Saturday, August 27, 2011

Salon Report: FAB Salon Newport Mall

I've been around the Newport Mall a couple of times and I can't believe I missed a posh salon hidden on the 4th level next to McDonalds!  When I got an invite to try out their services with a couple of gorgeous bloggers, it was a "beauty field trip" that I wouldn't miss, it's high time for me to take a peek at this newly opened salon!

Fab Salon is a full-service salon with a lot of services for both men and women!  I checked their service menu right away and I like the fact that they specify the "meaning" of hair lengths.  At least, you won't be surprise with your bill!  All the rates are clearly published right at the reception area.

Short (up to chin line)
Medium (up to shoulder line)
Long (up to underarm line)
Extra Long (beyond underarm line)
Fab Salon was conceptualized to cater to a market that does not want to compromise quality in exchange for affordability, comfort for functionality, and expertise for accessibility.

For the event, I saw a cart of chips and Cupcakes by Sonja!
(I was in trance for a couple of seconds, 
now let me get back to reporting!)

Some of the gorgeous bloggers who are enjoying the services of Fab Salon when I arrived
Liz having Manicure Service
Manicure Php200.00 (approx $4.75)
Change Polish Php150.00 (approx $3.60)
I thinks he came out with a gorgeous French Tip using Dark Purple as base
and Silver tips?  Am I right Liz?
 Earth also trying out their manicure service!
I took a peek on their gorgeous polish basket!  They use mostly from Orly.

Cute Jill whom I caught just getting ready to avail a service I can't seem to remember!!!  Sorry Jill!  You have to forgive the old cow! :P  Can I guess?  Did you get their massage service?
   Kira on Pedicure Service
Pedicure Php250.00 (approx $5.95)
Change Polish Php150.00 (approx $3.60)
 Doesn't she look like she's having too much fun? Oh, I may have to add that she availed Facial service good for 30minutes!  She came out looking FAB even without makeup on!
  Sophie boldly tried out their threading service!
I was brave enough to try out this service too!
 Eyebrow Threading/Shaping Php200.00 (approx $4.75)
Jheng enjoying her new layers!
Cut costs Php300.00 (approx $7.15) for all hair length!
The birthday girl Phoebe got herself a nice short 'do!
You guys have to check out her blog and see how cool her new look is!

There's new found friend Krissy with her rocker-chic look!

I wasn't able to take a shot of lovely Shen as she was done with most of the services as I arrived late *teehee*  I'll insert a photo of her here once I grab one from her site! :)  I think she reshaped her hair and went for a manicure with a gorgeous gold polish!
I was able to meet the Creative Director for FAB Salon Mr. Lourd Ramos , who is both a hairstylist and make-up artist!  It was fun to have him around as he can make anyone feel special!  For someone as successful as he is...he's super down-to-earth!

(Note: Sorry I wasn't able to take a shot of him so I took his photo from THIS site)

On to what I did inside Fab Salon for a good 2 hours (I think I was chit-chatting half of the time!  LOL)!  Had my hair washed using their in-house shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo has a lemon scent while the conditioner has a jasmine flower scent!  The head massage puts me to la la-land!

I asked the hairstylist to re-shape my layers!
She did a wonderful job trimming my bangs!

 I love the way they blowdry my hair!  
There wasn't much pulling and yanking and
I don't feel the heat that much as they don't blow it near the scalp area! 
(Arrow points to where I get my phone signal .... LOL)

A photo of me and my hairstylist Heids!
I love how light my hair feels!
I won't be able to replicate the way my hair was blowdried!
So I guess I'll enjoy it while I can!

Fab Salon Team for the night!

 I will attach a group shot taken after everyone availed FAB Salon services!  I am waiting for someone to attach it! *laughs*

I want to say hi to new friends I've met!  The Beauty Bin and Krissy! It was great to finally talk to you in person!

It was a nice "pampering" change after weeks of work, work, work!
At least, I can get back to work looking like a human once again! :)
Thanks Jenny for the invite and FAB Salon team for prettifying everyone!

FAB Salon
Newport Mall
4th Level, Newport Mall Resorts World Manila
Tel. no: (632)822-0004

Enjoy your weekend!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i've been just "passin'" by this salon always.. i din't know they rock!!hehe. i will check out this soon..i really need a good haircut and nail pampering nowadays.. and also, thanks for your posts on that names of the various length of hair.. now i know that my hair is extra long. cause before i just name it as long hair..hehe. thanks, very informative. thanks ms. nikki!

  2. Hi Ms Nikki, I was the Friend haha! It was great to meet you :)

  3. @Krissy ♥ krissy!!!! Super nice to meet you, wait lang, do check back I have a cute photo of you that I will attach! :)

  4. You all look gorgeous and dyan pala nagpagupit si birthday girl! Didn't see you last night kaya namiss kita! Mwah!

  5. ganda ng blowdry! Xoxo mrsmartinez

  6. Fabulous hair Nikki! And I'm surprise on how affordable their prices ha! :)

  7. panalo na naman ang hair mo dito ah! pretty! ah, i need to go to the salon na....

  8. What a great experience! You guys are so lucky in the Philippines!

  9. @roxyfoxy We do tend to get scared to step in posh looking salons no? I am happy with the price too! :) Glad to be of help!

  10. @Teeyah. OO nga, super na missed din kita! Enjoy your vacay!

  11. @Bec Nice no I'm glad to share this inexpensive salon that gives high-class service!

  12. @Issa Ay bongga! feeling ko artista ako! LOL! Just joking, pero sayang, I went home afterwards! LOL

  13. @Jamilla Camel Thanks JC, I'm sure you will enjoy your stay here if you visit the country!

  14. Hahaha, my photo is so funneee! Nice to see you again Nikki! I love Lourd, I just had to have my picture taken with him haha :D


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