Saturday, June 4, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: "I Dream of Cherry Blossoms"

Last Sunday, as I was cleaning my "Bears Who Care" nails, I was talking to Mr. AMW about our Seoul Trip last year and I told him how I wish to go back witness Cherry Blossoms Bloom!

That's when I started to Google search for images and see how gorgeous these are?

**photo from Google images

And here's my version, not as gorgeous as what's on photo above but it makes my heart flutter!  My nails turned from childish to sophisticated!  For a week :P

Step 1:
Prior to polish application, I applied a coat of ZOYA Anchor Basecoat.  Applied 2 coats of Wet N' Wild Red Rouge (Thanks Issa for this!  It's a gift from AMW Reader)

Step 2:
Using Winmax Nail Art Enamel No. 5 (L), draw branch like design just like photo below.  It's the best decision for me to purchase this inexpensive polish at Saizen, very easy to maneuver the brush!

Step 3:
Using 2-Way Nail Art Pen in White or any dotting tool, create dots for flower petals.  Make it random, some flowers have 5 petals, others 4 or even 3.  

Step 4:
With 2-Way Nail Art Pen in Pink, randomly apply in the middle portion to create flower bud.

Step 4: (Optional)
Apply Winmax Light Color Nail Enamel No. 4 or any shimmery polish on top of the nail art design.  Make sure the dots are completely dry!

Step 5:
Protect your nail art design with your preferred top coat.  I used ZOYA Armour Top Coat and UV Block.

Cherry Blossoms inspired nails!

With these nails, I'm off to Tagaytay for the first ever Nuffamily Day!
Lifting of lanterns, games and loads of food!  I am so excited!

What are you up to this weekend?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. That's really cuuute! But I don't think its doable for me, I have a heavy hand :/ However, I am in search of a good red nail polish. How was wet n wild's performance? Was it a really beautiful red in actual? How was the staying power? Thank you :D

  2. To say your nails are pretty would be an understatement. =)


  3. aah it's really cute and inspiring! the pattern reminds me to kimono dying technique called yuzen ^^

  4. so cute! thanks for the tutorial.

  5. it's really cute! i wanna try it in a blue and white so that it looks like china. :D thanks for the tutorial!

  6. What pretty nails! I love sakura :)

  7. So pretty Nikki! I wish makakita naman ako sa totoong buhay ng cherry blossoms. Hahaha :D

  8. love love love the cherry blossoms! i am about to to color my toe nails...and am tempted to do this too :D

  9. ohhh, just saw this post today! you used it na pala! you're welcome miss nikki! it's so pretty and i love cherry blossoms! :)


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