Wednesday, June 8, 2011

AMW Reviews: Lunasol Micro Finish Powder N

Lunasol, the brand I've been stalking for years!  I remember reading reviews and raves from international beauty bloggers and I've been putting this product in and out of the "online shopping cart".  What's stopping me is the price, and the fact that the product may get lost along international transit which will probably put me in *insert dramatic music*  tears!

Can you imagine my glee when Kanebo Sale took place at the same building I work at?  I visited the office on the first day of sale and it was Lunasol heaven!

What caught my attention is the Lunasol Micro Finish Powder N.  I am on the look out for a good setting powder for clients. The thing is, I cannot bear purchase a full size not knowing if I'll be able to use it or not.  Thank goodness for sample sizes!  The Kanebo sale actually includes 3.5g sample of the Lunasol Micro Finish Powder N, I got it in 02 Natural Beige as shown on photo below.

Lunasol Micro Finish Powder N says ---
This finely granulated face powder produces skin that looks so clear, it nearly becomes transparent. Just apply it gently with the puff and the soft granules are absorbed by the skin, giving your complexion moisture and fine texture. It enhances the holding effect of your foundation, staying fresh for hours and maintaining a soft, light clarity. Its blend of treatment ingredients cares for your skin.

Available in 2 shades: 01 Translucent and 02 Natural Beige
Size: 20g

AMW says ---
  • Super gorgeous packaging, both full size and sample size.
  • Has a sticker upon purchase for freshness.
  • The puff that comes with the product is very soft.  The sample sized puff is too small though, but perfect to use under the eye area.
  • Finely milled powder, feels so soft once applied on skin.
  • Make-up sets pretty well for the whole day (for dry skinned me).
  • Gives a nice "inner glow" that you can't pinpoint.
  • No obvious sparkles and does not create white cast on photos.
  • A little amount goes a long way!  I still have enough product from the 3.5g sample size.
  • Skin feels smooth after application, does not settle in fine lines.
  • Can aggravate dryness if not moisturized well.  Photo below shoes the dry nose area.  I did not apply any moisturizer prior to application.
  • Is not visibly available everywhere!
  • Loose powder = messy! :) 
The product applies like a dream and the shade 02 Natural Beige gives out a matte yet soft finish!

  • Choose to use a powder brush for a more translucent finish.
  • Use a sponge to gently pat on areas that oil up easily to "set" the make-up.
  • Do you have darker skin color?  You can still choose 02 Natural Beige and use a big powder brush to set instead of sponge.
  • Do not forget to apply all over your face and neck area!
  • Blot off excess oil prior to re-application!  
  • Wash the sponge that comes with the product upon opening.
  • Applied too much?  Spritz your face with facial mists and the "powder" look will lessen.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone into loose setting powder.  Perfect for oily, combination or normal skin!  Dry skin individuals can use this as long as you moisturize well prior to make-up application.

Where to purchase and how much?
I bought my sample size for Php300.00 (approx $7.00) while full size costs more than Php1,000.  Sorry I did ask but I forgot the exact amount.  You can find them at Kanebo/Lunasol counters at Rustan's.

  A closer look on the finely milled powder

 Applied all over face 
using a mini K-brush (Kabuki Brush)

Have you tried Lunasol Micro Finish Powder N?
What's your skin condition and how did it work for you?
What's a must-try Lunasol Product?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. thanks to fuzkittie i so wanna try lunasol's eye pallets, too LOL
    this brand seems so luxurious but oh so worth it for the quality ☺♥
    hehehe i have oily to combination skin, hope this thing is on sale in sg ;-)

  2. definitely their lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes!! they are divine.

  3. ohh i have the older version of this and i love it!

  4. yeay for sale! i have never tried lunasol products too because it is $$, if there is a sale i certainly wouldn't mind picking up ;)

  5. looks so pretty. you got a great deal. ^^ unfortunately, i never seem to have any luck with sales.

  6. wahhh! sayang i didn't know about it! malapit lang ang one san miguel from me :(

  7. Should definitely try this out!!


    Hop on to MeTime Manila to check out our clearance sale!

  8. @Marge I know sis! packaging pa lang! makes my heart flutter!

  9. @Anonymous thanks! :) I have tried their es palettes but not the lipsticks yet!

  10. @xin AGREE! I wouldn't purchase them in full price too!

  11. @Jackie Naku, I can sniff sale like a dog! :D

  12. @Crystal Ay oo! It was last minute and I just tweeted about it! Sige, kung meron pa will let you know :) Didn't know you're interested :D

  13. @Michelle Goodluck with the clearance sale :)

  14. do they sell their sample sizes at rustan's store?

  15. hi! ur post give me some important information about dis product. thanks a lot! =)

  16. Should definitely try this out!!

  17. @Anonymous I don't think they do, but they do sell them during bazaars! Try to check with the people at Suesh bazaars too as they are the same distributor :)

  18. @helena Let me know once you tried it on how it works for you :D


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