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AMW Reviews: KATE Mineral Powder Foundation

My first ever Kate product was purchased because I did my own make-up on my own Engagement Party!  I bought the Kate Liquid Eyeliner and Eyeshadow Palette which I absolutely love!

I always have high respect on the brand but it seems like I've been busy with so many other brands that I haven't given this brand a further look!  I remember staying inside Watson's HK for several hours and spending quite a lot of time in front of the Kate counter!  

Kate by Kanebo has always been acknowledged for the lovely gel liners, pencil liners and eye shadows, I haven't heard much about their powder foundation and I'm glad to finally have a say on this!

Kate by Kanebo Mineral Powder Foundation says ---
Advanced mineral powder foundation that is gentle on the skin with reliable visible pore coverage.  With the new double-effect mineral powder (skin protection and visible pore coverage), this advanced mineral foundation creates soft and smooth skin.
SPF15 PA++
  • Multiple moisturizing ingredients (olive oil, jojoba oil and almond oil)
  • Paraben (preservative) free
  • Ultraviolet-absorber free
  • Fragrance free

Ingredients: Zinc oxide, agar, and caprylic/capric triglycerid.  The foundation contains mineral powder coated with water-retentive seaweed-derived material (agar) 

Available in 3 shades: OC-B, OC-C, OC-D

AMW says ---
  • Simple packaging that's easy to store even on small bags.
  • The refill powder and sponge are well protected/sealed to prevent contamination.
  • Packaging comes with powder refill, saves a lot of money and the environment!  Each refill has a sticky glue underneath.
  • Powder feels so smooth when applied on skin.
  • The shade blends in easily with my skin color and looks so natural.
  • Does not cake up.
  • No white cast on photos.
  • Can be applied with sponge and still look very natural!
  • No allergic reactions or skin irritations.
  • Limited shade!  Darker skin color will have a difficult time trying this brand.
  • Gives a light coverage.  People with spots, pimples or acne marks won't appreciate the sheer coverage. (photo below is a proof, I am still a teenager by the way so I had one pimple on my left cheek, tried to cover it with KATE Mineral Powder Foundation but it's still visible, a concealer is needed prior to using the powder foundation from KATE).

Soft, smooth and feels so light on skin!

  • If you need more coverage, you can go for the Lasting High Coverage Powder Foundation available also from KATE by Kanebo.
  • Conceal areas that needed to be concealed (under eye circles, spots, pimples, acne marks, etc..) prior to using this foundation.
  • If you like to use this as setting powder, use a powder brush or Kabuki brush.
  • If you like to have a bit more coverage, use the sponge that comes with the foundation refill.
  • Wash sponge when new and after use!
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who enjoys sheer coverage mineral powder foundation or used as setting powder.  All skin types.

Where to purchase and how much?
Located at Kanebo Stalls at SM Malls for Php900.00 (approx $20.90).
For international readers, I believe Asian online stores sell them.

The packaging
Left side is the plain white compact
Right side is the Mineral Powder Foundation
Everything is written in Japanese characters

The compact:
Has a protective plastic cover between the powder and sponge
Has a clear mirror 

The Shade:
OC-C This is similar to the shade "Natural" 
on most powder foundation

The swatch:
Check mark applied with Kate Mineral Powder Foundation
X mark without

On the face:
One swipe (as seen with arrows), without blending
the color matches my original shade

Applied all over face with the sponge included in the compact
My face stays natural no matter how many times I retouch

Here's to show you how handy the compact is!

Any Kate product I should try next?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



  1. : D Please try the Kate gel liner! I would also like to see how it would compare to other gel liners. I love Kanebo but I've only been able to try their Freshel line for liquid foundation. : D Also lovely review~! Makes me wanna try it out XD

  2. uuuys a mineral foundi! whilst the west is finally all over bb cream, the east is climbing on the mineral wave?! hahaha missha has their mineral line as well LMAO

  3. oh i missed using powders!! I will have to look into this. Thanks for the review Nikki! it looks great on you :)

  4. sis! yr skin is already looking flawless! kate has some really nice lipsticks too ;)

  5. I actually haven't tried this one..but my cousin has and she likes it,...kinda pricey for me though.. great review! ^^

    Much Love!

  6. The KATE liquid foundation is pretty good. :)

  7. Thanks for the review, Nikki. Was supposed to get this when I purchased something from Adam Beauty but didn't find too many reviews about it online. So happy you reviewed it. I love Kanebo and I will try this soon! :P

  8. try their super slim liquid liner and eyeshadows... highly recommend them :)

  9. Ohhh I saw this at the counter before. 900php for 11g isn't that bad.
    I recommend that you try out the Palladio's Wet and Dry foundation too!!! It's available at the beauty bar counter and costs 725php for 8g.
    It's the best I tried so far, and it's said to be BETTER that Mac Studio Fix at MUA!!!!!
    Of course, comparative review with this will be very appreciated by Phil beauty community ;p

  10. ah also, the Palladio one has a hyarulonic acid and AHA in it. I used to have dry skin, but this one never agitated any driness (1st pogi point). And at times when I have some trouble with skin and wear this foundation, my skin calms down at the end of the day for some reason (2nd pogi point).

  11. I love Kate by Kanebo weee may mineral na pala sila!!

  12. @katatonik Ah, I am using the KATE gel liner and will give you a review on it :)

  13. @Marge You know what that is....people trying to get what they can't have :D

  14. @Nic Nic You are into liquid foundation lately right? :D I am into powder foundation for long time!

  15. @xin girl! i do have occasional breakouts and considering my age, I shouldn't! ahahah I guess I'm just starting to live the "teenage life"

  16. @Photoescape It's a great natural looking powder but the coverage department is not strong :)

  17. @Pammy Ahh, I think it's a bit new in the market? :D What did you order sa Adam Beauty? Can't wait to see it

  18. @frecklesspeckles I have only the BlendZone eyeshadow...with regards to the liquid liner, the super slim you told me intrigued me!

  19. @Anonymous Ahhh I haven't try any Palladio products, I've played with the brand when I was at Beauty Bar down here, if its better than MAC Studio Fix, it must be really good

  20. @Anonymous Thanks for sharing, i do have dry skin so this product you told me sounds exciting!

  21. @*MrsMartinez* Yes, I remember you told me how much you love their products! Are you still using it now?

  22. Is it true that foundations are not recommended for teens and people at early 20s for it makes the skin look older? I need advise, pretty please? :) That's what most SA tells me whenever I canvass for face powders. :-P


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