Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Wonder: "What's Your Survival Kit?" - beauty edition

I'm a make-up artist, who doesn't bring make-up on a regular day!  Try raiding my bag and all you can see is a face powder, lip balm and lipstick of the day!  Seriously, I've been blurted out with this sentence a couple of times: "What kind of a make-up artist are you?" hahahhaa

A lazy one..and don't you dare agree!!! *evil look*

So many palettes out there that promises to give you a nice makeover but I haven't found a complete one that satisfy at least half of my needs!  Until one angel gifted my mom-in-law a make-up kit and she gave it to me as she doesn't use make-up!

P.S. I'm not a smoker! 

The Victoria Jackson Survival Kit is the name of this super cool and unique make-up kit!  The product itself is the size of my hand.  As you remove the cap, you see the world of beauty!  *info-mercial voice* hahaha

There's 4 g Black Mascara
Haven't tried this yet, I am currently loving my


A lip pencil and black eyeliner pencil
I don't use these 2 much as I'm not a lipliner person
and I have my own favorite eyeliner brand!

2 compartments housing 10 earth-toned eyeshadows 
I actually tried using these without eyeshadow base and it stayed on my lids for the whole day.  It's not as pigmented as compared to other brands but it works if you're a natural makeup kinda girl!

5 Different Lipstick shades with mirror
The 3 shades at the center are the more pigmented ones!

A Pink and Peach colored blushes,
also with mirror on the other side

And you'd think you covered everything?  There's another tiny compartment housing the tiny brushes!  The brush quality isn't good, the only useable brush for me is the sponge tip applicator!

I believe we have local distributors of Victoria Jackson cosmetics, I am not sure where I can buy them for now!  I'll let you guys know if I get some information!  I researched Victoria Jackson online site and the Survival Kit sells for $39.95 (approx Php1,800)  not sure if the local price better or not!

So, at the moment, this is my ultimate Survival Kit on a daily basis!
I Wonder:
"What's Your Survival Kit?" Beauty Edition?

Click comment and share me some more brands out there!  Oh!  Speaking of Survival Kit, I definitely need this today!  Went home late because I watched the Premiere of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon.  I was so excited for this installment!  The movie was definitely action packed, so many fight scenes and I can't help but whisper "Who's that?"  When they turn into robots, you know they all look almost the same! 
 **photo taken from Google Images
I won't talk much as I don't want to spoil the fun for readers who are planning to watch!  I want to thank Nuffnang Philippines and PLDT myDSL for making this event possible!  You guys rock!  My joy multiplied to 10 times when I saw mascots of Transformers!  I was able to get Bumble Bee join us on the photo booth!  He's cool!
 **Taken with Trixie from Nuffnang PH

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I saw a Victoria Jackson booth at Megamall. You would know if the booth is near 'coz their sales rep will swarm to you.

  2. unique!
    i usually bring a smal pouch with my faves :)
    I´m totally going to go to the movies while my vacation in Pinas starting next week :D

  3. It was great seeing you last night! :D I've seen the Victoria Jackson survival kit at bazaars but I haven't gotten around to trying it out. The shadows seem okay, but the applicators are quite terrible. It's only good for retouching small areas.

  4. I want one!! Hahaha! Ang galing lang.

  5. i saw a booth at megamall in front of the cinema's.

    the shades of the eye shadows are pretty

  6. oooh thanks for reminding me about this. it's somewhere in my vanity LOL collecting cat hair. this was certainly helpful. even with the shadows oxidizing on my lids, in a way keri lang para at the end of the day oh ha, smokey na ko bigla ready to parteh LMAO

  7. What a wonderful kit! So handy to have.

  8. i heard transformer 3 is a disappointment to some am not sure if i'd watch it.

    my survival kit is just lipbalm and a mirror ^_^

  9. This is their website:

  10. Oohh, what a cool product! Usually, multitasking palettes only tend to have eyeshadows, blush and sometimes lipstick.
    Very impressive that this one also has lip liners, brushes and mascara! Very thoughtful talaga!

  11. @Rae Ah talaga? thanks for letting me know, I haven't been back to malls for quite some time, i'm such a boring person!

  12. @Lauren I know! How did you find Transformers 3?

    I agree with you on the applicators! But this is survival kit, so its ok as long as I can survive with their shadows, blushes and lipsticks :)

  13. @Marge LOL the shadows are a bit light on me but with primer, its nice! :)

  14. @xin Well, I personally like 1 and 2 more but what's good with 3? they perfected the transformation and Optimus Prime is my hero! LOL


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