Monday, June 27, 2011

Readers' Corner: Ask AMW

Happy Monday!  I've been lagged with questions and I answer most of them directly!  There are 2 questions that deserves a space here because I've been asked multiple times for the same questions!  These are my opinions and you can share yours in comment box! :) 

Ask AMW#1
Hi Sis Nikki!
Could u tell me the best way to keep nail polish bottles for long lasting storage. Is that true that if we keep them in the fridge, it will be the best? Coz I have lots of nail polish bottles but rarely use them.That's why I afraid to become spoil.  Thanks.

AMW says ---

 **photo from Source

You will get various answers from nail polish addicts out there.  Personally, I own a good number of polish for more than 4 years!  Most of them are dried out because I'm almost done with it while some that I bought more than 5 years ago works just as fine right this very moment!

Putting polish inside the fridge is good but it depends on the temperature of your fridge, I would suggest to put it at the side racks and put it out 30 minutes before you plan to use it as the polish tends to thicken a bit in consistency!

I would say, the best advise that I can give (base on experience) is to store your polish inside a box or traincase, include Silica Gel (which you can find at hardware store) the polish box in a dark place without direct sunlight!

Added tips:  Do not shake your nail polish but roll the polish bottle between your hands to warm up the polish!  Never apply polish in front of a fan and always close the cap tightly!

Ask AMW#2
Dear Ms. AMW,  
I am also a make-up artist like you but I'm just starting up.  I will be having my first gig soon and I am getting nervous and excited.  What do I need to bring and how do you organize them when you're at the make-up location.  Thanks and more power to you and your blog!

AMW says ---

Okay, here's a photo of how I "fix" the make-up station if I'm on a make-up gig!  Sorry I didn't have a good photo of my "set up" without the distracting photo of me stooping to get alcohol!  (Blame it on the photographer, I didn't know I was included on his test shot :P)

No matter how big or small the make-up area given to you, you have to be flexible and creative enough to put each tiny space to use!

1. The Mirror - usually, there's a mirror available for you to use so you don't need to bring your own!  In my case, I've done make-up inside a room without ample sunlight which makes it difficult for me to apply make-up on other people thus matching their shade will be a huge challenge.

2. The Makeup Brushes - I lay down my make-up brushes between the client and the mirror, easier for me to get the right brush as I need and put the "used" brush on my brush "tool belt".  If you have enough space on the table, you can opt to put a mug or cup where you can set your used brushes aside!

3. Various Liquid/Cream/Powder Foundation - I have a separate bag for all my foundation as I don't want to lug a super heavy train case!  The blue rectangular-shaped pouch was made with "insulating foil" (not sure how do I call it!  LOL)  to prevent the foundation from getting too warm or cold!  You can also add up a face mist to keep clients awake (just joking), the facial mist is used to prepare the skin for foundation application!

4. Various Sponges, Cotton Pad, Cotton Buds, Mascara Brushes and Lip applicators - All of these are housed on a clear case for me to see right away where I can get the right tools I need!  Clients not used to eyeliner application on tears?  You have a cotton bud right in front of you ready!

5. Make-up Train case - If I was given a huge table, I wouldn't worry putting this beside number 4, but since the table is small and space is limited, I used a chair instead to keep my train case close to me! If I may add, it's a MOVING train case table! *laughs*

6. Alcohol/Alcogel - Before you touch the faces of your client, it is very important to spritz your hands with alcohol just for hygiene purposes.  Clients will appreciate the extra mile!

Additional tips?  Information worth sharing?
Do share and we're all excited to read what you have to say!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



  1. I super love this post, Nikki Unnie! I have been to a gig last December, for our friend's wedding... I'm glad i got everything covered! I will take note of these things and make a checklist so next time I know what to bring... hehehe... girl scout! XD

  2. i love your mirror. oh yeah i've been meaning to ask about nail polish storage. thanks for sharing ;-) ☺♥

  3. Thanks for the great tips on keeping nail polish fresh! I really hope my China Glaze and OPI last a long time coz they're not exactly cheap.

  4. i love your gig set up sis! :D so neat and tidy and organized!

  5. nice tips nikki! btw, san mo nabili ang mirror with lights?

  6. Love your set-up, it's so neat!

  7. Very helpful tip.....But for me I cannot store my polish in the fridge. I have a personal ref and putting my polish inside would mean I dont have space for food....hehe.....

  8. @Marge :) Where do you store your polishes at present?

  9. @xin Yay!I'm sure you love my gig getup coz we're sisters ! :D

  10. @Shopcoholic pinagawa ! Pero you can buy them at Suesh ata or via Cherry Pacheco Uy :)

  11. @cheannetoday hahah you are too cute well same as you, FOOD over polish!!! anytime of the day!


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