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Travel Food Tripping at: Lao Dong Beef Noodles, Aroma Bakery, Coco Milk Tea and

Happy Sunday!!!  Bear with me as I'm still on my travel food tripping! If you're hungry after this post, all I can do is apologize or both you and me can book a flight to Shanghai!  Game? :P

My brother asked me what I wanted to try for dinner during my 4th night in Shanghai, I told him I wanted something inexpensive, local tasting at the same time, super delicious! 

He brought me to the restaurant near his office!  Lao Dong Beef Noodles (老董牛肉面).  To non-Chinese speakers out there, do not worry as the menu of this restaurant has English translations! 

Lao Dong Beef Noodles Shop's origin is from Taiwan.  If you are from the Philippines, you probably heard about the partnership between Lao Dong Noodles and Chowking several years ago!

If you're craving for good, Taiwan hand-pulled noodles, this is the place to be! :)

My brother ordered their house specialty, the Lao Dong Beef Noodles.  He shared to me his order and I nearly kicked myself for not getting the same order as him. Mark my words, this is the BEST Beef Noodle Soup I've tried in my entire life!  Okay, that's an exaggeration, but for now, this is the best in my "taste bud's" dictionary.

Lao Dong Beef Noodles
38.00rmb (approx Php247.00/$5.80)
The noodles are hand-pulled, the beef broth is super tasty --- not too salty nor bland, the taste sits perfectly together with chunks of tender beef!  I will definitely go back for another order if ever I visit Shanghai or Taiwan again!

Since my brother ordered soup-based, and I was craving for a particular noodle dish that I had way back inLin'an Hangzhou, China which was made by the Muslims from the North, I opted for the dried noodles.  Of course, Taiwanese noodles are made differently but I was hoping it will, at least, satisfy my craving! 

Dried Beef Noodles (not the name of my dish as I wasn't able to take note of the name and price of the dish), blame me, I was still in Lao Dong Beef Noodle Soup Heaven!

The dried Beef Noodle version is served with similar noodles as the first order, half boiled egg, slices of cucumber, onion leaves and dried beef.  I particularly requested them NOT to put cilantro on my bowl of noodle dish!  May it be for garnishing, sorry... not a fan, don't judge me! :P

I would still go for the Lao Dong Beef Noodle Soup in a heartbeat, but you can't blame a hungry horse!  I finished the dish without difficulty.  It was a long day! :P

Lao Dong Beef Noodles is located at the Jing'An Temple Station.  You won't miss this station as you will see the well lit Jing'An Temple.


My brother also gifted me Peach Tart from Aroma Bakery.  For someone who's not a fan of anything with peaches, I was not tempted devour this at once!  I actually kept this inside the hotel fridge for 2 days!  Just when I'm afraid this will spoil, I took just one bite to taste.....

And my "not-so-into-peaches" moment has vanished!  It was really really really (not exaggerating) good!  The tart, after 2-3 days is still crunchy and the taste of the peach together with the egg tart is just right!  Perfectly blended to complement each other.  I don't know how much this cost but I believe this tiny cutesy does not come cheap!
And since we're talking about the best of the best in terms of my Shanghai food tripping experiences.  I've found the best Milk Tea to date!  I thought Happy Lemon in China is the best tasting milk tea, but after trying another famous local Milk Tea branch called Coco, this definitely goes on top of my list!  

I've seen several branches of Coco Milk Tea around the area and the long queue made me want to try it even more!  After a hot and humid afternoon of walking, I've decided to take a rest in a particular mall!  As soon as I got in the entrance, the huge Coco Milk Tea mascot greeted me!  What pushed me to give this a try is the fact that I don't need to line up (because it was during work hours).

Yes, there are only 3 customers in front of me but check out how crazy their orders are!  Each customer ordered at least 3-4 cups!  This MUST be good!

Coco Pudding Milk Tea
6rmb (approx Php39.00/ less than $1.00)
WINNER!  I was all smile as I took a sip from this huge orange straw!  I can taste the egg pudding on every sip!  To prove how much I love this drink?  I immediately texted my brother (who's busy at work) just to let him know the EUREKA MILK TEA Moment of mine!  And it's inexpensive!

Last but not the least, I've found my favorite and tasted the best among the best (for now).  It's time for me to to shift back to "unselfish" mode and bring Mr. AMW the bacon --- the bacon is his favorite Xiao Long Bao from Yang's Fried Dumpling.  Thank you Lord the new location of this restaurant is just a couple of minutes walk from my hotel.  The morning before I checked out the hotel, I bought 4 orders of these yummy steamed pork buns!  Each order consists of 4 huge pieces, 4 orders is equivalent to 16 pieces!  I'm not crazy, I just know how to hoard!

The most difficult part is to transfer them to a plastic container, the mini buns have soup and oil inside so can you imagine how messy it was?  It was worth the effort though as Mr. AMW finally tasted his craving after 3 long years! 

Have a great Sunday Food Tripping!
Which among the many food photos you would want to try?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. awe! i really missed ur food pics! yummy!

  2. hi nikki,

    i think coco originated from taiwan too :)
    - erin

  3. oh dear! look at the beef noodle's broth! thick and brown! i had pork ribs la mien for dinner yesterday and now im craving for something like that, right now!

  4. The beef noodles sounds and looks so good! I wish there was something like that here where I live. :)

  5. All the food looks so yummy! Grabe, i'm hungry na. :P

  6. @Anastacia Aaww thanks for the comment, glad you were able to comment now :)

  7. @Anonymous Yes, it is originated in Taiwan, most of the restuarants or snack bars in Shanghai is originated in Taiwan :)

  8. @xin Me too, I vow to myself that I'll order this when I visit Shanghai again!

  9. @Maggie Let's just settle for instant noodles for now? Hehehe :)

  10. @Marge ay sis, you're going to love the food there!

  11. @Myrted hehehe food pix really can make us hungry!


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