Saturday, May 21, 2011

AMW Reviews: Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex Lip Gloss

I'm off to Clinique's Party for AMW Readers today at 2:00pm at Rustan's Makati, if you pass by, don't forget to smile and say "hi" ok?  

Today, I will be talking about another lip gloss.  This is not just any other lip gloss but the Rouge Majex Lip Gloss from Majolica Majorca, a brand from Shiseido, which earns a lot of raves from reviewers!

Here's my take...

Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex Lip Gloss says ---
Dressier than gloss but lighter than lipstick, this lip color comes a 70% moisturizing formula for a pretty, plump pucker. 

AMW says ---
  • Simple yet luxurious packaging.
  • Packed really well upon purchase.
  • Doe foot applicator makes it easy to apply and spread all over lips.
  • Non-sticky.
  • Has a slight scent which doesn't irritate my nose.
  • Gives a nice sheer look. 
  • Lips look moisturized and shiny.
  • The whole range is on the sheer side so there's not a lot of choices to choose from.
  • Does not stay long, need to re-apply after (approximately) 2 hours.
  • Everything's written in Japanese, if you can't read Japanese you won't be able to check ingredients.

(BE) shades are on the beige side which gives a sheer natural look! 

  • If your lips are pigmented to start with, wear this alone.
  • If you want a nude finish, cover your lip color with a lip concealer then top with a gloss for nude lips.
  • If you want more color, apply your favorite shade of lipstick and top it with MM Rouge Majex Lip Gloss..
  • Always wipe the doe foot wand after usage.
  • Never share the same wand with other people.  If you need to share or use it on clients, use a separate applicator or lip brush.
Will I repurchase?
Yes, other shades.

To whom do I recommend this to?
If you like lip glosses minus the sticky feel.  Do not expect a lot of pigmentation for the Rouge Majex range.  I feel this works for people who like natural look!

Where to purchase and how much?
At Majolica Majorca counters leading SM Department stores and Watson's outlets in Manila and Cebu for Php495.00 (approx $11.50).
Shade: BE706
Sheer light beige shade with hint of pink
Has very tiny shimmer which makes your lips look very shiny and moisturized!

Have you checked out Majolica Majorca counters?
Happy weekend!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from Author: Product sent for PR consideration.  The author is not affiliated with the company. All information written are based solely on author's personal experiences.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


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  2. ey icanhaz this! LOL unopened still hehehe. but yeah i've tried their testers, it feels nice and not tacky on the lips ;-)
    see you later, doll ^_^

  3. That's a lovely shade! Too bad it doesn't last long.

  4. That's a really pretty lip's so pretty!

  5. Oooh looks good but we dont have that brand here in Oz... :(

  6. such a pretty shade love it on ur lips...

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