Wednesday, May 18, 2011

AMW Version: Smoke-ready Summer!

Happy mid-week!  After sharing my nail art for the week, I am sharing another version I've done on my *ahem* gorgeous face!  hahaha  Come on!  Give it to me, this is my blog anyway so you have no choice keep on reading!  (please do!) hahaha

I've decided to play a bit with the smokey look as it's actually nice for people with small eyes!  I've also used a very light brow pencil for those readers who asked why their brow powders or pencils make their brows super dark!  The secret is the shade!   This is the lightest brow pencil shade from Paul & Joe. 

Wondering if you'll believe me if I say
these are my original lashes?  
(Are you shaking your head?)

AMW Diagram

I used my Urban Decay Primer Potion as base

Step 1:
Though I plan to create a dark smokey look, I used an aqua shade underneath.  Applied Ulta's Deep Sea eyeshadow all over the lids.

Step 2:
With Ulta's Galaxy Eye Shadow, pat on the color on top of the blue base that I've created on step 1.  Blend well and add as you go on.  Do not worry about fall-outs at this stage, you can use a huge powder brush to brush it off afterwards.

Use a pencil brush to apply on the lower lash line.

Step 3:
With Ulta's Calla Lily, apply on the brow bone area including the inner corners of the eye and inner lower lash line.

Step 4:
Lined my eyes with Stila Smudge Pots in Black with the remaining gel liner on the brush, apply a bit on the lower lash line to define your eyes. 
Filled my brows and color them light with Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil no. 4.  Shade is equivalent to Blonde.
Applied false lashes.  
I used EO Lashes from KKCenterHK A88 Lashes
with DUO lash glue
The lashes may look too wild and fake on box but once applied on the eyes, it works perfectly on me and it looks amazing on photos! Very lightweight and it doesn't make me teary-eyed as compared to similar style of lashes.

AMW Version: Smoke-ready Summer

Check out what I used for the rest of my face
I opted to go for orange cheeks and lips as it's a nice color perfect for the summer!

For the face:
Revlon's ColorStay Aqua Mineral Makeup Foundation

For the Cheeks:
Paul & Joe Face Color 08

or use any peachy orange blush

For the Lips:
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Siren

Fix your hair and smile!

I want to thank Modess Philippines for sending the 2 shirts that says:
"'di lang ako basta babae" (I'm not just a regular girl)

Lalaki din ako (I'm also a boy!)...joke! hahaha

Modess Angels
Got 2 colored shirts from Tomato.  One will be given to my SIL! :)

Aside from being a Modess Angel, I would strongly suggest everyone to be an Angel to at least..somebody today!  It's not that difficult!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Beautiful look! I love smokey eyes!

  2. i think this is great look one you~~~~~very nice

  3. bagay sa yo curly hair nikki.

  4. Loves:
    -the hair - the color and the curls!
    -the foundation, don't think i can go back to normal mineral foundation
    -the lipstick shade, love the corally-red ;-)
    -stila weh what's not to love?
    -lashes - made in Korea, need i say more?
    -the smoky look - wow you rock that look, baby!


  5. oo nga, bagay sayo curly hair! i really love it! i also love the lip color! another beautidul AMW version! woot!

  6. Hello Nikki, may I ask who is Keith Tiu? It seems like he's always there for you to help you take photos. Haha

    Juli from

  7. I love this look on you and you look so pretty! and omg I want that shirt!

  8. very nice Nikki! I LOVE the lashes! hehe

  9. Hey babe, love the hair!!!! Looking good! =)

  10. Gorgeous look!..You look gorgeous with curly hair..Cute shirt..^_^..

  11. @Kim Yay! Kimmie! thanks for saying so! Kulot mo ako next time! :P

  12. @Marge Naks all LOVES? No Dislike??? :P

  13. @Issa Glad you liked the AMW version this week! :)

  14. @EveryDay Makeup blog If you live down here, I'll share the other shirt to you!!!!

  15. @Shopcoholic Bongga the lashes no? I originally thought I'd only use them for Avant Garde look, pero hindi !Ganda ng effect!

  16. I love what it says on the shirt, and natawa ako sa part na lalake ka din hahaha... ♥

  17. Love the smokey eye!

  18. I like the hair and the eye makeup :)

    You look so pretty.

  19. Love this look, it's so pretty and sultry! The hair is gorgeous too!

  20. Falsies are love <3 I should give teh smokey eye a try : 3 Also omg *A* I don't think I've seen you do a review on that foundation. I stumbled across it the other day and it seemed interesting but too pricey. XD The texture was uniquely strange haha.

  21. Love the smokey eye look and the falsies too. But most especially, I love those shirts.

  22. @Rae Thanks for the compliment dear, and nice to meet you :D

  23. @katatonik Check back tomorrow, I've written a review for that particular foundation :)

  24. naloka naman ako dun sa "lalake din ako" hahaha :))

  25. awww love the eye make-up!! and great tutorial =D

    I wanna try this look >__<

  26. @- - aika - - hahahah and may pagka babaeng tibo naman kasi ako sa mga pinagsasabi ko! :P

  27. You look very pretty :) I like the look.

    Btw, I'm Em :)


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