Monday, April 11, 2011

AMW Style: Sexy White Shirt

Happy start of the week!  How was the weekend? Mine went well so I'm ready to face the busy week ahead! 

Don't you love it when it seems like it's effortless for you to look beautiful?  That's why "Natural Make-up" is such a hit!  When it comes to fashion, the simple white tee is still the safest way to look hot and sexy minus the effort!

If you follow Hollywood fashion, you've probably seen several paparazzi shots of actresses on their "non working" days looking gorgeous wearing a simple plain tee! 

**photo taken HERE

I've been wanting to find one myself for that casual, lazy days but I can't seem to find one that really fits!  I've had a couple that are a bit too loose, some are a bit too tight and I don't plan to battle with such white shirts anymore until....

Dearest friend who brings our favorite Mineraux cosmetics also came up with a "sister" shop called Sexy White Shirt!  The brand says it all.  It's the plain, sexy white shirt that I've been wanting for quite some time that's easy to pair up with anything!

I had an easy breezy weekend spending quality time with my babies sporting Sexy White Shirt in V-Neck with Pocket paired with People are People High Wasted Shorts and pair of flats from CMG.  Heart necklace from Shannaholic.

They also have the shirts in grays and blacks, I actually have another one in gray without pockets!  For Php395.00 (approx $9.40), it's worth the investment as these are classic pieces you can pair with almost anything!
The only downside is its lack of sizes as they only sale one sized shirts which fits small to medium frame.  

Check out their online store by smiling and clicking Sexy White Shirt.

What's your favorite White shirt?  
Where did you purchase it?
As I want more!!!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Product sent for PR consideration.  The author is not affiliated with the above mentioned company.)


  1. Pretty outfit Nikki! you look so fresh! ;)

  2. I didn't know u had two pups~! Cute :)
    Anyway lOvin the high waisted shorts! Nicely paired to show off the t~

  3. oh sis! u don't look a day over 20!!!!! love love love your babies! they are so fluffy and adorable!!!

  4. Hi
    Hindi ako maka white tshirt kasi feeling ko manipis ang tela haha Conservative etchos!

  5. nice outfit! i like to wear white shirts too because looks so fresh but too bad i don't feel beautiful in white, i look fat, hehehe....

  6. Charry, thank you girl!

    Rasilla, I actually have 3! (3 leashes, the other one is just not a fan of photographs) lol They are adult Pomeranians :) Thanks for liking the outfit!

  7. Xin, awww I love you, you know that? Who else would've thought that I'm not a day over 20?

    Mrs. M, girl! ito makapal ang tela, I know what you mean that's why I have a hard time purchasing white tees!

  8. love the white shirt on you, so simple and versatile! I need to get my self one, pronto!

  9. sexy as usual! hehe.. love the outfit...

  10. cute cute! i have yet to find the perfect white shirt on me. hindi na ako pwede sa fitted shirts eh hehehe

  11. Every gal should have at least one white shirt. It's the most important piece of basic clothes (along with a basic black dress I believe.)

    Excellent post and I love you and the dogs! so cute!

  12. i am actually planning to have a 30-day white T challenge... white tees are the best this summer!!! you look so cute in the picture and your pups are adorable!

  13. i love white shirts.. its simple yet stylish.. great post.. love your outfit and your dog.. :))

  14. Love the outfit, it's very pretty! White shirts are so versatile!

  15. Nic Nic, I know! I have been looking for a simple white tee for quite sometime, glad to have found it! :)

    Khymm, thanks !

    Michelle, agree!

  16. Miemiemie, aaah this is not fitted I am not that comfortable with fitted shirts too

    Jojoba, yes! I agree!!! Thanks for liking my dogs, they are indeed cute and sweet!

    Joice, wow, I can't do it! Goodluck to your 30 days challenge!

  17. Dollface, thanks Pearl

    Gio, agree with you! Do you have a favorite one?

  18. I instantly thought about how many white t-shirts I have in my closet after reading the title. haha

    your puppies are so cute! :D

  19. Katrina, how many by the way? LOL! :) Thanks - from my dogs :) they are actually not puppies anymore! They're adult dogs! Full grown!


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