Friday, May 27, 2011

AMW Reviews: Mary Kay "Pink Changing Lives" Creme Lipstick

Happy Friday!!!
Its Mary Kay Philippine's 11th anniversary the month of May and they are thrilled to introduce their two latest product offerings:
  • Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara 
  • Limited Edition Beauty That Counts Mary Kay Creme Lipstick

Mary Kay Philippines is taking part on its Corporate Social Responsibility campaign called Beauty that Counts to support a local charitable institution in its effort to help change lives of women and children.  For every Mary Kay Creme Lipstick in Give Dreams sold, Mary Kay will donate $1.00 (approx $45.00) starting May 16 to December 31, 2011.

Give Dreams is a shade specifically made for the campaign and to show gratitude to buyers, the lipstick comes in a unique tube that says "Thank You" in different languages! 

Here's the exact lipstick I've been using for more than a week! 

Mary Kay Creme Lipstick says ---
Pink Melon, Shell, Apricot Glaze, Dusty Rose -- these are just a few subtly sweet shades. Long-wearing, stay-true color glides on with a lightweight creamy texture for unforgettable tips. Choose from 13 pout-prettying shades.

AMW says ---
  • For the limited edition lipstick: I have nothing more to say but this is the best packaged lipstick I own!  Love the idea of Thank you on different languages.  

Photo below shows "Thank You" 
in different languages
  • For the regular package creme lipstick: really good, plain black lipstick packaging with the shade of the lipstick on top for you to easily see the shade without looking at the bottom for shade name.
**photo taken from website
  • Smooth and easy to apply.
  • Does not flake on my dry lips
  • Very pigmented, one swipe is enough for the color to show up.
  • No weird scent.
  • It gives a hint of coral and a hint of pink shade which works well on most blushers!
  • Limited edition :( I would love to have this packaging forever! :P  *wishful thinking*
  • Shades can only be seen if you meet up with Beauty Consultants, they are not found inside malls.
Mary Kay Creme Lipsticks are moisturizing, creamy and pigmented.  Stays on lips for a good amount of time!

  • If you have no way to test on products, search for lipstick swatches online.
  • If you have extremely dry lips, prep your lips by moisturizing it properly, blot with tissue then apply lipstick.
  • To make lipstick last longer, apply first layer, blot, re-apply second layer, blot and go ahead and apply for the third.  It'll last longer!
  • Want to lessen the shine of the lipstick?  Pat on translucent powder on top of the lipstick!  It helps prevent lipstick from sliding off.
  • If you want shinier looking lips, top with your favorite clear gloss on top of the lipstick!  An inexpensive favorite of mine is the Fashion 21 Fruity Flavored Gloss!
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
All lipstick lovers!

Where to purchase and how much?
Available at Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant by calling them at (632) 859-6211 or visit if you wish to know more details.  The Mary Kay Creme Lipstick costs Php650.00 (approx $15.10). 
Shade: Give Dreams
Sunny Coral pink

Applied on bare lips 2x each lip

The shade works on any skin color and the color looks brighter as the person gets to be fairer!
Mine look a bit brighter on photos because I have pigmented lips to start with :)
Just in case you see me today, yes, I'm wearing this! :D

Have you tried Mary Kay Products?  
In your opinion, what's their star product?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from Author:Product provided for PR consideration.  All reviews are based on personal experiences, please purchase at your own discretion).


  1. how much is this lippie? I haven't tried anything from mary kay cosmetics..:)

  2. lovely shade, if only MK wasn't pricey i'd get as well ;-)

  3. same question, how much is it? i love the packaging as well.

  4. @makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! Hi sis, the price is written there on "where to purchase and how much?" The lipstick costs PHp650

  5. @Marge I agree they don't come cheap but quality is good!

  6. @aringkingking Same as my comment above, it's written at "where to purchase and how much" area and its Php650

  7. i love the shade! i've been into lippies with hint of coral lately! if only it is cheaper I'd get it! AND if only I could finish all the lipsticks I have right now! whew! ....

  8. I find Mary Kay products to be a bit pricey. But I'll try one of their lipsticks because you said that it is of a good quality! :)

  9. color aside, i love the packaging too! so different from the regulars, definitely stands out from the rest :D

  10. I haven't tried MK products... but this lipstick looks promising! The shade looks pretty, super IN na talaga CORALS ngayon.

  11. The shade is very pretty and I love the packaging too.

  12. MK lippies have very excellent coverage! its not sheer nor matte not even creamy. highly pigmented so it really masks your lips with the color. i love it!

  13. Ohwow! It looks so gorgeous on! I was expecting it to be more on the red side but it turns out to be a bit more orange-y!

    And I am a fan of the packaging too!

  14. I love the MK lipstick. I have one in apply berry!

  15. @Issa Baka naman kasi you have enough corals na? Tama! ubusin muna! hahahha

  16. @JesRoque I agree, the first Mary Kay product I own is their powder foundation which shocked my sister coz she's the one who ordered for me! Pero love their quality nga!

  17. @xin I know! Im not going to throw this away even if I finish the lipstick!

  18. @Shopcoholic Nice ang Corals na, tapos na ang pink phase! hehehe

  19. @DaMnViXeN Agree! I like the fact that it doesn't dry out my lips too!

  20. @Michelle The shade is quite tricky, it looks different pa when applied on another person's lips!

  21. @Hollie I'd love to try out other shades toO! :)

  22. Hi Askmewhats" I'm living in shouzou, china and I was looking for mary kay's products.... Do u know were can I find that products here?.... please let me know....

  23. @Anonymous Hi Super sorry for the late response, hmm, you're in Suzhou? I am not sure if they have Mary Kay there but there's definitely Mary Kay sellers in Shanghai. You can give them a call and check with them here's the number (base on research) 021-2208.8888 (That's their office number in Shanghai) Hope this helps :)


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