Friday, July 22, 2011

Something New: Antonov's Vodka Mixed Drink

Disclaimer: I am still not a fan of alcoholic drinks.
Remember my "Office Girls Gone Wild" post?  Tee hee, I am sure you are clicking the link right away!  Interested much?  Well, true to my disclaimer, I am still not fond of alcoholic drinks and will never do!  But I'm sure a lot of my readers out there probably are!  So this "Something New" post is for you!

I've had Antonov Vodka Apple for the first time before 2010 ends.  I did say the drink is surprisingly okay!  I just don't like apple flavored drinks in general so I was hoping for different flavors!

My request was answered!  I'm sure non-apple flavored drinkers out there would appreciate the fact that Antonov Vodka Mixed Drinks comes in three refreshing flavors ---

Crisp Apple
Ice(A Zesty Blend of Lime and Grapefruit) 
and Tangy Mandarin Orange

Made from high-grade ingredients at a party-friendly price, Antonov Vodka Mixed Drinks 330 ml bottles with easy-pull cap come in three refreshing flavors.
For the guys out there (if you do check out my blog) :P  The new endorser, super sexy VJ-actress Solenn Heusaff leads the pack of hip partygoers during the launch as hosted by Cesca Litton and JC Cuadrado.

I wouldn't mind trying the new flavors just for the sake of trying!  For goodness' sake, I am in my 30s!  I should! :P

Anyone tried any of these new flavors?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy


  1. hmmm... i am an occasional drinker... hehehe... thinking of trying it next time... teehee!!!

    Aha! On my bday next month!!! Hahaha!!! XD

  2. i like juice-like drinks but since i became Christian, i vowed not to drink alcoholic drinks hehe. hmn, we're opposite - i like apple-flavored drinks! (^__^)

  3. im not a drinker, but when i came to the point that i need to drink for social life's sake, this is the first one that ive tried, its refreshing and good-tasting, but be careful it will knock you off your feet :)


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