double of what they cost in Thailand. So, I usually get help from friends to buy them for me. I think I have about 5 Naraya bags and a pouch

  2. I always get these as gifts for my friends whenever i visit Thailand. They're sooo pretty and feminine! :D

    Wish they had a store here in Malaysia!!

  3. wow, i like the one that you got! i'm into big bags too since i carry a lot of things, it affordable?...btw, the ferretti shoes are soooo nice! where are there stores located?

  4. In Taiwan, it's the IN bag so much so that it has come out with fake NaRaYa bags. I was totally bummed out when I didn't bring my own Naraya bag because everywhere I look, girls are carrying this cute tote around.

  5. I love looking around here coz of the ambiance. So girly and <3

  6. It does look like a wardrobe for a princess. :D

    Is it affordable? :D

  7. I saw this in SM and was so tempted to go inside. The bags are so adorable and I think there are Hello Kitty bags that kind of look like one of their pink bag with ribbons and stitches.

  8. Omg! I've been eyeing this store ever since it opened but i have failed to purchase anything from it! Wow I didn't know s. Liz managed this brand too! That's so awesome~! Anyway when I first saw their bags i thought that every cute craving I had would be filled >< I should really buy one.

  9. hi everyone! thanks so much for the positive response. :D we're happy that you like Ferretti & NaRaYa, since I do believe that the brands have so much to offer.

    you can find NaRaYa in Robinson's Midtown and SM North EDSA. The bags are actually quite affordable because most of them are under P1,000, average P500 to P800. The luggage bags are in the P2,000 range because they're really big talaga. :D

    As for Ferretti, you can find our standalone stores in Glorietta 5 and Sta Lucia East Grand Mall. We're also inside Landmark Trinoma and Makati. Please do visit us!

    To get news, sale updates , contest alerts, and basically anything about shoes, you can follow us online:

    Thank you! Don't hesitate to email me at liz [at] for questions. :)

    Liz Lanuzo, Brand Manager for Ferretti and NaRaYa Philippines

  10. There's no question about the quality of the bags from Naraya since I'm using them now, in college, and it withstood my thick chemistry and biology textbooks. However we always get them from Bangkok because it's cheaper there. A 1k plus bag here costs only 300 baht there. :)

  11. Connie, I know! We've had them for years but never really took notice until recently! Ahh I've been to Thailand before and I want to kick myself for not buying more!

    Jenn, they are really perfect for gifting! So no stores in malaysia yet?

    Issa, yes, the price isn't bad at all! Check out Liz's reply below. What I do know is their quality and durability, so its worth it in the long run!

  12. Mrs. M, ay I didn't know that! cool ha! May fakes pa!

    Aya, agree with you!

    Katrina, hahahaha I know, I was just watching My Princess awhile ago and thought of Naraya, yes it is affordable, kindly refer to Liz's replyl below :)

  13. Michelle, agree!!!!

    Ceemee, ahhh I know what you mean! those Hello Kitty look alike bags are just crazy!

    Katatonik, go check it out :)

  14. Liz, thanks for the info :)

    Maila E., oh wow! well if you're traveling to Thailand anytime soon, then it's worth the hoarding, but for the rest who's not, well, we have to settle what's here na lang :) Thanks for sharing about the durability!


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