Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Field Trip at: Yakult Philippines

One thing that makes me want to go back to school (definitely not the exams) are the yearly field trips!  Manila Zoo, Science Museum, etc...  You know what I missed out?  Those field trips to factories!  I always find myself glued on TV especially on Food Channel were they would showcase candy factories, chocolate factories and a whole lot more!  A factory tour is on my list because I'm always amazed at how products are made!  A week ago, a decade plus after my graduation --- my dream came true!

I am so lucky to be part of the Blogger Group invited by Yakult Philippines to check out their factory at Makiling, Laguna.  Yay!  Finally, I will have a first hand experience on how my favorite childhood/adulthood drink is made!

Some facts I got acquainted with on our way to the plant ---
  • Yakult Philippines Factory was established year 1978!  A year before I was born! Ahm..just sayin' *lol*
  • Yakult has expanded several times since then.
  • Yakult Philippines can produce 1.6 million bottles a day! That's a whole lot even for kids who can down 5 bottles a day!
  • Yakult is served 60ml locally and they don't plan to produce bigger ones (even if I went on strike!) because Yakult wants to reach out to everyone terms of pricing!  They also want to maintain freshness as not everyone can down a huge Yakult drink. 
  • Yakult tastes different in other countries because of the ingredients, we use our local sugars here.
  • A dose of Yakult everyday boosts our immune system which help us fight against colds, even prevent acute diarrhea (as proven with a study in India).
A huge Lactobaccili Mascot greeted us and I lost my cool!  I hugged him?her?it? right away!!!  And it wasn't just me!  (come on girls, admit it!) :P

We were given a tour at the factory.  What I can say about the factory?  Super clean!  Everyone's following steps to maintain cleanliness and hygiene!  This is a place where Yakult drink is made.

Yakult all packed and randomly checked for quality control

I tried zooming in without flash but it went blur (sorry!)


3 Ingredients needed to make Yakult drink --- Skim Milk Powder, Sugar, Glucose plus Viable cell to be mixed with "Mother Starter" as they call it.  A culture starter is also added!

To make the famous Yakult bottle that hasn't change since 1968.  The Yakult Bottle is the second bottle to have been approved to have a 3D patent in Japan.  Second the Coca-cola!

We were also shown Yakult products available worldwide!  
  • Bifiel and Mil-Mil - containing over 1 billion live bifidobacteria.
  • Revecy-S.E. - specifically developed skin care products containing Yakult's unique "S.E. liquid" and hyaluronic acid, which together promote a moist and young looking skin!  I was told this comes in pricey!  2nd  most expensive skincare line in Japan.
  • Yakult packet in different sizes.
  • Yakult Seichoyaku - over-the-counter intestinal regulatory medicine.
More Yakult Products
  •  Joie - a liquid type yogurt containing over 12.5 billion live Lactobacillus Casei Shirota Strain.
  • Striker, Milouge and Toughman - Striker is an isotonic drink.  Milouge is milk drink with added fruit juince and Toughman is a refreshing drink containing Ginseng extract along with vitamins and amino acids for energy boost.
  • Vegetable, Orange and Apple Juices 
  • Sofuhl - a solid-type dessert yogurt containing over 10 billion live Lactobacillus Casei Shirota Strain available in plain, strawberry. apple and citrus fruits.
  Here are my classmates 

I am holding 2 Yakult bottles close to me because that's the least number I MUST consume each time I need my Yakult Fix.  Actually I like pouring 3 bottles of Yakult, add some ice and it helps put my summer troubles away! 

Thanks Yakult Philippines for being so hospitable with the factory tour!  Thanks Sophie for arranging this and to my Field Trip classmates, I had fun going back to second childhood with you! :P

Do you drink Yakult? I still do! 
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. you're soo lucky! I must admit, I'm a huge fan of yakult too, since I was little. wow, they got skin care? maybe the "yakult face mask" that I read in girltalk is true after all =p

  2. Wow. I didn't know they hAve a skincare line. I'm fom Los banos and the factory of yakult is just near. The last time I was there was when I'm in grade school. Freezing yakult is one way of consuming it deliciously. Happy Sunday

  3. Wow I didn't know they have a skincare line? I'm from Los banos and the yakult factory is just near our place. The last time I visited yakult was in grade school. It was a famous destination before. Try freezing yakult to enjoy. Happy Sunday!

  4. OMG! I love Yakult so very very very much! I can drink like 2 or 3 bottle per day! OH too bad, i dont live in Asia anymore, dont know if i can find yakult in US. Lol u amazing, u definitely remind me to get Yakult again. And those pics are great, i want some lol

  5. nice naman, with pix, too usually bawal.
    i wanna try that skin care line ha. LOL if only i can afford the price bwahahaha.
    i super love the tangy sweet not too tart taste of yakult specially with ice ;-) great for a summer drink

  6. you're so lucky!!! I LOVE YAKULT, i drink it everyday ever since! LOL

  7. Sana may isang litrong yakult. Haha!

  8. i love yakult!
    part of my childhood...actually until ngayon umiinom pa din ako!

  9. wow! I've liked yakult ever since I was a kid. But I didn't know they have other variants. Unfortunately only available sa japan :( I would really like to try their skin care line...if its good ^_^

  10. @Abby Well, there's something similar called Kiefer and they use it as mask too which works really really well (tried it) but its such a hassle as you need to "culture" it! :)

  11. @aringkingking wow...I'm not sure if they are open for public viewing or they want groups? but yeah, I did not know they have skincare line too until that field trip day!

  12. @YoannitaL Oh yeah, they are available in Asia right! Gosh, I love Yakult and I will go for my fix later on :)

  13. @Marge actually there are areas na "bawal" but I'm glad most of the areas are open for picture taking! :)

  14. @skysenshi I agree, I can drink a full glass of this!

  15. @~tHiAmErE~ ako din! My childhood and second childhood and third! I drink yakult at least 2-3 times a week!

  16. @Photoescape Yes, they have so much to offer in Japan. The skincare line can't be brought over here din I think coz it's really pricey daw!

  17. I am so envious of all you ladies who got to do this tour! I heart Yakult! :)

  18. The bottle of Yakult in HongKong is a little bigger than what we have here and they also have a "Lite" version with a blue foil lid instead of the usual red, but still doesn't quench my thirst. Did they tell you guys why they don't make Yakult Litro though?

  19. The mascot is soooo cute!!! I'll hug him/her/it too if I had the chance. :)

    The last time I went to a "field trip" was 4 years ago in Liwayway Marketing Corp, makers of the Oishi snack products. This is in Laguna too. And we had the chance to eat the chips straight off the machine. What an experience! :)

  20. Hi! What a fun post! Would you happen to know how I can contact the Yakult Factory for a similar tour? I cannot seem to find a number or email online. Thank you!

  21. Hi! we would like to know the requirements for the educational trip on Yakult philippines. we would like to know your email address so we can contact you.
    hope that you will reply soon..


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