Tuesday, April 12, 2011

AMW Version: "Color Blocking" Look

Hi everyone, I am a tiny bit proud of myself as I am able to do one version a week!  YAY!  *clap clap clap*  Well thanks to readers who are so sweet to request for it, I never thought it would give impact to you!  I am glad it did and I am glad I was able to brighten your day even on the cyber world! 

Like I said over the past "AMW Version: Twiggy Inspired Summer-Ready Makeup", I will be doing a series of summer related make-up for those enjoying the summer!  Of  course, technically, less is always the best on a hot summer day!  This tutorial is probably best to do on summer parties you need to attend!

In fashion, Color Blocking is quite famous and I've seen models and actors/actresses wearing the Color-Blocking styles.  

Color blocking refers to using 2 or more colors complementing each other in a creative way!  Imagine the costume of Spiderman?  Well, I am not doing Spiderman-inspired make-up but something more summery...blues and purples....

 AMW Diagram

Step 1: 
Apply MAC shadesticks in Beige-ing as base.

Pat on Ulta's Deep Sea eyeshadow all over the lids going beyond the crease.

Step 2:
Flip the same flat shader brush, apply PAC Pearly Blue (my favorite bright blue eyeshadow to date) on the crease area going 1cm beyond.  Add as much as you want  and use a blending brush to gently blend in Ulta's Deep Sea shade and PAC's Pearly Blue shade.

Step 3:
To enhance the brightness of the blue eyeshadows, I apply white pearly eyeshadow on the outer corner, below the brows with Majolica Majorca BR742 palette.  Use the same color to apply the inner lower lashline for a bright look.

Step 4:
Using a pencil brush, I applied Milani's Shock eyeshadow on the lower lashline.

Step 5:
Create black eyeliner on the upper lash line with Revlon's ColorStay Liquid Liner in Black.  

Step 6:
To make the eyes pop even more, apply Lancome's Le Crayon Kohl Pencil in Aqua.

 Applied A10 falsies from KKCenterHK
Used Sassy Brush-on Eyelash Glue
(lashes are very soft  and feels so light)

Filled in my brows with powder brow powder

My Color Blocking look for the week :)

 What's on the rest of my face?

For the Face:
Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover SPF18


 On Cheeks:
Stila Illuminating Finishing Powder in Bronze

 On Lips:
Prepped my lips with Kiehl's LipBalm #1
MAC's Pink Nouveau

Wear that huge smile and I'm showing my smiley baby as well!
Yes, it has been awhile Smiley Baby wasn't able to show up!

How do you wear your summer makeup?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. owh... i really really love this look!!!!

  2. You really love Majolica Majorca no? Great look btw, you look amazing :)

  3. This is sooo pretty Nikki! You pull off blue shadow so well. Now I want to do a similar look. Thanks for inspiring me!

  4. thanks for explaining color blocking... naintindihan ko na siya ngayon.. hehe very pretty look nikki.. i love the purple on your lower lashes

  5. fresh look Nikki! funny coz I did a blue + violet combo 2 days ago hehe.. super IN talaga for this summer ang blue!

  6. Hi! I've been reading and enjoying your blog for quite a while now and I must say, you're really gorgeous and talented! I just started my own blog yesterday and I hope to get some tips from you with regards to blogging. Thank you and more power! :)

  7. Great look! :D
    Anything blue melts my heart. :)

  8. Super pretty!! :) i don't get to see often in bright eye makeup and i'm glad ido now kasi Pak! na Pak! sayo!!

  9. Now that's what I call the BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL. Your use of blue hues...Galing!

  10. Sis! u know what? :P i think u kinda look like the angry birds RIO with the blue shadow(the blue bird) ;)

  11. Very pretty and fresh Nikkidoo! :) I missed smiley baby, haha! Thanks for having him back in photo ops, LOL.

  12. Desperate mama, thank you! :)

    Anonymous, actually I am just starting to use the brand :)

    Becky, thank you! I haven't been using much bright looks lightly , so blue is a great start! :)

  13. Donna, hahahah glad you learn something from me! NAKS! feeling teacher no?

    Khymm, really? hahahha well, it is indeed a very nice combo kasi :)

    IyaV, thank you for being a reader, nice to see your comment and goodluck on your new blog :) Enjoy blogging!

  14. Katrina, awww so I made your heart melt? :P

    Shen LOL on PAK! comment, see you later sweetie pie!

    Bea, lol di pa BOLD...BEAUTIFUL pwede..the BOLD..will do the NUDE photo soon? wahahhahahahhaha!

  15. Xin, sister, now, you make me look like a cartoon! When did I turn into an Angry Bird? LOL Let me hit you when I see you!

    herroyalbleakness, naks! May fan base si Smiley Baby! thanks for missing him, he misses being on limelight din :D

  16. You nailed it with the blue hues! LOL @ the angry birds comment. :P

  17. love it!!! summer na summer na ^__^

  18. Perfect! Ganda ng shade, really looks good on you!

  19. This is beautiful! Blues look great on you!

  20. you should start making videos!

  21. GORGEOUS!!!!! I love how you used color!

  22. wow i love the shade! wish i could do this too! i need to practice more doing shadows :D

  23. wow i love the shade! wish i could do this too! i need to practice more doing shadows :D

  24. wow, you look so good in this shade! love it!

  25. Buti nalang tinuruan mo ako kung para san un make up brush ko yesterday haha Minsan kasi fingertips lang gamit ko haha di naman halata di ba lol

  26. Pammy, duper thanks and yeah, so funny with the Angry Birds Xin is one crazy girl I love :D

    Rgaubdrioz, yup! duper init!

    Hollie, thanks girl, this is by far my favorite blue shade of all times! If I want bright blue e/s this one from PAC really delivers!

  27. Gio, thank you!

    Faith, :) I am too shy! *lol* but seriously, I am not technically blessed!

    Michelle, thanks for liking the shades

  28. Lavender, thanks

    The Beauty-Addict, I'ms ure you can do this!

    Issa, thanks for saying so sweet girl!

    Mrs. M, hahahaha I know! nagulat ako when I asked for contouring brush then you put out a foundation brush ANOBERZ? But in fairness to you, your makeup is gorgeous even with one brush :)

  29. Sis, one new thing I've learned from you... Colour blocking... cheers sis!!! I'll have a go at this too! Sorry sis, I'm a one sister of no originality to keep copying your make up hahahahaha! Am I becoming your style stalker? Please forgive me... Hahahahaha!


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