Friday, August 26, 2011

AMW Makeover: Oh So Natural, Oh So In Love!

Happy Friday!  I am excited to share to you another AMW Makeover.  I am happy to share my love for makeovers and my appreciation of bringing out each individual's natural beauty.

I did Karen's make-up way back when she had a photo shoot a couple of mmonths ago, it was such an honor when she requested me to be her make-up artist again for a prenup shoot.  Of course I said yes because I enjoyed prettifying her!  She has wonderful features to start with and that's every make-up artist's dream!

I also did grooming for her soon-to-be husband Mick!  Here's a photo of the lovely couple after the makeover.

Now let's break it down for you!
Skin condition: Normal, but perspires easily
Request: She showed me a peg of a natural smokey eyes.  
She wanted a smokey eye make-up that pops on photos but not too dark!

I used an oil-free primer from Laura Mercier on the t-zone and applied a very thin layer  on the other parts of her face.  Karen's skin is almost perfect so I just brightened up her under eye area with a corrector.  For foundation, I mixed 2 Graftobian Foundation shades and applied more than the usual as she told me the shoot will be in done in the province and the shoot may pack up late at night, I am sure her make-up will settle once she arrives the destination so it doesn't hurt to apply more layers of foundation than the usual.

Karen requested for an eye make-up that's not too dark nor light, I asked the colors of the outfit she will wear and I think the safest eyeshadow shades are browns and golds.  I added a thin layer of black gel liner and penciled the lower lash line and set with a dark brown eyeshadow.  In this makeover, I am focusing on her beautiful eyes.

For pictorials, I always suggest to my clients to let me apply falsies for them as it will show up natural on photos!
Thank goodness Karen is an expert when it comes to falsies, I didn't have a hard time applying falsies on her eyes and she appreciates it as much as I did!

Applied a cream blush from MAC and set with a blush powder.

Karen requested for a pink lipstick that has a warm undertone.  I get it right away as I have a pink lipstick in mine which I'm sure would look good on her, my matte lipstick from Elianto.

Skin condition: Super oily!
(hey, that's according to him and I just agreed :P)
Request: Very natural look, just to make him look fresh
without the heavy feel of make-up

I used an oil-control primer for Mick as he told me he oil up...A lot!  I advised him makeup and primer may lessen but expect to see some oil build-up on certain parts of his face due to humidity.  I recommend him to use oil blotters in between shoots.

I lightened up Mick's dark undereye circles with a foundation similar to his skin color.  With the similar foundation, I spot concealed areas needed like the sides of his nose and some small spots.  I set everything with MAC's StudioFix Powder in NC45 which is a shade darker than his original skin color for a healthy "manly" glow.  

I applied lip balm on his lips and contoured parts of his face (cheekbones, noses bridge) .  I did not forget to groom his brows by brushing it with clear brow gel, I left his brows unshaved as most guys do not want to touch their brows.  To finalize his look, I pat the lips with a tissue to lessen the shine from the lip balm applied earlier and he's set to go!

It was a fun day of makeover!
I want to thank the couple for the trust and the great time!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. love the smoky eye and the tofu complexion! *envy*

  2. enjoyed reading your blog and following!


  3. You did a fab job, as always!

  4. they look lovely and in love! fabulousa!

  5. great job! they look fantastic!!!

  6. you did a superb job! They've been prettified! :)

  7. @gio Thanks for the warm compliments dear!

  8. @Jamilla Camel JC! aww thanks, I'm just lucky to work for gorgeous people to start with!

  9. @Hollie Agree, both have been together for many many years na :D

  10. You did great! She looks really beautiful :] what shades of graftobian did you use for her? Thanks!

    1. I mixed to get her right shade :) I think I mixed between temptress and vixen :)


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