Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: AMW Nails on StyleSpeak July 2011 Edition

Happy Tuesday!  Because of my super busy schedule over the weekend, I wasn't able to do my nails but it does not mean that I won't be showing off my nail art for the week!

Last month, I was contacted again by the wonderful staffs of StyleSpeak Salon & Spa Journal (India).  I've contributed to them my Christmas Nails which was featured January 2011!

One feature was enough to put me on Cloud 9!  But thanks to the people working for StyleSpeak for entrusting me with another nail project!  I was requested to do a Water Marble Art specifically for The Nail Issue StyleSpeak!   How can I say no to such sweet request?  

If you have seen my nail art tutorials, you've probably noticed how I don't do Water Marbling because I find drawing my nails therapeutic, and I didn't know I was going to enjoy this nail art design as much as regular drawing! 

After a couple of tests, I've finally came up with my favorite shades which is evident that I like them so much because it was the similar color I used as my wedding theme.

Blues and Pinks!

A closer look on how random the lines are but still look presentable!

I finally got my own hardcopy of 
StyleSpeak Salon & Spa Journal 
The Nail Issue July 2011!  

My own 2 full page article on Marble Art

You can checkout instructions by clicking the photo to enlarge!

2nd page to finish the Marble Art technique

Some tips to keep in mind if you plan to do Water Marble Nail Art ---

  • Always test your nail polish by dropping it on distilled water and see if the polish will spread out.
  • Do this on room temperature and never do this in front of a fan.  It may dry out the polish easier thus preventing it to spread out.
  • Be creative, do not worry about color combination but drop as many shades as you want!
  • Tape your fingers as this can get really messy!
  • Use a sharp tip to spread or create random designs!  Each nail doesn't have to look exactly the same so...chill! :P
  • When it comes to dropping polish shades, work fast!  Super fast!
  • For the water marble to show up better, use a Matte White polish underneath.  Then once you're comfortable with this technique, you can experiment with different shades as base.
Any other tips you may share? 
Thanks StyleSpeak India for yet another chance!
I will hold onto the copies for life!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. wow ms. nikki,
    you got featured again for your nail art, congrats. i like to try this too :)

  2. Ang galing mo Ms. Nikki! :D You are a very talented person. And I can guess that you're so patient as well, it takes quite some time to really get used to doing that. Keep up the good work!

  3. thanks for the well wishes Cherry! :)

  4. hahahah well I have to agree with you with the patience factor, but it all boils down to my love for nail art! Thanks for the lovely comment! :) Have you tried this?

  5. Congratulations, Ms Nikki! Super talented ka talaga lalo na sa Nail art. :) Myrted is right about the patience factor. Your works take a lot of passion and patience! I'll try this marble nail art. BTW have you tried Newspaper Nails? :P

  6. I've seen newspaper nails via a blogger friend of mine Cinthia and it intrigued me to death! I'll probably do it soon!!! :)

    thanks for the well wishes! To be honest, it's readers like you who made me believe in myself more! :) God bless! Mwa :x

  7. I've seen newspaper nails via a blogger friend of mine Cinthia and it intrigued me to death! I'll probably do it soon!!! :)

    thanks for the well wishes! To be honest, it's readers like you who made me believe in myself more! :) God bless! Mwa :x

  8. Congratulations Nikki! You're so matiyaga with nail art!

  9. Thank you Ira :) I appreciate this! :)

  10. super cute, i love the swirly factor ♥

  11. Congrats! I looovvveee your nails...maka gaya nga., hahaha u hnspire me nikki...

  12. I am glad to inspire others especially on nail art! I am used to be scared
    of anything creative! Well I'm still not confident with my creativity on
    paper but I'm surviving on nails! :) Give this a try! It'll make you feel

  13. Give it a try! Alam ko you do nail art too! :)

  14. awww, i'll try, i'm still getting the hang of painting my nails again. LOL. my hands are still shaky hehehe

  15. wow this is awesome stuff! :D

  16. ano ka? I Saw your nail art designs and you're good ha! No joke!

  17. thanks my dear Bee! I missed you! How have you been?

  18. Wow, gorgeous! I'm not sure I have the patience or courage to attempt this though. 

  19. Well one thing for sure! My perspiration was visible when I did this as I
    was in room temperature! No aircon, no fan! :P But the end result is worth
    it though :)

  20. you finally did water mabling! :)

    I can use tap water from our house but not in the office. I guess the water particles makes a difference. 

  21. yes! Finally!!!! :D I can't use tap water at home, you're right, it depends
    on water quality of each location :)

  22. I'm always amazed at water marbling on nails! So coool. Congrats on being featured! ^^

  23. hi po.. anu brand ng nail polish ang pwede gamitin???


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