Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Rain Water on Leaves

Happy Thursday!  Nail art tutorial for the week is inspired by nature.  I actually got inspired to do this nail art design after the Pond's White Beauty Naturals Launch last week!  The place was transformed into a secret garden, while a huge centerpiece was an eye candy while we had our scrumptious meal.  

It was also raining non-stop over the weekend so I stayed up, and got to create this on my nails.

Which was inspired by the Rain Water on Leaves 
in this photo taken from source
Yes, nail art is as broad as the things you see around you :)

Step 1:
Protect your nails with your preferred base coat, let dry.  Applied 2 coats of OPI Brights Collection Gargantuan Green Grape.  Wait for the polish to completely dry before you move on to step 2.

Step 2:
Apply one thick coat of any clear polish or top coat.  From this step onward, you have to work quickly.

Step 3:
While the clear polish or top coat is still wet, drop 3 drops of white dots using 2 Way Nail Art Pen as shown on photo below.  Since the clear polish is still wet, the dots will expand to a certain size.

Step 4:
If you have colored 2 Way Nail Art Pens, then drop another color on top of the white dots.  In my case, I like the green shade of this Nature Republic Nail Lacquer in Green.  I gently drop a smaller amount of polish on top of the white one.  This by the way is done quickly after the white dots application.  

*tip: It helps to have your green polish shade ready so you can proceed to this step at once.

Step 5:
With a needle, gently draw a line at the center of the dots and a "leaf like" design will be created as shown on photo below.

Step 6: Optional
I wanted to create an illusion of rain drops by adding rhinestones.  Apply a clear polish on the area you want to put the rhinestones on.

Gently push in the clear rhinestones to "embed" the gem.

Step 7:
Once the nail art design is COMPLETELY dry, protect your nail art design with a glittery polish (optional) and a top coat.

Voila!  Leaves with a drop of rain water
The color relaxes me in the middle of a stressed day!
I do look at it once in awhile! :)

Do you find this tutorial easy?
Would you give this a try?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. This is just sooo pretty Nikki!

  2. This is so pretty Nikki! :D The color relaxes me too!! :D

  3. This is very pretty! You're really talented. :3

  4. love the fresh greens sis! :D and and my nails have been abandoned for too long!

  5. This looks so refreshing and relaxing! :D

  6. i cannot do anything like this!!! sooo pretty! :)

  7. I like reading your nail art tutorials.....Im learning so much....And do not be surprise if I copy your art in my nails....dont worry the result is always different....hehe.....

  8. so nice! it also kind of reminds me of St. Patrick's day heheh

  9. This is beautiful :)
    I really like all of your nail tutorials :)
    I also create nail art designs and just like you, I get inspired from random things :P

  10. omg love this post! never thought nail art could be so simple and fun-totally gonna try this technique :) thanks for the post!


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