Tuesday, June 7, 2011

AMW Bulletin: Ask House of Obagi and Win!

Dear Philippine Readers:
How was the rest of your Tuesday?  Mine went a bit slow but I'm glad I survived!  Let's not forget the super hot and humid weather early afternoon then sudden rain late afternoon, the weather is just as crazy as a woman!  *laughs*

Ok, I nearly forget what's the point of this post! (as always) I've seen a contest going around which I think AMW readers would be very interested in!

and get a chance to win Obagi Professional C Serum 15%

**photo taken from HOO Facebook page

I've seen the wonders of Obagi from beauty blogging friends and I know a lot of you would want to be given the chance to try their product!  The price is steep but I've heard it's worth it!  I hope an AMW reader wins!!! *biased mode* hahaha

LIKE House of Obagi Facebook Fanpage and follow instructions!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from author: I am in no way affiliated with the company, this post is for information purpose.)


  1. I need to win! ahahaha! my skin's breaking out badly and to think that my wedding is only a couple of months away! TT__TT

    i'm so desperate now... I MUST GET THAT PERFECT GLOW ON MY BIG DAY!!!!


  2. I have never tried this brand before!!


    PS- We're having a clearance sale! Check it out at MeTime Manila

  3. swerte naman ng mananalo! hehehe

    oo ate nikki, the sonia kashuk concealers are super creamy. you don't need to warm it up pa with your hands :)

  4. @miemiemie Di ba? Super swerte talaga! :) aaccck gusto ko ng Sonia Kashuk!!!


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