Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tech Report: Western Digital Press Movie Day!

When I got an invite for a Block Screening of the Final Harry Potter Movie -- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I nearly declined the invite due to schedule conflict!  Thank goodness my schedule freed up on that day and I was able to go!

It was a first for me to watch a movie at the Director's Club at SM Mall of Asia.   

To Harry Potter fans out there, please do not get mad at me when I say I'm actually excited to go to this event not because of the movie, I cannot even remember the last Harry Potter movie I watched as I was still teaching in China then!  I was actually looking forward to be part of this event because it was sponsored by Western Digital.

Western Digital, the brand, is no stranger to me!  I have a husband who lives and breathes "anything techie"!  I got accustomed to the brand when I was researching for a good external storage system for his birthday way back.  Yes, I ended up with Western Digital 1 Terabyte.  He loves it and its full at this very moment.

There's Wedding Anniversaries, Christmas, Valentines' Day *sigh*, what a wife to do?  Observe and listen!  We were "window shopping" at a computer shop when I heard him asking questions about the then newest WD HD TV and WD HD TV Live.  After a bit of spying and "smart tactic", I was able to surprise him his very own WD HD TV and we enjoyed movie nights on a weekend!  *pats myself on the back*  (Good Job Nikki!)

You can't blame me if the brand is close to my heart!  Base on research, their products are affordable and very durable!  

Before the movie started, we were introduced to the people behind Western Digital Philippines.  (Left to Right)
Mr. Noel Timbol, Business Development Manager, Internal Team
Ms. Ann Margaret Cabanos, Retail sales Manager, Branded Product
Charlotte Koa, Business Development Manager, Internal Team

Here are some information I learned, yes girls...I listened! 
  • WD employees worldwide approximately reaches to 61,000!  
  • WD's corporate headquarter is in the US and have factories in the ff. countries --- Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore.
  • Through the 5-year history, WD sustained profitable performance through execution and investment.
  • Western Digital recently acquired Hitachi Global Storage Technologies.  (Can't wait to see what's new with this acquisition!)
One raffle draw was done for one lucky winner of the Western Digital My Book Studio 3TB!  The winner will be the first proud owner of the said storage system in the Philippines.  And I'm happy to announce, the owner of this.... is none other than....Mr. AskMeWhats!   (Come on!  We deserve an applause!) .... :P


*smiles sheeplishly* I actually enjoyed the movie!  A lot!  Not because we were inside a movie house of 30-seating capacity, or because we have free popcorn and drinks while we extend our legs and our bodies to enjoy the Lazy Boy.  I, who skipped Harry Potter series in between....super enjoy the movie!!!  Great ending if I may have to add!  I love movies with happy endings!

My Book Studio
3 TB

"My Book Studio external hard drives are designed for use with Mac computers and Apple Time Machine.  Now available with a 3TB storage capacity, the new design features a brushed aluminum casing to match the appearance of a Mac computer, and also serves to keep the drive cool while in use.  The Aluminum exterior combined with its WD Caviar Green drives, eliminates the need for an internal fan to reduce drive noise and extend the life of the drive.  Although formatted for Mac computers, the My Book Studio external hard drives can also be reformatted for PCs."
WD's My Book Studio is distributed locally by Iontech Technologies Inc.  MSRP for My Book Studio with 1TB is Php6,223 (approx $145.00); 2TB is Php7,969 (approx $185.00); 3TB is Php10,672 (approx $248.00).

To whoever are interested with the said product, Mr. AMW will help me review this once he's got the time! :)

Thank you Khristine and Jason for the invite!
Thanks to the people from Iontech Technologies, Inc.!

What do you store in your external storage systems?
You'll probably know my answer!  It's photos after photos for my blog!  I'll kill myself if I lose them!  Years of hard work!  There are also my favorite music from the 80s to present and did I say pictures??? :P

By the way, I have a contest coming up within the day!  Do check back!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i saw this nung ni-post mo before sa fb! how lucky! :D wootwoo!~ i gave my boyfriend WD 1TB din before, i have to buy it outside the country pa kasi its waaay expensive pa before dito sa philippines.. i remember my boyfriend saying na parang unlimited movies na sya with the 1TB! tapos ngayon, 3TB na? omg! e hindi ko nga mapuno yung 250GB ko! hahahaha! anyway, hindi pa ito yung portable noh? or meron na din?

    -- Julie

  2. I actually have 3 WD External HDDs. 350gb, 750gb, and 1 1tb.

    I love WD too. :P

  3. Congratulations to you & your hubby for winning the raffle! I'd love to watch harry potter din. Hopefully this week :)

  4. you're so sweet to know what your better half wants sis! i can relate to giving best gifts to our loved ones. the joy on their faces when they get what they really want is priceless and makes all the effort getting the gift worth it! ^_^ and oh, congrats to hubby for winning!

    my hubby and i share an external drive and there are only 3 things there - pictures, movies and music. hehe!

  5. i haven't watched Harry Potter! hopefully, i find the time... ang swerte naman ni Keith for winning the raffle! congrats! :)

  6. Grabe WD TV LIVE di gift ko kay DH todo na ! Congrats!


  7. awwww congrats on the winning!my friend has a WD live media player, and it is absolutely cool!

  8. @Anonymous Hahahah Julie, when it comes to "boys" kahit 6 TB mauubos nila! My hubby stored his 1tb with loads of movies and animes!!! Super dami!!!

  9. @Anonymous Oops forgot to answer your question, yes this is portable! :) just like a BOOK :)

  10. @Rae Girl! You're one crazy storage HOARDER :) I love it :D

  11. @CHARRY Maganda!!! For someone who's not a fan, nagustuhan ko, so if you're a fan ..the better!

  12. @MereMakeupManiac Di ba ang hirap ng spying method? But I succeeded naman thank goodess! :)

  13. @IssaSuper may "LIKE" energy ata siya towards the product kaya siya talaga nanalo! So happy for him, he's like a kid na naiwan sa Disneyland LOL

  14. @*MrsMartinez* Aawww marami tayong pareho!!! Love you sis!

  15. @xin Gosh, the WD Live Media player is just WONDERFUL! That's where I watch movies and my KERORO series!!!

  16. Super lucky naman po ni Mr. AMW... i have mine in 1TB and i've used almost 2/3 of it for movies, songs, and programs related to anything tech-related... I have been using this for 3 years na that it's full of stickers! Ü

  17. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Askmewhats :) haha I cannot thank you enough for your support, I hope to see you soon! mwah :)


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