Saturday, June 18, 2011

AMW Reports: Pond's White Beauty Naturals and the New Endorser

Today, I'm off to the hospital to accompany my mom for the unending check-up!  Don't worry, I am not complaining, I don't mine the millions of check-ups because my mom is getting better! :)  Staying positive really pays off!  

Over the week, I was one of the few lucky bloggers who got an invite for a sneak peek on the new Naturals Line from Pond's at Sofitel Hotel!  I am also excited to meet their newest endorser!  I already have a bet on who the endorser will be but confirmation and photos are better right? 

Here's a photo of the new
Pond's White Beauty Naturals
The line includes Facial Foam, Day cream and Night Cream

Before I report on the event, I have to share what happened that night!  I was actually spilled with lime juice by the waiter :(  Dripping wet on the right hand side of my body!  Thank goodness nothing went on my hair!  I smell like lime all over --- still sexy by the way :P  But yeah, that was one of the highlights of the night!  Thank goodness for great company I get to forget about it a couple of minutes after (well, it was really an hour later! hehehe).  I want to thank my seatmate Sophie for helping me clean up!

Before they serve the dinner, the host of the night interviewed Chef Arnold, the Executive Sous Chef of Sofitel Philippine Plaza, on what inspired him to create such lovely set of meal for the guests.  Here's the fun and cool part, the food was inspired by the ingredient on Pond's White Beauty Naturals --- Camellia Oil.

I have to commend whoever styled the area, the whole  Sunset Pavillion was transformed into a "secret garden" where I was actually expecting Adam and Eve to come out!  *teehee*

Menu for the night!
(Spilled with lime juice or not, the reporting goes on!)

4 models walked around the stage for a couple of minutes before we finally get to meet the Pond's White Beauty Naturals Endorser.  I admired the lovely dresses wonderfully done by Rhet Eala.  During this moment, I was giving myself a mental pat on the back for lugging the wide lens as our table was far from the stage and media people are right in the middle covering the event!  Please excuse the "head" shadows!

Finally!  It's finally confirmed!  The newest endorser for Pond's White Beauty Naturals is none other than the favorite cover girl --- Angelica Panganiban

Angelica excitedly shared to the audience how proud and honored she is to be trusted with such an amazing line from Pond's.  She shared: "When I was first asked, there was no hesitation because I trust how Pond's take care of my skin."

As the host asked her about her experience using the Naturals line, Angelica exclaimed: "It's natural, gentle and so light on my skin!  I never worry about having dry or sticky and heavy skin.  Throughout the day, I feel refreshingly light, clean and protected." 

On the side, she shared how she likes to be out without make-up to let her skin breathe!  I think it's the right choice as her skin is naturally healthy and radiant!

"Camellia Leaf" --- the main ingredient of this line made me Google-searched for its benefits!  Camellia Leaf or green tea leaf, is widely known as anti-oxidant that's good not only for the health but for the skin. 

Here's a shot of everyone on the Bloggers' Table!  Thanks Maan from Ogilvy for being such a doll!  For helping us find our seats and for being so accommodating!

We also have another photo taken with Rissa Mananquil.
She's very nice and it was great seeing her again!

And here's another shot with the gorgeous endorser ---
Angelica Panganiban!
*whispers* This girl does not have pores, does not sweat!
I don't think she's even human!

Pond’s White Beauty Naturals include: 
  • Facial Foam: 5g Sachet (Php6.00), 50g Tube (Php80.00), 100g (Php150.00) 
  • Moisturizer: 10g  No Mess Sachet (Php20.00), 20g Tube (Php70.00), 50g Jar (Php249.00) 
  • Buy Php300.00 of any Pond’s White Beauty Naturals products in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide and you will automatically receive an eco-chic bag designed by Rhett Eala. Promo runs until supplies last.
Thanks for the invite Pond's Philippines and OgilvyOne !
Enjoy  your weekend!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. a ponds event! hehehe awww i'm sorry you spilled your drink on yourself. but at least you would ideally smell citrusy ;-)
    it's nice that ponds is catering to public demand for fairer skin in the country. but i'm just afraid that a great deal of our women of color would not appreciate their warmer deeper kayumangi skin which i find very lovely. at more times than i care for i've been called gluta, when i don't and can't even afford to do that =(
    ah well, kanya kanya ika nga ^_^

  2. OMG the event looks beautiful and Angelica looks so amazing!

  3. I used to love PONDS, actually I still do. I just dont get to use it as much as I want to anymore.

    FUN event! Angelica is super pretty! I wish I can meet her, my mother-in-law got to meet her.

  4. @Marge Oh girl, I wish it's me who spilled the drink, it was the waiter who spilled all the drink he has on his left arm on me! :(

  5. @Mrs.Zeus Ah what was the Pond's variant you used to use? :D

  6. ano ba ng mga products under sa pond's camelia leaf extract? ang nakita ko lang kasi sa mall ung day cream at exfoliating facial foam?
    Actually, ginagamit ko ang pond's antibacterial at ung pinkish white glow cream day and night kasi dun ako hiyang pero ngayong may bago sa camelia, ang paggamit ko na ngayon (in order) day: antibacterial-exfoliating cream-day cream night-antibacterial=exfoliating-pinkish white glow cream... ok lang kaya ito? :) baka kasi mairritate na masyado ang mukha ko.. hehe :)
    thank you! :)

  7. @justcurious The one you see in this post is the Camelia line :)


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