Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Bears Who Care!

Happy Tuesday!  Nail art of the week is up!  You know what?  When I started to do game inspired nail art designs, I've got requests here and there and it was so funny how I always tell them I can't do it but I always ended up doing requests because I am too lazy to think!  

One request coming from my dear "Shobe" as I fondly call her, Sophie!  She requested for the cute fuzzy Care Bears!  I can't draw cute Care Bears using a pen and paper so how can I even survive drawing them on my tiny nails?

One secret that I can share, I set a really low standard so I don't get disappointed!  *hahaha*  It actually worked and look the kind of Care Bears I came up with!  I am even too embarrassed to name it Care Bears!

Introducing...the second rate, trying hard....Copy Cat *ahem* Bear!


Step 1:
Apply your preferred base coat, mine is the ZOYA Achor Basecoat in which I've been road testing for a couple of weeks!  Will post a review soon!
Choose any shade for your background.  I chose shade from Essie Polish in Playa Del Platinum.  I opted for one coat as the shade is quite pigmented.  I did not pile up on polish because I want my base color to dry up easily.

Step 2:
Choose your favorite Care Bears character and in my case, I did not choose for my favorite character but I chose for characters that has a nail polish color I own!  I ended up with ---

Pink - Cheer Bear
Green - Goodluck Bear
Yellow - Funshine Bear
Orange - Love-a-lot Bear
Blue - Bedtime Bear

Using the polish brush, gently draw the shape of the bear!  This doesn't have to be perfect as bears are supposed to be furry!
Step 3:
Using 2 Way Nail Art Pen in White, draw the bear's eyes, mouth, tummy, ears, hands and feet!  This gives the bear the "fuzzy" "hug-able" feel!

Step 4:
Using 2 Way Nail Art Pen in Black, draw the eyes with a tiny dot and mouth!  You can change the bear's mouth!  My bears have this "o" mouth while the rest have this simple smile!

Step 5: "Cheer Bear"
Cheer Bear has a rainbow on its tummy!  I can't draw all 7 colors so I just chose 3 shades!  Yellow, Red and Blue!  I used the shades from L.A. Art Deco.

Step 6: "Goodluck Bear"
4 Leaf Clover, I have to admit, is really challenging to draw so I just draw whatever "shape" or "form" I can create.  It's the "idea" that counts :P 

Step 7: "Bedtime Bear"
Bedtime bear reminded me of Mr. AMW, aside from his love for the color blue, he loves to sleep so this is the perfect Care Bear character to represent him!  I actually used a Nail Art Dotting tool in creating a moon and it worked!  

My nails are too tiny to show detail on the star 
so I put on a yellow dot instead of drawing a star!

Step 8: "Fun shine bear"
This Care Bear character probably represents me!  I like my day to always start with a huge sunshine-y smile!  With a dotting tool, dot on the middle part of the sun and using L.A. Art Deco Polish in Yellow, gently draw the rays of the sun!
Step 9: "Love-a-lot Bear"
Make sure the white portion of the tummy is completely dry before you proceed to drawing anything on top of it!  I used 2 way Nail Art Pen in Red to draw 2 hearts.

Apply glittery polish of your choice

Step 10: 
Making sure the nail art designs are completely dry, I topped it with ZOYA Armor Topcoat and UV Block.

In unison....
"Care Bear stare!!!!!"

I hope you get the drift!  It's not as cute as I would like them to be but I'm quite proud of the outcome!  It was all freehand drawing and I'm surprised I survived this obstacle :P

 **from Google Images

Enjoy your Tuesday!
What's your favorite Care Bear character?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. sis this is super cute!!! and i want ur 2 way nail art pen! i can't find any good ones here :(

  2. Yay!!!!!!! I see my favorites Funshine, Love-a-lot, and Goodluck Bear ! Thank you for heeding my request! :) Cute kaya! :)

  3. I always remember my childhood whenever I see those cute bears (carebares) hahha halatang mejo may edad na rin hahahaha!! (kidding)!!!

    Love it nikki!

  4. i love care bears! they're sooo cute! you should put up a nail art salon soon! turn the talent into cash..teehee..:)


  5. wow! I love carebears! grabe ang cute... sayang wala nang care bears sa tv. di na sya naabutan ni bella ;(

  6. Aww soo cute!! I had two favorites, love-a-lot bear and bedtime bear :)

  7. ang cute ng care bare:) nice idea Nikki :)

  8. I <3 care bear! Gosh brings me back to childhood days! ^_^

  9. Woah I'm really amazed. I admire all the effort and concentration you always put in the tiny details of your nail art *A* TINYYYYY XD I don't think I would have patience at all if it was me doing my own nails.

  10. This is uber cute!!! I love the Care Bears! :P

  11. This is very cute! I hope I also have that kind of talent. :)

  12. Cutieee~! At first look I thought you used a nail stamp for it... XD I can't help but wonder about the nail art you can do with nail stamps XD @_@

  13. awww that's super cute, i remember going home right away after school to catch the cartoon on tv LOL

  14. I LOVE carebears!!! so cute Nikki! Great job :D

  15. aaahhh. they're so cute!!! you're really very good at this... :)

  16. @xin Hi Xin, I'll remind myself to bring you some when I visit there! But I think I have the same "not so good ones" down here :( but its worth the try! Remind me!!!!!

  17. @Sophie hahahah well I have different Carebears in mind kasi while doing the art! But I just need to grow my nails BIGGER and LONGER para mas cute ang face nila! Di na kasya! hahahah

  18. @Elsa I know what you mean, I have a feeling younger kids who read this blog would say "Care Bears who?" hahahaha

  19. @makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! wow, thanks for saying so! I can't say that I'm that confident to open up my own nail salon! hahahhah I'll just make "tambay" sa kanto and I don't have to pay for rent pa di ba? :D

  20. @CHARRY I know, I was just complaining to hubby that kids nowadays sees not so good quality shows! Imagine those crazy shows they show that's super violent!

    Sana they do Carebears ulit, and SMURFS!

  21. @Neeyuh Me too! i love Bedtime bear because I'm so sleepy most of the time!

  22. @glenn encinares It's actually Sophie's idea for me to do it! so she's the pusher :D Thanks to her!

  23. @Kawaiiberri92 they do look like bear, thank goodness!

  24. @katatonik well...I guess it boils down to my love for nail art...it does take a lot of time to wait for them to dry up! :)

  25. @Pammy Yay another Care Bears lover! :)

  26. @Kai I don't know what's wrong with me, I am a sucker for difficulties! I own a nail stamping tool but found myself drawing still rather than stamping!

  27. @Marge I can't even imagine what Channel and what day Care Bears was shown?

  28. wow these are really good! i deffo think i got a long way to go for that effort...x

  29. Love this...sooo cute!

  30. @*Nail Cadet* aww, I'm sure you'll get there, you just have to give it a try :D

  31. @Meme thanks for commenting and liking my nail art design :D

  32. Ang taray ng nails! I love your work!

    (Stalking successful. Akala mo makakapagtago ka sa internet ha? :P)

  33. @kaoko In fairness! Pwede ka nang sumali sa SOCO :P nice to meet you and sana more field trips to come :D


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