Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: BBQ Chicken

Good morning Sunday!  How's everyone?  Did you sleep well?

Me, I am probably sleeping like a log  as (of all days) I've decided to brisk walk for 30 minutes and ran for 30 minutes and my whole body is aching!  

You are probably wondering why I'm working out again?  Well, you guessed it right, I've been eating so  much as seen on my weekend food tripping posts and I don't want to end up looking like a candidate of "The Biggest Loser", so yup!  I'm trying to do damage control as early as today!  YES I CAN!!!

Since I've done a couple of crunches too....can we get back and talk about food?

My friend Pam introduced me to BBQ Chicken years ago!  She shared a piece to me during lunchtime and I just can't get this chicken out of my mind!  I've been wanting to visit the restaurant but can't seem to find the right time to do so!  One day, as I was at EDSA Shangri-La for a bridal makeup, I've decided to go to Pearl Drive to visit BBQ Chicken!  

BBQ Chicken does not stand for "Barbeque Chicken".  BBQ Chicken means "Best of the  Best Quality" Chicken, and I agree!

It was quiet because the restaurant is located in a business district and I visited this place on a Saturday!  They even turned the air conditioner on when we got inside (which I appreciate by the way).

Spicy Dduk-Bokki
Php195.00 (approx $4.53)
Pan-broiled rice cakes with delicious chewy 
sweet & spicy taste loved by all generations

The moment I saw this on the page of the menu, I ordered this right away as I've been dreaming to eat this again for the past 8 months!  I tried this first in Seoul, Korea and this one is closed to what I had in Korea!  Super spicy, very chewy and ample amount of sauce!  I love it!!!  (Milk please!  My tongue is a good way!) 

 Original Chicken 
4pcs for Php290.00 (approx $6.60)
Marinated through the fresh chicken meat with unique recipe 
and secret formula of 30 natural seasonings. 
This authentic fried chicken has an excellent, 
crispy, tender and savory taste, cooked to golden shape.
I nearly flinched when I saw "30 Natural Seasonings" as their secret formula.  I was expecting --- Yummy now, Throat Pain later!  I was wrong, the chicken tastes as natural as any fried chicken should be! I can't describe the crunchiness and the unique-ness of this chicken!  It's not too salty, not too spicy and not bland at all!  In short, this tastes great even without dipping the chicken in the gravy served.

Teri-Q Wings
8pcs for Php300.00 (approx$6.80)
Well prepared with our special soybean sauce
and garlic flavoring inside fresh chicken wings, 
lightly put glutinous rice powder on the surface.
I am in love!  They have a spicy version of this but I'm glad I gave the non-spicy version a go as I was able to taste the wonderful soybean sauce + garlic flavoring!  I enjoyed the crunchiness of the skin minus the yucky oily taste!  I love breast part so I hope they do this on mini breast part!
Oh, I love this so much I actually ordered another one for take out!

And of course, I was on a date with Mr. AMW that's why we won't miss a can of Coca-Cola and 4 Seasons for myself!  Ahhhhhh, refreshing!

For small pieces of chicken, I would say this is more expensive than the regular KFC or Jollibee Chicken!  I'm not complaining though, the price you pay is worth it as I have such gastronomic experience I wouldn't mind coming back!  
Service is good!  Waitress is very attentive to our needs but I can't tell if it's still the same if the place is packed!  The restaurant has FREE WIFI and accepts cash and credit card payments without service fee! 

BBQ Chicken, Pearl Drive
2nd Floor 8101 Pearl Plaza, 
Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center Pasig City
(632) 477-5487

Personally, I choose this over Chicken Charlie, between this and BonChon?  I have to try BonChon again as I wasn't able to eat much to really choose!  I'll report back if I visited BonChon again! :)

What's your weekend food tripping?
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. kumalam tiyan ko sa post mo sis! hehe.. (nothing to describe how i'm feeling) sarap ng chicken. i love breast parts though. :) buti ka pa you workout. me i had to find time. this monday, start na ko hopefully :)

  2. I want to try the Spicy Dduk-Bokki! I saw chicken. And good thing I had chicken for lunch. For the first time, your post didn't make me hungry. :P

  3. I wanna try the Spicy Dduk-Bokki! i looooove spicy food. :D

  4. @Belle Girl! same as you, I love breast part! I wish they will come up with "small breast parts" with the same sauce they used! ang sarap :D

  5. @Pammy Hahahahha sayang! You read it while you're full eh! Balik ko to read this post..tomorrow? before lunch? Pretty please? LOL!!!

  6. @[pinkc00kies] Oh you're going to enjoy it! It's SUPER spicy!! I love spicy food too!

  7. DDuk-Bokki is one of my faves! I love spicy food, haha. Now I'm craving Bonchon chicken, or just any fried chicken in general. I want some chicken! Hahaha xD

  8. OMG DUK BEOKKI!!!!!!! :D Favorite ko yan!!!!

  9. wow, ang sarap naman nito kaso ang layo nanaman niya sakin! waaaahhhh,

  10. Ang sarap tignan pictures pa lang! :) Thanks for sharing your food trips with us!

  11. @Maggie I am in LOVE with anything chicken that's why I'm allergic to it!!! :)

  12. @Wild About Retail Ako din, that's the first thing I tried when I visited Korea! SUPER SARAP!

  13. @Issa Sis! Ikaw ang malayo! hahahahhaha :)


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