Thursday, June 23, 2011

AMW Bulletin: Tea Tree on Sale!

Dear Philippine Readers:
Blemish Emergency?  Tea Tree Oil is definitely to the rescue.  I love using this so much that I shared this secret to Mr. AMW and he's also using it!  Remember the 3 bottles I purchased last Sale season?  Well, I'm back with a vengeance because Tea Tree products are on sale....again!
 **photo grabbed from TBS FB Page

Save 40% on Tea Tree Oil, Tea Tree Blemish Gel and Tea Tree Concealer!  Offer valid until July 14, 2011!

I bought another 4!  Oh, they are all the same by the way, I was told by the attendant that the clear packaging is their newest packaging! :) I like it!  I can see how much product left.
Original Price: Php495.00 
Bought it on sale for Php299.00
If you are a TBS Tea Tree Oil user, go ahead.. you are allowed to hoard! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I will hoard! Oh yeah, have you tried the Tea Tree concealer? Is it any good?

  2. I'll definitely head to the mall right after work!

  3. I'm a user of Tea Tree Oil I should buy 3 bottles of it.I will also try Tea Tree Blemish Gel.

  4. Essential oils do get used up real quickly so good idea to hoard. I like the tea tree oil from Thursday Plantation.

  5. oh, i wanna try tea tree concealer! is it good?

  6. @Denise I actually tested the tea tree concealer EACH time I'm at the Body Shop, I think it works good, just the shades availability is not as broad but so far, so good! I did not purchase any of those because I have a couple of concealers at I'm feeling bad! I want to purchase one! :D

  7. @Trixie of Nailfiled Hope you were able to buy them! How many? :D

  8. @Call Center Agent The Blemish Gel sounds good too! I haven't tried it, if you did, let me know how it works for you :D

  9. Hi nikki! Your post got me buying a bottle of my own. Kakahiya to ask but - any tips on how to open the cap? I know its pressdown+twist cclockwise but i still cant seem to get it open. Dont know what im doing wrong :( Thanks in advance!

  10. @Anonymous have you tried pressing a bit harder then kwep on twisting? Ask help na lang pero if it still can't open, sana you have the receipt and ask to have it changed! Sorry I don 't seem to have problems with mine :)


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