Saturday, May 28, 2011

AMW Reviews: ZOYA Color Lock

Good day everyone!  Today, I will be posting Nail Product Reviews, I haven't done that for quite some time as I've been using the same nail care system for the past months!  I'm glad I took the big leap and embraced change!  As I find there are so many wonderful products out there worth to try!  

It was a first for me to try ZOYA Mini Color Lock System. 

ZOYA Mini Colorlock says ---
The wearability of ZOYA Nail Polish works better with the Colorlock System. It stays on longer and keeps lustre of polish for at least 5 days. This is safe to use by pregnant and lactating women as well (nontoxic, noncarcinogenic)  

Each kit contains:
  • ZOYA Anchor (Basecoat)
  • ZOYA Armor (Topcoat)
  • ZOYA Hurry Up Drops
  • ZOYA Remove+
AMW says ---

ZOYA Remove+

  • A little goes a long way.
  • Can remove stubborn glitters.
  • Does not leave a white film on nails.
  • The scent is not strong.  
  • Awarded by Allure magazine as best nail polish remover!
  • None!  Probably, the price?
ZOYA Anchor
Adheres Nail Color

  • Dries up easily once applied on fingers.
  • Brush is easy to use.
  • One coat is enough to protect the nails from further yellowing.
  • Nail polish stays longer together with the Zoya Armor (top coat).
  • No chipping.
  • Safe to use for pregnant and lactating woman due to its non-toxic, non-carcinogenic factors.
  • Other people may find this pricey but I think the full size price of this is worth every single penny!
ZOYA Armor
Protects Nail Color

  • Brush is consistently good!
  • Nail polish looks new even after a week with this top coat.
  • No chipping after 7 days!  (Dish washing, cooking, typing, etc.. all included to test)
  • Safe for pregnant and lactating moms.
  • Same, price!  But again, worth every penny!
 ZOYA Hurry Up Drops
dries polish fast and ends bubbling

  • Does help speed up drying time.
  • The dropper is a brilliant idea as helps even distribution.
  • One tiny drop is enough for one nail.
  • One tiny bottle lasts!
  • Not comfortable with the oily feel of my fingertips especially if I plan to type after nail polish application.  It gets transferred to my keyboard.
The Mini ZOYA Color Lock System
Php1,000 (approx $23.25)
Available locally at: Organic Rituals Spa 
(feel free to add them up on Facebook)

Overall, the Mini set is great to test if the product is worth purchasing or not!  I like the fact that these are all safe enough for pregnant women to use!  That's a great news for nail polish lovers like myself!  I can't imagine myself not applying polish for 9 whole months (if I get pregnant).

I am very impressed with how my nail art lasts for more than 1 week and it looks as good as new!  My nails do get a bit yellow but not as much as regular base and top coat!  I can dramatically see a huge difference of this from the other brands!

A picture of my Hello Kitty inspired nails after 2 full weeks!  Nails have grown and my nail art is still intact!

I can't attest the effectiveness of the Hurry Up Drops in terms of the "bubbling" as I don't usually have problems with my nail polish bubbling up!  A couple of nail polish lovers out there did voice out their problems on nail polish bubbling!  Aside from not shaking the bottle vigorously, instead, rub the polish between your palms.  Never apply polish in front of a fan, these tiny reminders may help!

Will definitely re-purchase these 2 items once I finish up my mini version ---
  • ZOYA Anchor- Php455.00 (approx $10.60)
  • ZOYA Armor- Php455.00 (approx $10.60)
I have so many base coats and top coats to finish from all my "hoarding", but this brand impressed me and definitely tops my "next to haul" list.

Have you tried ZOYA?
Keep smilin'

Stay happy! 

(Note from Author: Product provided for PR consideration.  The author is not paid to write this post. All information written are based solely on author's personal experiences.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. i realllly want some zoya nail polish remover! been liking their polishes a lot lately, hear all good things about the remover


  2. ey i've heard about this on youtube! they seem to have an interesting color collection ;-)
    frmheadtotoe doesn't like it but fuzkittie seem to hehehe

  3. ohyh i love zoya and i love the zoya armour... the remover not only removes polish but it also prep ur nails and ur right the price is just the only thing u will complain about zoya but its worth it...

  4. Ohwow. I think I'm convinced! But I need a while to save up for the mini set. :-)

  5. @socialitedreams Oh I've been using Orly Nail Polish remover for quite some time and I love it too! :) The Zoya one really works! i like the scent!

  6. @Marge Ah I can't say anything pa on the colors! This is a first for me to try Zoya :)

  7. @ThRiSzHa ahhh nice one! So the nail polish remover also prep your nails to polish application? That's cool, thanks for sharing!

  8. @Michelle me, I'm saving up for the bigger size! these minis can last me long though as you only need a little!


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