Saturday, August 20, 2011

AMW Reports: House of Obagi Introduces Obagi 360 System

I was one of the few lucky bloggers who got an invite to enjoy dinner with friends from House of Obagi.  We were told that HOO have their latest product bundle offering called the Obagi 360 System.  In this event, several dermatologist will be available to answer our skin related queries!
The event was held at M Cafe, Greenbelt 5 and most of the bloggers knew each other so there's a lot of chit-chatting going on, actually too much chit-chatting! :P

When I arrived I sat next to Rowena and Shen, well I actually sat at the area "who pays the bill" ! *lol* And it was a fun table as we shared the same table with Dr. Allan Pua, who got all red because someone's harassing him!  *laughs* (Girl, you know who you are :P)

Several questions were thrown at him and he happily answered them.  One question I remembered was "Which Obagi treatment would work for Acne Prone Skin?" - Clenziderm was highly recommended but according to Dr. Pua, it pays to visit a dermatologist for them to check out your skin issues and suggest you the right treatment. 

After the meal, Ms. Eileen Marcelo welcomed everyone.  I actually missed the first HOO event so this was a first for me to visit such lovely HOO Family!

Medical Doctor, Dr. Stephen Lacson started the presentation with a talk on the Obagi 360 System.  The system aims to promote overall skin wellness.  The system brings out the best in our skin because it addresses each skin concern on each individual.

Several Before and After photos where shown to people who went through the Obagi treatment.  I am not surprised because I have several beauty blogger friends who swore on Obagi treatments!  Even my mom-in-law uses the Nuderm set and speaks highly of it!

 **photos from HOO

Speaking of Obagi experiences, a couple of the bloggers present were called to stand up and share their experiences on some Obagi Treatments.

Obagi Blue Peel - Sophie of Beautynomics shared her experience HERE, Rowena of Animetrics shared her experience HERE.
Obagi Blue Peel Radiance - Angela of LushAngel shared her experience HERE

I actually stood up to talk about my experience not on the peeling (as I'm scared at those) but to talk about their new product called Elastilash!  I've been a super OC blogger as I had this for MONTHS but you guys would understand how difficult it is to talk/review about a product for lash growth!  So watch out for this as I'll be reviewing this...within the year!  *lol*

We were also introduced with Obagi Sunblock!  A couple of beauty bloggers swore on the Obagi Nu-Derm Sun Shield in SPF50 as the matte-est of all matte when it comes to sunblock which is highly recommended for oily-skinned!

See how everyone is so engaging?

Then comes the raffle.  Ms. Alexis Santos (in black) from HOO helped in picking 3 super lucky winners for 3 Obagi star products!

Lissa Kahayon won Elastiderm Eye Cream

Phoebe got the Elastilash!
So excited to read her review on this!

Frances won Obagi Pro-C Serum
She even gamely poses with the product, too cute!

I may not need this now but probably will in the future!
**photo from HOO

What not to love?  Group Shot!  Not everyone who attended the event was in this photo because some left already!  The rest are photo addicts! :D

**photo from All The Vanity

Another Group Shot!  
It was also great to meet several bloggers I haven't met in person!  
*waves* Hi Marj! Also hi to Chummy (not on photo)
 **photo from All The Vanity
Thanks Roanne for group photos! 
Ah, such a nice way to de-stress just a couple of days before the week ends!

Any Obagi users or Obagi Treatment addicts out there?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. hi there ms. Nikki.. nice post you have.. cute naman ng guy sa photo.. is that a doctor?.. ms. Nikki, if you have na the obagi sunblock, can you have a review on that? i want to try that eh, wait muna ako sa reviews mo.. keep on postin' ms. Nikki..

  2. In fairness, cutie nga ang doctor sa table niyo. Hihihi! Nasan ang "pouty" pictures?? Hahaha!

    Anyhoos, it was so nice seeing you Nikki being the ever bubbly and refreshing girl I know. :-)

    Abangan ko yan elastilash review mo. Not that I'm in dire need of it, pero inggit ako sa younger brother ko who has longer, thicker and fuller lashes than I have.

  3. I love HOO! Condition & Enhance is the line I use because it's really soothing and doesn't dry out my skin :) Love the sunblock, too. Great post!

  4. fab event you attended to!

    am excited to hear your review on the elastilash. wanna really improve the length and volume of my lash pa rin.

    i was intrigued about the Blue Peel but got scared after seeing the aftermath hehe. maybe i oughtta start with Nu Derm System muna hehe.

    thanks sis for sharing!

  5. I'll watch out for the Elastilash review. Seems like an interesting product. :)

  6. @roxyfoxy Hi Roxy yes he is a doctor! :) bout the sunblock, are you referring to the one with SPF50? Sorry I only got the SPF30 :)

  7. @Roanne Hahahah late ko na nakita ang pouty photos and I've written this draft na! nahiya naman ako sa pouty lips photos! Di naman talaga related sa Obagi Event LOL! thanks for the photos!

    Super thanks for the compliment, sweet mo naman! REFRESHING AKO? Sana fresh din ako :P

    Sige, I'll review the elastilash as soon as i can :)

  8. @Krys Nice one! thanks for sharing your experience with Obagi products! Glad it works for you!

  9. @MereMakeupManiac Ay girl! I've seen how scary the peeling was but the aftermath was WONDERFUL!!! Super ganda ng skin nila even after 1 treatment lang :) Pero right, you can try the lighter version muna! The Bluee Peel Radiance!

  10. @Pammy Oh my,. pressure na talaga to! hahahhaa

  11. @Rowena Wendy Lei Nakawin mo kay Phoebe hehehehh :) Am-mah...proud of you! Galing ng makeover mo!

  12. It was a great eve there. :D happy to semi-meet you :)

  13. PS haha I was seated beside Dr. Pua so semi in photo (just the kulot kulot hair) LOL


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