Friday, June 3, 2011

AMW Bulletin: Clean & Clear Top Best Friends 2011

It's another year for Clean & Clear Top Best Friends!


Clean & Clear Top Best Friends is a region-wide search for the new best friend faces of Clean & Clear Asia!  This is a Facebook Application that asks female best friends to submit their "best friend" photos as their entry into the contest.  A local winner will be chosen for each of the 4 participating markets (Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and India).  Each will represent the country and will be sent to Singapore for the Clean & Clear Beauty Camp!  After the camp, the contestants will ask Asia to vote for the best friend pair whom they believe should be the next faces of Clean & Clear!

I remembered rooting for our very own Mariel and Isa (I actually voted everyday!) who came in second after Indonesia who won Top Best Friends Asia 2010.

This year, it could be YOU and your Best Friend I'll be rooting for!

Who's eligible?
The Contest is open only to female citizens and residents of Singapore, Indonesia, India and Philippines aged 14years and above at the time of entry and who have registered online for the contest through the contest page on "Facebook".  Each participant is allowed to enter the Contest once to be a member of a pair of friends.  Multiple pairs of friends with the same participant will not be allowed.

How to enter?
No purchase necessary, except for Indonesia.
  1. Submit the information requested
  2. Upload a photograph of self and best friend and
  3. Tell them about your friendship and why should you be the winners of Clean & Clear Top Best Friends for 2011 in about 500 words!
There are photograph guidelines you shall follow and participants who will join should not be under any other commercial contracts with any modeling agencies at the time of entering the contest!

What's in store for the winning pair?
  • USD$1,000 shopping voucher for the winning pair.
  • A basket of Clean & Clear products valued at up to one year's supply for each winner!
  • One return economy class airline ticket for the winning pair to Singapore; and Hotel Accommodation, meal expenses for 3-4 nights in Singapore.
  • A chance to star in online reality series telecast.  Terms and conditions of the relevant Channel shall apply in this case.
  • Participation in Webisodes (Beauty workshop, styling makeover, photography tutorial) featuring the seven winning pairs. 
For the Grand Winning Pair ---- USD$10,000 cash prize and a chance to appear in a Clean & Clear advertisement!

Excited to join and show to the world your Best Friend?  Click HERE for complete terms and conditions!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(note from author: This post is purely information purposes.  The author is not affiliated with the company.)

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  1. i know sumali ung sister and her best friend diyan. coz they joined last time and nanalo sila ng ipad :)


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