Thursday, July 21, 2011

AMW Gives: Gloww --- CLOSED!

Beautiful and healthy looking skin nowadays seem to be achievable!  I was contacted by the PR agency who handles Gloww and they would like to share to the readers the good news of oral skin supplement.

GLOWW consists of 11 essential nutrients that helps nourish your skin's CLBT.  CLBT stands for Color, Luminosity, Brightness and Transparency.  

With the sun exposure, pollution, imbalanced diet, alcohol consumption and smoking, it's easy for our skin to suffer!  GLOWW nourishes skin via its SKHN (Skin Health & Nutrient) Complex, a unique formulation specially designed to nourish the skin.  
  • Collagen Strengthening
  • Skin Waste Detoxifier
  • Blood Circulation Enhancer
  • UV Protectant
  • Free Radical Defense
I was told by in just 2 months, expect to have younger, brighter and pinkish skin!

Is it true?  Well YOU can let me know if you are one of the 2 winners of 2 boxes of GLOWW!

1. Comment in this post together with your name and email address.

2. Tell me "What have you done to achieve GLOWWING skin?" (successful or unsuccessful stories are welcome) 

3. No duplicate comments please.
4. LIKE their FB Page

5. 2 winners will win 2 boxes of GLOWW good for 1 month intake.

6. 2 winners will be chosen via fruit machine.  Winners will be announced on this blog.

7. Contest starts TODAY until August 7, 2011 (11:59pm)
**note: For Philippine readers only.

For more information, call GLOWW Hotline 894-1111, textline 0917-827-4330.

Note from GLOWW
For intake, first month 2 capsules (1 in the morning, 1 in the evening FULL stomach).

Please join if you are okay to take skin supplements.
You can check with your doctor if you have other health concerns!

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. Bagel Betorin

    To make sure that I get a glowing skin, I follow the basic rule of cleaning, toning and moisturizing. And I also drink vitamins for the skin.

    Already like the Gloww FB Page.


  2. Enter me, please! Thank you! :)
    I stay well hydrated, try to eat healthy, and been using a herbal soap for years to keep my skin fair & youthful looking. :)

    Name/GFC: Rachel Villanueva
    FB: liked the Gloww page as Rachel Villanueva

  3. Abie Caponpon

    What have I done to achieve GLOWWING skin?

    First off would be to apply huge amount of sunblock all over my body.
    Of course, drinking plenty of water and eating the right kind of foods will have my skin thanking me.
    Let's not forget enough sleep for a fresher me ;)

  4. I always take off my makeup, wash, tone, exfoliate and moisturize!

    liked the gloww fb page.

    name: Crystal Rodis

  5. 1. Join, join, join !
    I am Lady Stapler,
    2. I have tried multitude of creams, to exfoliating, to consuming loads of fruits and veggies and water (works great but reaches a plateau afterwards). I have yet to try pills as I am wary of chemicals, hopefully I win and get to try Gloww.
    3. Already liked their page as Comic Cat.

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  7. Hi Nikki,

    I'm joining!!!

    I drink plenty of water. I make sure that my tumbler is filled with H20 and finish it 'till I consumed more than 1000ML each day.

    I also moisturize and loyal in using products that really works on my skin.

    Name: Aileen D. Santos

    Done liking the Gloww FB page:)

  8. arlene carandang

    i actually tried lots of product but it didnt suit me,,, so i just thought of keeping it simple,,, i sleep 8-9 hours a day,, lots of water and veggie,,, and snack is not on my list right now,,, i would prefer to eat fruits,,,, i lost a few pounds AND keep my skin healhy which give me GLOWWING skin!

  9. Enter me Please!

    "What have you done to achieve GLOWWING skin?"
    I am using different soaps that has whitening and smoothening effects but I am not satisfied because my skin is stil non-glowing and somewhat dry. I have not yet tried skin food supplements so I want to have this one coz it will help me to have a glowing skin.

    GFC: shermaine
    Liked you at FB im Shermaine Dimla Capuli

  10. Hi. Please count me in!
    Frosvy Dayle Gallardo.
    Currently my skin care routine includes at least 7 hrs sleep, drink plenty of water, healthy diet more on fruits, veggies and fish, and always keeping positive outlook on everything to avoid absorbing stress.
    I re hydrate my skin by using organic and natural facial and body cream solns.

  11. Monette Nama

    To get glowwing skin.. i eat lots of fruits and vegetables and I always drink lots of water

    Liked Gloww FB Page


    Hi Nikki! My skin is very hard to manage. Ive never been stuck into using the same brands..I mean i always need to switch brands because there will come a time when my routine wont work anymore. I dont know what's wrong.

    But recently, Ive been going "natural" with my routine: Olive oil to take make up away, oats used for light scrubbing and Dove soap. It's been working for me. I guess the oats and dove give me a glow.

    For make up, BBcream (maybelline) has been helping me achieve great fair complexion.

  13. I'm joining! :)

    GFC: Nicole
    Liked Gloww page on FB as Nicole Aguilar Pare

    To achieve glowing skin, I follow a daily beauty regimen as well as night skin care. I make sure I exfoliate at least once a week. I also use cleansers, moisturizer and mask. The most important factor to having glowing skin is eating healthy (hate veggies), drinking lots of water (which I don't do) and having enough sleep (which i rarely have) so my beauty regimen better work. So far, it does. :)

  14. To have a glowwing skin, I do these things: I drink lots of water, have a healthy diet (more fruits and vegetables, less meat), have enough good quality sleep every night, pray all my cares away and relax, and always smile!

    Valerie Joy Cabance

  15. i always hydrate, eating fruits less of those junk food with tons of sodium in it which can absorb alot of water and makes u swell , removing make-up at night before crashing, and making fun fun stories with my kids.. :)

    Agnes Dela Cruz

  16. Enter me please!

    I get glowing skin by moisturizing and exfoliating, and of course by drinking lots of water.

    And yes, by praying too.

    I shall like their fb page within the day :)

    email: micah dot const at gmail dot com

  17. Joining!

    To achieve GLOWWing skin I make sure I exercise regularly, brisk walking keep me fit and healthy!

    FB fan: Gigi Celemin-Beleno

    Regina C. Beleno

  18. What have I done to achieve GLOWWING skin?

    I get facials once a month and I also wash, tone and moisturize my face frequently. Drinking lots of water helps too but still I can't avoid getting pimples whenever I have my period!

    Kate Sinaon

    **Liked their FB page: Kate Sinaon**

  19. To achieve Glowwing Skin,I always hydrate my self with plenty of fluids.. eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid too much exposure to sun's harmful rays and uses more natural and organic products..

    Jona Alforque

    ** liked thier FB page**


  20. To keep skin hydrated I drink lots of water, exercise and avoid junkfoods...I also wear sunscreen even infront of the computer :)

    I hope to win!
    Have a nice day!

    leilani c. sonza

  21. Joining! :)

    Rachael A. Uson

    To achieve glowwing skin, I eat lots and lots of fruits! :) As in! :) I'm a fruit monster since I was a kid, thus I'm enjoying the benefits of having clear, glowing skin. AND I gulp loads of water.

    *liked their fb page

    *crossing my fingers*

  22. Katherine Rose Rivera

    To achieve glowing skin i always make sure to drink plenty of water 8-10 glasses a day, wash my face morning and evening using organic soap, toning and moisturizing as well. I exfoliate twice a week and wear less make-up. I also take vitamins for my skin.

    liked the FB page

  23. Jessa Yu

    I make sure to wash my face every morning and night with my hiyang black amonche african soap then do some night routine on m face. And of course I always smile :)

    Liked their FB page already!

    More power Ms. Nikki!


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  25. 1. I always make sure that I get 8 hours of sleep.
    2. I drink lots of water and try to avoid junk foods.
    3. I take vitamin E before going to sleep.
    4. I make sure that I wash my face before going to bed to get rid of all the dirt accumulated during the day and use a moisturizer. For day time, I use a moisturizer with an SPF content.
    5. Regular exercise. My mom complimented my skin when I started doing exercise. Doctors recommend doing exercise regulary because it gets rid of the toxins through sweat.

    Michelle Tagud

    *Liked the Gloww page on Facebook. :)

  26. I exfoliate (using facial and body scrubs) my skin at least once a week.

    liked glowwphilippines on fb as salmon cat

  27. Hi Nikki. I'm joining. Please count me in.

    In order to achieve a glowwing skin, I'll make sure that my face and body is always clean by taking a bath everyday, drink lots of water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, have enough sleep, proper diet and exercise. I always think positive, I don't entertain worries and stress. If stress unavoidable, I'll take a deep breath, think for a best solution, relax for a moment and pray just to find inner peace :). I also add vitamin (B-complex and E) supplement which is liver/kidney friendly and approved by BFAD. :D

    Vivian Corbilla

    Already liked the gloww page on my facebook.

  28. hi ms.glowy nikki!!!

    i would like to join!

    well,to achieve glowing skin i always think positive,do my exercise,eat healthy,drink my 2glasses of milk everyday,do my beauty routine such as putting my fave moisturiser and sunblock and have4 atleast once a week face mask.....and for an added more glow i used my fave blush and highlighter.....and the most effective of all,is the hugs and kisses of my husband(winkwink),the tingling sensation makes my face glow...truly it helps to be in love!!!!

    arra morta

  29. Hi! I'm joining as well :)
    Here's my secret into having a GLOWWING skin:

    1. WATER! I make sure I'm never dehydrated.

    2. SUNBLOCK-UMBRELLA-SUNGLASSES! I protect my face & body by putting a sunblock every day. I was also told by the derma that I should always wear sunglasses to lessen the freckles & dark spots on my eye area and use an umbrella to hide from the sun.

    3. VITAMINS! I take Vit C (prevent deficiencies and improve your overall health) & Vit E (antioxidant)

    4. BODY SCRUB! I scrub weekly to remove dead skin cells and smoothen my skin. Actually, I sometimes use the freshly brewed coffee grain and scrub it to my body during a bath- IT INSTANTLY SMOOTHENS YOUR SKIN AFTER ONE BATH! :) this is my home remedy secret!

    5. GOOD FOOD! Less junk & more fruits & veggies. I also take green tea as an alternative for coffee. Green tea has a “polyphenol” which is known to reactivate dying skin cells & great source of VIT C, D, & K.

    6. FACIAL WASH! It’s actually part of my routine to wash my face every morning and at night before I go to sleep.

    7. SLEEP! I make sure to get 7-8 hrs of sleep every day and not tire myself too much.

    8. BB CREAM & LOTIONS/OIL! BB Cream is a good alternative for my makeup foundation and it instantly makes my face photo ready. Putting on a lotion everyday on your body smoothens & firms your skin, baby oil is also another alternative for lotion.

    9. Cleaning Facial at least once or twice a month to remove black heads and pimples.

    10. LESS ALCOHOL & DON’T SMOKE! I only drink occasionally. limiting your intake of alcohol, you can help preserve your body's supply of vitamin A. That limits the damage caused by free radicals and helps accelerate skin cell turnover.

    11. NO STRESS! Be organized, prepared, smile & solve your problems right away ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE and don’t make it a burden! :)

    -Kash Zabala (

  30. Peachy Adarne

    To achieve healthy GLOWWING skin, I just do the most natural thing -- drink lots of water to keep my skin hydrated.

  31. HazelThea.

    i sleep early at night eat healthy food

  32. Arra Morta

    Hi ms.Glowwy nikki!...Im joining!
    Well,aside from eating nutritious foods,gulping my fave milk,doing my exercise routine,doing my beauty regimen always and using my fave blusher and highlighter,i would say that nothing beats the glow that i got whenever my husband cuddle and kisses me!!!!(wink)(wink).....

    p.s i've already like the fb page!thank you!

  33. Miriam Taguines

    i drink fresh juice direct from my juicer
    i take vitamin e and evening primrose everyday
    i do aerobic exercise 1 hour a day 5 times a week plus tennis whenever we have a chance ( with hubby)
    i eat lots of fish and vegetables
    having a good night sleep wrapped in the arms of my loving husband
    stress free with Jesus
    God bless!