Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shine on Sister!

(note from author: it was the exact cheerleading skirt decades ago, 
changed the top as the original one disintegrated!  *laughs*) 

A personal note that a lot of you probably do not know!  I actually love to dance irregardless of what type of  dance or music!  I've done oh my can't believe I'm sharing this interpretative dance, 1970's "Grease Lightnin'", 1980's "Just Got Lucky" and even ballroom dancing! (Chacha, Tango, Swing, name it, I've tried them!)

I guess it started when I was dragged by my friends in high school for cheerleading tryouts  It was Junior High then and I was there to support a friend!  The friend got in, yay!  So did the "supporter" *panics*.  At that time, I wasn't even comfortable with my dancing skills!  I don't even think I have a skill to start with!

We actually won and it was a huge surprise for me coming from someone who never include dancing in the "What are your talents?" section on slambooks!  *laughs*

After winning the championship for a high school cheering competition, it was the first and final dance competition I've joined but the dancing never stopped and I was hailed the "Queen of the Dance Floor"!


From all those dancing moments, I learned one thing...

dancing for 8 hours straight without sitting down!
Yes, it happened during a company Christmas Party and the wonderful dance music started as early as 7:00pm and I stood up, danced until 3:00am!  No sitting, just water breaks!  

My mini talent won't make me rich; as I haven't thought of doing this professionally.
This talent won't make me popular; as I don't plan to contact the people from Guinness World Records.
It won't bring world peace, as it wont' stop war but I could end up being killed and bring shame to my countrymen.
It does make the people around me happy, it makes me happy and my legs in shape!

I am sharing this mini talent of mine for you to look into yourself and appreciate yours!  A non-professional dancer like myself who can do this can only mean one thing --- I am unique, I am truly special!  In my own queer way! It's simple but not everybody can do this!

Now it's your time to share your uniqueness...
It's your time to shine!
Go to Shine On, Sister Facebook Page  ( and share to us what makes you a star in your own little ways!

I would appreciate it if you share it here through comments too!
The Lord made us unique in our own little ways, Stand Tall, Stand Proud! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. awwww cute! i merely looked fr the outside in while i was in high school, left of center as suzanne vega would call it ☺♥

  2. nikki youre so pertty!!!!! didnt know you were a cheerleader!!!!

    back in HS i was the weirdo kid at the back of the room ahahahah

  3. Awesome! I share the same passion for dance. My mom and dad taught me a little bit of the cha cha when i was a kid then it progressed on. I stopped for a long time like gradeschool and highschool cause I became the weird loud girl. Though in the latter half of highschool I started dancing again. Besides DDR (dance dance revolution) I started doing those uh j pop or anime dances. XD I even made a youtube account for it. It was really shocking because it ended up being well received. <3 Dancing

  4. ang kyot mo nikki! at oo, star of the dance floor ka in! amisho!

  5. Good for you. You've discovered your talent in dancing. Me, I just simply don't know how to dance. I have two left feet.

    My talents are in singing and playing the guitar. And I love poetry. I've tried composing some. But don't have the nerve to share it in public yet. Maybe someday.

    I agree with you. Everyone of us has our own unique talent that are awaiting to be discovered.

  6. @K Not so secret anymore no? hehehhehe I don't think you're a weirdo back then, you're probably just quiet? :D

  7. @katatonik Nice! Thanks for sharing! DDR is fun!!!! Wow, I missed that! Now you made me want to try it again!!!

  8. @iamsutil hahahah oo nga! You saw me pala "trying hard" not to dance! Kasi nanlaki ang mata mo! :P

  9. @OSeƱorita Thanks for sharing your talent! I've always wanted to play the guitar, I even bought my own guitar but I guess no one taught me and I'm too lazy to learn on my own! hahaha I did try to compose but it all came out wrong! hahahha I'm good at changing the lyrics of songs into something "green" or funny though! Oooohhh that's another talent! hehehhe

    Thanks for sharing yours...keep on showing the world your talents which are God's gift :D

  10. Hehe! You're so cute! Dancer na dancer talaga! :D

    Mine is crazy! Haha! :p Developed the skill of doing my make-up while I drive because I'm always late. Haha!

  11. Dancer na, beautician pa! Talentadong-Tsinay! :)))

  12. @Angela hahahha siyempre panindigan with costume ang pagiging dancer no? Mas bongga ka! Naalala ko nga nung binasa! as in ha? While driving? Di ko kaya yan! :P

  13. @Mom-Friday mas talentado ka! You can eat like a karpentero and not get fat!

  14. you looks super adorable in cheerleading gear Nikki!


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