Monday, June 13, 2011

AMW Reviews: Nature Republic and Tony Moly Nail Polish Remover

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Mine went 50/50!  50% felt super tired and under the weather while the rest of the 50% was fanTAbulous!  I spend some "me" time eating, watching tv, playing my favorite PSP game, had a drink of coffee made from French Press and a whole lot more!  I'm all charged for the week!  I hope you are too!

I will be reviewing 2 nail polish remover that I bought from Korea last year!  I bought quite a number and would you believe I wish I could have bought MORE?

Tony Moly 
Party Lover Nail Enamel Remover
Price in Korea: approx KRW2000 (Php80.00)
 Nature Republic
Color Day Green Tea Nail Remover
Price in Korea: approx KRW2000 (Php80.00)

I'll give an overall review for both as they work the same as the rest of the Korean Nail Polish removers I've tried!

  • Smells great!
  • Though the packaging is made of plastic, the polish does not evaporate.
  • Does not create a white film on the nail.
  • Removes polish easily.
  • Will take longer time to remove polish with glitters! (Same as the rest of the nail polish removers)
Really good inexpensive polish remover worth giving a try!

  • Use a cotton pad instead of cotton balls, cotton pad removes polish easily due to its flat surface and it does not absorb a lot of product!
  • Make sure to close the cap well to prevent polish remover from evaporating.
  • Do not store polish remover under direct sunlight.
  • If you are removing hardcore polishes, leave the cotton pad with polish remover on top of the nail for 30 seconds before you start rubbing.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who are into nail polish application and hates the regular acetone scent!  This one smells good!

Where to purchase similar nail polish removers and how much?
The Face Shop, Skin Food, Etude House and Tony Moly are available locally!  If I may add Elianto also sells good quality polish removers!  The price range goes approximatelyl Php100.00-Php150.00 (approx $2.30-$3.50) Don't take my word for it! I could be wrong! :P

What's your favorite nail polish remover:?
My bet is on Korean Nail Polish removers plus the ORLY Nail Lacquer Remover!

Have a great start of the week!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wow! The Tony Moly nail polish remover is cheaper than the TFS! I wanna grab one na! Where can I find Tony Moly stores though?

  2. nature republic, imma gonna have to try that brand one of these days ;-)

  3. Now I wanna go to Korea! My girl friends and I are planning a trip for spring next year, and we'll be referring to your guides to help us out. I'm excited for Korean cosmetic hoarding/shopping. I'll be sure to check these two out, and buy extra baggage allowance. :)

  4. Elianto sells good products. Unfortunately, they are not available in the Philippines anymore. Does anyone know where we could get Elianto stuff? Thanks.

  5. wow, wanna try the tony moly nail polish remover....

  6. wish i had bought them!!!!!! gave so many things a pass due to my close-to-limit luggage weight :(

  7. @makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! Well, cheaper kasi the price that I got is in Seoul Korea! I'm sure if it arrives here, it'll get a bit more pricey!

  8. @Marge do we even have Nature Republic down here or do you join preselling?

  9. @Denise Go go go!!!! Worth going talaga!!!! :) Don't bring much na lang so you can take home more stuff!!!!

  10. @Karen They're still locally available, I saw them at Robinson's Place Department store a couple of weeks ago lang!

  11. @Issa Kahit ano! Basta Korean made polish, they all work well!!!

  12. @xin I understand you PERFECTLY! I hoarded on polishes, polish removers, eyebrow pencils, powder foundation, BB Creams and I did not buy much on skincare (like Laneige)!

  13. I tried tony moly polish and I like it....Maybe I will also like their polish remover....Is it available here already???? I read somewhere that there is tony moly in SM fairview...but that is so FAR from me....hehe...

    PS: I am happy I discovered your blog I will read your old post now.....

  14. There's a Nature Republic store under construction in Fesival mall, Alabang :)


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