Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eureka Moment: Inexpensive Summer Collection Polishes

Our dear local brand Caronia came up with a Summer 2011 Collection called Sweet Bliss.  Sweet Bliss is composed of six vibrant colors to match the summer groove!

This, I consider a Eureka Moment, as this is the best collection I've seen to date from Caronia!  All the shades are pigmented, colors are unique and gorgeous!  I can't help but flaunt it by creating a colorful Nail Art Tutorial (say..M&M nails?) 

First Crush (Rich Lilac)
Baby Pink (Salmon Pink)
Summer Fling (Coral Red)

Sweet Surprise (lemon yellow)

Sun Kissed (Pumpkin Orange)

On-the-Go (Aqua Green)

All shades above were applied once without base coat or top coat!  8ml bottle costs Php30.00 (approx $0.70) while Sweet Surprise is Php32.00 (approx $0.76).  Caronia's Sweet Bliss collection is now available in all leading department stores, supermarkets, drug stores and health & beauty shops nationwide.

Check them out on their website
Add them up on Facebook for more details on their new collections!

What's your favorite shade in this collection?
I honestly can't choose one!  Love them all!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Oh wow! All of them look great. I have a yellow nail polish craving going on!!

  2. I haven't seen this on my last visit to Watson's when I was looking at the Caronia Polishes... Will definitely check it again, these are beautiful!

  3. Affordable! I love the aqua green!

  4. I like the sun kissed! =) Goodmorning Nikki dear! Hugs & kisses to you!

  5. wow!
    eureka moment indeed!

    im glad that caronia is not producing colored polishes na...yes, it's only now that i accepted them as 'colord polishes'...hahaha!

    kasi they only have neutrals before & they're sooooooooooooo boring!

    great to know that these are only one-coating type of polish...though i guess they would have the same formula that dries slow?

    but still, it's a keeper kasi it's cheap & really pigmented,ne?

  6. Will definitely buy them! :D Thanks for the swatches :)

  7. I love the aqua green shade. Will definitely buy one. Thanks for sharing! :))

  8. thanks for the comment Nikki! I love Salmon Pink and Aqua Green, the bright colours are perfect for spring and summer!

  9. so cute and cool! I love M and Ms hehe

  10. My friend have been looking for Caronia nail polish but couldn't find one in Watsons.

    I love all the colors of Sweet Bliss of Caronia, plain and simple but will definitely bring class & beauty to your nails.

    Thank you for sharing:)

  11. i've been scouring the nail polish racks for caronia but i couldn't find these shades!:( i'm liking the yellow the most.

  12. I love them all, they are so bright and summery!

  13. Saw the billboard going to Laguna 2 or 1 month ago... after that checking Caronia/watsons/Beauty store but in no luck I was not able to find those pretty colors.

    Finally got the sweet bliss collection in Watson Sta rosa Laguna but without the aqua green ^sad^. that day was heaven! I love love the colors. tnx for the review nikki love ur blog

    this is my first time cpmmenting in ur blog...keep it up

    Nail polish addict


  14. Appu, yes, this is the collection where I can't help but want to use them all at once!

    Hollie, me too, I've walked around Watson's when I go out and they are not that complete no? Must be sold out quite fast!

    Xin, :)

  15. Dangski, hugs and kisses to you too my sweetie pie! See you Tuesday!

    Thia, di ba? Super inexpensive pa!

    Aya, no worries, it's my pleasure

  16. Jazzy Jaz, oo aqua green seems to be the favorite of many!

    Michelle, thanks!

    NicNic, I know, this is a very nice collection for the summer! They even look good even if you use them all!

  17. AiDiSan, I know, they must be sold out quite fast!

    Bea I hope they sell more of these, I hope they will quickly deliver these polishes, for its price, I am sure a lot are hoarding!

    Gio, thanks

    Eyerin, awww everyone's having a hard time finding these colors inside the mall, well keep on looking! :) I hope you'll find them soon! Thanks for being a reader :D

  18. Wow! I love the baby pink color.

  19. They have these in Landmark Makati for 24.75php! I bought mine at Watson for 30php hahaha! So far I have First Crush and Summer Fling. I love the formula. I know it's a bit late to hoard these colors. Nevertheless, I think these polishes can still be used even if it's a bit off-season. Lightens up an outfit :)

    I just hope, Caronia would go with the trend and make their polishes 3-free. I hate that their ingredients seem to leave yellow stains on my nails even with just a few days of wear :((


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