Monday, May 23, 2011

AMW Reports: Clinique Party with AMW Readers

I used to want my own party when I was younger, but the practical daughter in me never requested for one as I know how hard my parents work for me to study in a good school and I felt guilty asking them for more when I already have enough.

The first party made for me was a Children's Party at Jollibee and I was already in my 20s!  It was a Surprise "despedida" party organized by my college friends because they knew the child in me would prefer that over any fancy restaurants!

A month ago, Mirabelle Villanueva, the Marketing Manager of Clinique Philippines sent me an email inviting AMW readers to join me in a party!  A chance to meet my readers?  It's too hard to resist but I have to admit that it took a month before I finally set a date because of my super busy schedule plus, I was wary that no one would attend! *blushes*

May 21, 2011 --- the day finally arrived Mira greeted me with a huge smile!

Together with Mira, we both ooh-ed and ahh-ed over Bizu goodies!

I actually tried serving them and seems like I'm doing a good job!  Now I don't worry about being jobless!  I have talent in serving! :)  See how happy my customers look?

This seems like I'm doing my hard selling technique to my customers!  *teehee*

Each participant was given a chance to do the Skin Consultation with Clinique experts!  They answer questions from the "Clinique Computer" which help assess their skin type! 

 It was fun chit-chatting and getting to know my readers!  Most of them I've been communicating over comment sections or emails!  So it's wonderful to finally put a face on the names I'm familiar with!


After skin consultation, the girls were also given a free makeover from Clinique experts!  I love how they turn from simply beautiful to "ready-to-go-on-a-date" gorgeous!  The Clinique ladies done a wonderful job!

Most of them raved about the Clinique Superfit Foundation, I was given the feedback that it feels so light on skin, looks very natural on both photos and in person!  Clinique experts have the talent to bring out the beauty of each lady!
With the Clinique make-up counter right in front of me?  The make-up artist in me grabbed whoever's beside me! Thanks Kessa and Trixie for agreeing :P

Here are the gorgeous ladies after their Skin Consultation, makeover and a lot of laughter! Here are the participants with AMW!  An obligatory shoot! :P

An AMW reader who lives close to my home!  We actually exchanged emails a couple of times and it was a pleasure to finally meet her!  She actually sacrificed quality time with her kid to be in this event.  Thank you so much Issa, oh! Thanks for the gift!

She looks quiet and shy when I first said "hi" to her, but after she warmed up, this lady is funny and super fun to be with! I appreciate that she took the time out to be with us for 3 full hours and she had to go to work after!  Talk about love for beauty! :)

I met Marge for the first time at Pond's Flawless White Unbeaten Challenge event.  Her huge smile can be seen even in a crowd!  She turned into one of my daily Twitter Chatmate and it was a pleasure getting to know her more!  Marge, thanks for coming all the way to Makati!  I hope to see you again!

KatBau is an aspiring make-up artist, she obviously can put make-up well and we exchanged emails as early as April!  I believe this is the second time I've met her as she's one of the attendees of my Dollface Workshop at Eastwood, am I right? :)  Such a pleasure to talk to! 

Alice, when you see her, you wouldn't thought how fun this girl be!  She looks quiet and shy at first (I guess most girls are, not everyone is as thick faced as me! hahaha)  Gosh, after the makeover I can't help but point to her and said... "Go out on a date!  Don't go home with that gorgeous makeover of yours!"  She has good skin to begin with so a tiny amount of makeup would make her glow as easy as 1!  No more 2s and 3s! 

I've met Kessa in some events way back but we never had the chance to talk!  So I appreciate the party because I was able to talk to her more! 

Jessa is a teacher so I guess that gave us both a common grown to start with!  The fact that she's got a very supportive boyfriend who wait for her is also another thing we share!  I like her gorgeous tanned skin which made me look pale beside her!  She actually liked the Clinique foundation applied on her she tweeted me right away when she got back!  I can't blame her!  She looks great!

Trixie is a friend from Nuffnang!  I appreciate it that she came to support me in this event!  She just got back from 2 huge food events so the fact that she's there gives me the fuzzy feel!  Her gorgeous hair makes all the girls in the area envious!  Yes, I have to say that! :P

Issa was a past winner of my Kiehl's contest!  The prize was sent straight to her doorstep so we never had the chance to meet!  But this sweet girl messages me once in awhile to ask me how I am and she updates me with her *ahem* love life!  Such a pleasure to finally meet a real life doll! :)

From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone for spending 3 hours of their Saturday to talk and share about our love for beauty with me!  Thank you Clinique Philippines especially to Mira and the rest of the Clinique Girls for hosting the party! 

Have you tried Clinique Skin Consultation?
I was told by Mira that they strongly recommend girls to go to the counter and have their own Skin Consultation and try out their samples!  I appreciate the fact that Clinqiue understands the price we have to spend on skincare that's why they want to make it easy for consumers!  They help us know our skin type and would suggest to you what skin care regimen would work for you!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Yaaaay!! thanks for inviting me sis!stay pretty!! :)

  2. Thank you very much, Ms. Nikki! :)
    I loved every minute of the event.

  3. How could I have not known about this? :( Two of my favorite things, Clinique and AMW. :((

  4. Indeed a FUN learning experience for us! Thanks Clinique & thanks to our multi tasking Kikay host, Nikki!

  5. Woohooooo nice meeting all the pretty girls! :) And thank yew jie jie! mwa :*

  6. i'm super grateful for the invite and that i went. i met y'all lovely ladies and got to chit chat a bit with Nikki in real life na talaga and to see her smurf inspired nails in real life! super cute ;-)
    and i'm also glad that Clinique is open to such events. i think it will open their market to a younger demographic if they keep this up ;-)

  7. Thanks so much for the event! ^_^ I really had fun with you girls! ^_^

  8. i had so much fun at this party!!! it was nice meeting you all! Thank you so much Nikki! The best part was finally meeting you! hope to see you again soon! mwah! :)

  9. looks really fun!!! I would definitely would join your party too sis :D

  10. wahuhuhu... missed it... now I can officially ask: kelan part 2? =D

  11. im so jealous! i love love clinique! congrats on a successful party! i hope you host another one soon! hehe

  12. @JesRoque thank you too for coming, you have a very sweet bf :D

  13. @Jenn awww...well I posted about it and the first 10 comments get to join this party!

  14. @I am Katbau LOL on multi-tasking kikay host! I love that title!

  15. @Trixie Thanks too mei mei for coming over! I know you're super "busog" that day from all the activities in the morning! I appreciate it super duper bongga!

  16. @Marge hahahah on the Smurf Nails! kita mo in person how childish I can be? Thanks for coming too and I appreciate it that you drag yourself to Makedi!!! :D

  17. @Photoescape same here, great makeover by the way :D

  18. @Issa See you again Issa and it was great to finally meet you after loads of email and cbox messages exchange! :) Thanks for the gift! LOVE IT!!!!

  19. @xin hey, no need for events, we'll be seeing each other no matter what! :D

  20. @angelamhiere hahahhaha funny ka! Pag ako nagka part 2 at di ka pa rin makapunta, tampo na ako :P

  21. @The Perpetrator Thanks sweets for hoping for part 2, it means a lot to me!

  22. @Askmewhats
    awwww never childish, but child at heart as we all remain to be. we can see more wonder and beauty that way ;-)
    for beauty events and you, for sure, i'd go to makati
    thanks again ☺♥

  23. @Marge I agree, being child at heart is the best secret to anti-aging! :) naks! winner ba ang statement? Sige more events and hope to see you in future events in MAKEDI or wherever!

  24. If only I could attend on that day :(

  25. @Askmewhats
    'being child at heart is the best secret to anti-aging!'
    winning tag line if i do say so myself ;-)
    awwww thanks to these events i'm learning to go out of my comfort zone [lol w/c is usually just pc and ortigas].
    it really is nice to have face time with the people i only used to read on blogs ;-)


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