Friday, June 3, 2011

AMW Reports: Launch of Majolica Majorca

The Grand Launch of Majolica Majorca in our country!  An event I've been waiting for!  The event was supposed to happen last March and was moved to a later date because of the Japan incident.

Playful, Fun and Whimsical....that's what we're asked to wear and I'm really excited for the said event because I'm really happy Majolica Majorca is available in our shores!

The welcoming registration booth at Opus Restaurant, Resort's World

The Japanese Principals/Partners who graced the launch!  Everyone flew in for this grand event!

They talked about the Spring's Sugary Trap collection and the upcoming Summer's Fake Sleeping Collection. I love how they name their collection!  Super magical!

The 3 gorgeous girls who represent what Majolica Majorca is!
Young!  Fun and Playful!  If I may have to add --- pretty!

The event was a huge success and there was even a Majolica Majorca booth just like the ones displayed inside malls!  I played with the products a bit as I chatted with Vianca and my highschool friend Sarah!  Such small world to meet friends!

Jewelling ES Quads, Mascaras, 
Rouge Majex and Honey Pump Gloss Neo

Cream Pencil Liners, Cheek Customizers, 
Skin Remaker Pore Cover and Pressed Pore Cover

Introducing --- Summer 2011
Fake Sleeping
(Available locally July 2011)

Php995.00 (approx $23.14)
With just one drop of this honey-sweet aphrodisiac from the forest, it will take you into the mysterious forest filled with blooming flowers and fruits.  Its thick texture blends well into the skin, giving off a combination of sweet and fruity fragrance.

Aurora Tear Eyeliner
Php595.00 (approx $13.80)
An eyeliner that adds shimmer ot the eyes with drops of Aurora pearls.  Fine hair pencil lets you glide with precision on eye lids or lashes.  The transparent gel base brings out the best in sparkle and keeps it in place.  Whether you batt your lashes, close or squint your eyes, it glitters all the time.

PK Morning Crystals

BL Awakening Tears

As we were on our way out, perfect timing to see Liz, Roanne and first-time to meet Kira in person!  *waves hi to all lovelies*.  We went for the photobooth and look at the funny shot on middle, left hand side!

And yes, the Queen got tired and took a rest!  *lol*

It was a successful launch and I want to thank Majolica Majorca Philippines (Luxasia) for the invite!

What are you doing this Friday night?
I'll be watching X-Men First Class together with fellow Nuffies :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. waaah kaninis kung kelan wala ako dun nagkaroon ng mm sa pinas :(

  2. nice! yeah, i'm glad shiseido came out with this sister brand. it makes them more affordable but with the same awesome quality ;-)
    nice post. enjoy x-men first class. wonderful prequel!

  3. Awww!!! this post makes me want to go to SM and buy Majo Majo!!! ^__^

    *to myself*: patience... wait till the wedding's finished! hahaha!!! XD

    I miss you, Ms. Nikki!

  4. looks really grand indeed! and at the same time their products are still quite affordable :P

  5. When will the summer fake sleeping collection be available sa stores??? Excited!

  6. you look gorgeous on your last photo Nikki! ;)

  7. wow! too bad i missed the so curious bout the new collection!

  8. @angelamhiere Well, after the wedding, i'm sure you can purchase what you've been wanting for the longest time!

  9. @xin Agree! I am using their Pore Remaker powder on a daily basis :) What's your fave?

  10. @iamsutil Ako din, I nearly missed this, buti exacto leave ako for doc's appointment :)

  11. Wow, truly an enchanting event! :)

    Hmmm, I'll be going home to Pampanga this weekend and attend my nephew's dedication on Sunday.

    Enjoy the movie! :)

  12. What a fun event! You look gorgeous!

  13. Nice to meet you, Nikki! Hope to hang out with you again soon :D

    - Kira

  14. It's super nice to meet you again, Nikki! Long time no see. At, achieve na achieve natin ang photoboot. LOL!

  15. Awesome and I'm excited a tear liner I've heard about these >3< well some other Japanese brands have something similar anyway :D Exciting. The event looked so pretty too. Ahaha that's all I can say XD

  16. looks like a magical event! nice....

  17. You always go to super exciting functions! I love the way you live your life! Super lovin the photo of you sitting on the fab chair!


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