Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: Midnight Mercato

As I was browsing my food photos, I was surprised I missed out one folder called "Midnight Mercato".  I will include it on this weekend's food tripping post though months has passed since I last visited the food haven!  

As you get off work on a Friday night, you had your fair share of overtime and most of the malls or restaurants are closed.  You are hungry, where to go?  Midnight Mercato is definitely the place to satisfy your late night cravings!  
Inspired by the bustling night markets and hawker centers of Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand, Midnight Mercato is the weekend late night food bazaar where you can enjoy mouth watering food finds – from home cooked meals to gourmet signature dishes to classic street food re-invented – while listening to live acoustic musical performances. Most importantly, you can enjoy Midnight Mercato in a clean, comfortable and organized setting inside an air-conditioned tent.
Quick tip, stroll one round and check out the food you would want to try and go ahead and purchase the rest for take away!  The main tent isn't air conditioned so if there's a lot of people flocking one area, it gets a bit too hot and humid!  There's another tent though that's air-conditioned so you can choose to stay there to rest. 

Our mission: To try something unique!  If our tummy can't take it, we'll take home the rest!

Hapadog Stand!
Hapadog is actually owned by my grade school friend Karen!  I've met up with her a couple of months ago and she excitedly shared to me this original Japanese Style Hotdogs!  I even gave her a call to advise me which one I should give it a go! 

Kat's Meow

 Bun+Wiener+Japanese Toppings inspired by Katsudon dish!
 Seriously delicious!  Wouldn't mind trying out the rest.

Speaking of Katsudon, I saw some Yakitori sticks!

Another seller sells Japanese/Filipino fusion dish like Beef Gyudon, Chicken Oyakudon and Gulaman!  *lol* That's why I included the word fusion for this table!

Mini Taco Stand
Bought 6pcs of this unique bite size tacos in Taco Beef!

Should not be eaten with poise.
1 mini taco, 1 bite!  No more arguments!

Off Beat
Famous for their Krispy Kreme Burger!
We gave this a skip as I love my burgers in bread buns and I love my Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donuts the way it is! 

 Passed by a couple of hotdogs and sausages stand

A lot more "canteen" food as I would like to call them!
They all look delicious and filling!

Manang's Chicken
I've seen people lining up for the Hot & Spicy variant.

You are missing out on Filipino food experience if you did not try any street food! This is a more hygienic version of street food so feel free to chow!  I see betamax, intestines, pork BBQ and a whole lot more! 

Huge pizzas which reminded me of Sbarro! 

What's a scrumptious dish without sweets?  


Oh you should go there with friends and family!  The experience itself is worth it!  Free entrance, live band performance plus awesome food to try!  Give this a try at least once in your lifetime, make that more! :)

Midnight Mercato Operating Hours:
Friday and Saturday from 10:00pm to 3:00am
Mercato Centrale in the morning is still open 7:00am to 2:00pm.
Address: 34th street and 8th avenue (across MC Home Depot)

Have you tried Midnight Mercato or Mercato Centrale?
I'm not a morning person, as much as possible, I'd rather sleep in so I'll settle for Midnight Mercato for now!

Enjoy your food tripping weekend!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy


  1. I should drop by this place, I live nearby and I can't believe I haven't gone there.

    Looks like very clean food streetstyle. I like the idea.

  2. Food HEAVEN!!! I wanna eat those isaw isaw!

  3. Ailene ( 17, 2011 at 4:57 PM

    hi how long did you wait for your package to arrive?and what shipment method you choose..thanks!:)

  4. I WANT!!!!wat time po ba un mercato central??grabe!!!!!out of all the food u ate wat do u really recommend??as in a must try!:))

  5. @Rae Naku! Go ahead and give it a try, if you think it's too late, go for the morning version Mercato Centrale!

  6. @Ailene ( Sis, depends from where and depends on your postal! Pag business district, longer, it usually takes mine around 3-4 weeks

  7. @Gie Midnight Mercato starts at 10pm Fridays and Saturdays.

    The Mercato Centrale in the morning is open from 7am-2pm

    I can't tell which one is best but must try Hapadog, the Mini taco, you can try the Krispy Kreme burger just for the sake of trying as its unique :) There's this Bacolod Chicken na authentic too!

  8. i have been meaning to go there but laziness always gets the best of me LOL! x) i will someday go there and get a taste of everything. :D

  9. @sugar sugar Hahhaha with the tasting everything part, goodluck! I hope you can taste a lot and come back to let me know what's the best for you :D

  10. wow! i wanna try this sometime! there's a lot of choices! :)

  11. @Issa Kelangan gutom ka if you visit the place! :D


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