Monday, August 29, 2011

AMW Reviews: Charm Travel Pro v3

Call me a brush-whore if you want!  I agree --- I really am!  I can say no to new make-up collections but when it comes to brushes, there's something about their lifespan that makes me want to own more!  I call them my investment!  I have a feeling my grandchildren can even use these maybe play "mini salon games"?  Gosh, I hope not my grandson!!!  *lol*

Even before the brush was launched, I got a sneak peek from my dearest friend Sophie!  Sophie, as I fondly call her the "OC Brush Maker" came up with version 3 of the well-loved Charm Travel Pro!  I own all 3 versions and each version brings me a lovely surprise! 

The Charm Travel Pro v3 is no exception...take a look at the packaging!

The front of the cute box
It is obvious that the owner loves to travel!  
There's an airplane and different tourist spots
So chic!

The back portion of the box

And there's this cute Leaning Tower of Pisa 
on the side of the box!
Okay!  Reviews over!!!  *laughs* The box took my breathe away and I can continue to blab more about it!  Now it's time to unbox the Charm Travel Pro v3....

I took the brush set with me to test during my trip to Shanghai.  I like the fact that my brushes are neatly stored inside a pouch for protection.

v2 was housed in a pink faux croc pouch, the v3 pouch goes with the new brush colors!  Black faux croc pouch against a hot pink colored zipper!  Perfect contrast for those who aren't into "full pink"!
The handle is matte black and the ferrule is made of metallic pink shade.  The combination looks "classy" and unique.

Charm Travel Pro v3 uses combination of synthetic and animal hairs.
Keep in mind that natural animal hairs are best used on powder products
while synthetic hairs are best used for cream/liquid based products.

Charm Travel Pro v3 says ---
Achieve professional-looking makeup looks with the Charm Travel Pro 14-pc. Brush Set!

Featuring 14 outstanding travel-sized brushes made from the softest blend of animal and synthetic hair, guaranteed to help you achieve beautiful looks, wherever you may be!

Get spoiled with our luxurious Charm Travel Pro, as your take-me-with-you-anywhere brush set promising professional results! Featuring an impressive lineup of 14 makeup brushes, you will never have to scrimp on your makeup tools!

AMW says ---

Stippling Brush
  • The brush length is the same as MAC's 186 brush.
  • With a stippling motion, the brush bounces against your skin which can easily create an "airbrush" look.
  • Sheds only 1-2 hairs on first wash only.
  • Even after several wash, the brush maintains its softness
  • Takes longer time to remove make-up on this brush.
Perfect for
  • Liquid, cream foundation application.
  • Cream blushes application.
  • Highlighting whether with a cream or powder based highlighter.

Powder Brush

  • Though made with animal hair, this brush is surprisingly smooth!
  • Dense enough so you have full control on powder application.
  • No shedding nor bleeding.
  • If you're used to using Kabuki brush for powder foundation application, you may find coverage is light for you.
Perfect for
  • Powder/powder foundation application.
  • Blush application - apply blush on the "flat portion" of the brush then gently swipe on the apples of your cheeks going upwards then blend using the "fluffy portion" of the brush.
  • Removing eyeshadow that falls under the eye area. (Make sure the brush is clean).
Foundation Brush

  • The irregular length of each brush hair makes it easy to apply foundation minus the streaks.
  • The brush is not flimsy so you get perfect control.
  • Though this foundation brush is not as dense as my favorite Essense of Beauty Foundation brush, both are similar in terms of control.
  • This is one of the "very difficult" to wash!  Read on tips further below on how to remove oil-based make-up.
Perfect for
  • Primer, liquid and cream foundation application.
  • Moisturizer application.
  • Concealing larger areas like the under eye circles.
Angled Blush Brush
  • No bleeding nor shedding.
  • Very soft, no harsh edges.
  • Since the brush hairs aren't as long as other angled blush brush, this doesn't fluff up after several uses or washings.
  • Since the brush hairs are shorter as compared to other brands, the product grabbed from this brush will be very concentrated so you may end up with a "blob" of product on your face if not blended well.
Perfect for
  • Blush Application.
  • Contouring.
  • Highlighting the under eye area plus the area above the cheekbones.
Concealer Brush

  • The brush length and width is perfect! 
  • Dense enough for that perfect control.
  • No shedding nor bleeding.
  • Consistently feels soft and smooth against the skin.  Doesn't tug my eye area as much.
  • None
Perfect for
  • Eye primer application.
  • Cream based eye products (paint pots, etc...)
  • Concealing and correcting.
  • Lipstick application, this covers a huge area at once so prevent lips from flaking.
Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush
  • Brush hairs are soft and smooth, doesn't drag the sensitive area of the lids.
  • Can be used to apply both dry and wet eye shadow products.
  • Perfect for foiling your eye shadows.
  • The size of the brush works even for small eyes.
  • Does not grab as much eyeshadow during dry application.
Perfect for
  • Wet eye shadow application.
  • Light eyeshadow application (day time looks, natural make-up).
 Blending Brush
  • Close to MAC's 222 tapered blending brush.
  • With its natural hair, it can grab good amount of eye shadow.
  • Can be used on powder or cream based products.
  • Does not feel harsh on the lids even if you blend hard.
  • Stain is difficult to remove (no matter what brush brand).
Perfect for
  • Blending eyeshadow for big lid space.
  • Eye shadow application all over the lid area.
  • Concealer application (with cream based product).
  • Powder application on the under eye area.

 Pencil Point Brush

  • No shedding nor bleeding.
  • Perfect for small eyes as it gives a good control.
  • Can be used on both powder and cream based eye products.
  • Can grab a good amount of product easily.
  • Perfect tool to blend cream based eyeliner for a "smoked out" effect.
  • Difficult to wash off makeup.
  • The tip is a bit fluffy so applying eyeshadow on the lower lash line may be a bit too thick.
Perfect For
  • Smoking out eyeshadow or cream liner.
  • Eyeshadow application for small eyes.
  • Spot concealing.
Angled Eyeshadow Brush
  • No bleeding nor shedding.
  • Feels smooth against the lids, no tugging nor scratchy feel.
  • Can grab a good amount of eye shadow products.
  • Can also be used as a blending brush.
  • None
Perfect for
  • Eye shadow application on the outer-v.
  • Blending eye shadows.
 Flat Liner Brush
  • No bleeding nor shedding.
  • Feels soft against the skin.
  • Can be used on powder and cream based products.
  • The tip is not as fine so I don't like using this for gel liner application.
Perfect For
  • Creating eyeliner using eye shadows.
  • Applying eyeshadow on the lower lash line.
  • Best brush to use for false lashes application, use the brush to press the glue against the skin without much tugging or excess pressure.
Bent Eyeliner Brush
  • The length and angle is perfect to apply gel liner with good precision.
  • The brush is easy to control so you can use this to create designs on faces for "Avant Garde" looks.
  • Difficult to wash off gel liners.
Perfect for
  • If you're not a gel liner user, you can make this brush useful as a "spot concealing" brush.  There are really small spots that needed to be conceal and this brush can do the job!
  • Gel liner application.
Eyebrow Shading Brush

  • No bleeding nor shedding.
  • Made of natural hair so it can grab good amount of brow powder.
  • Has a nice control so you can easily fill in your brows with little check marks. 
  • None!
Perfect for
  • Brow powder application.
  • Eyeliner application (medium to thick line).
  • Eyeliner application using dark eye shadows on both upper and lower lash line.
 Brow Spoolie
  • Does not feel harsh against the skin.
  • Multi functional.
  • None
Perfect for
  • Mascara application on other people (no sharing of mascara wands please)
  • Brow gel application.
  • Grooming brows for both men and women.
Lip Brush
  • Works just like any other lip brush, can grab good amount of lipstick to be transferred on lips.
  • No bleeding nor shedding.
  • Difficult to remove lipstick or oil based products (kindly read tips below).
  • May lose cap easily.
Perfect for
  • Lipstick, lip balm application.
  • Spot concealing on small areas.
Overall Tips
From Charm
  • Run the bristles of the makeup brush under warm running water.
  • Apply a small amount of shampoo/baby wash to bristles and work into a light lather.
  • Rinse bristles thoroughly under running water until water becomes clear.
  • Squeeze off excess water then lay the brushes flat to dry (not standing up).
  • Leave in a well-ventilated place to dry.
From AMW
  • It helps to use a brush guard for face brushes.
  • For hard-to-remove oil based makeup, use an Extra Virgin Olive Oil and run the brush gently and the oil-based makeup will be easily removed.  Then proceed with regular washing.
  • Make sure the brushes are COMPLETELY dry before you store them inside the pouch to prevent molds.
  • Spritz natural brush hairs with a light leave-on conditioners to keep the brush hair soft and smooth to touch.
  • Feel free to mark your brushes with a nail polish or sticker so you won't lose them.
  • If you find the pouch to be too bulky for your taste, you can house your brushes in smaller "pencil case" pouch.
Will I repurchase?
All Charm Travel Pro brush sets I own are still working really well so I don't feel the need to repurchase.  Best to repurchase as gifts though!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Make-up enthusiasts whether you're a pro or non-pro!  The brushes are easy to carry whether you're on the go!  

Where to purchase and how much?
Php2,200 (approx $52.00) free shipping nationwide at Beauty & Minerals website.  If you want to see the brushes up close and personal, you can check them out at PurBeauty, Serendra and The Ramp, Crossings at Shangri-La Plaza Branch Ground Floor.

*Whew* that was long but I enjoyed reviewing these brushes!
I would strongly recommend this to anyone who likes a travel brush set!
I also use this on simple make-overs that does not require me to bring loads of stuff!

What's your favorite travel set?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. lovely review as always :) ive heard abt these but i still have a brush set >.<
    they look pretty *_* :P

  2. Oh my so many brushes! Such a lovely set! I want it now :)

  3. this is my project for September ☺♥ LOL

  4. i really love v3's pouch. i use it as a kikay kit too :D

  5. i love love the black and pink combo! looks professional yet girly at the same time. can u pls bring it along in oct? no, i won't steal it when you are not looking ;P

  6. lovely set of brushes.. nice review :)

  7. I love the black case! I have the v2 and sad to say but the powder brush didn't last on me. :( After a few wash in a span of few months (like 3 months) the glue started to loosen up. Note that I used a brush guard when drying it. Now, my angled blush brush is also starting to loosen up. I can see residue of glue when it gets dry. :( But the others are still working fine. My favorite is the stippling brush and the big concealer brush. This v3 looks good too but I think I'll pass and buy separate pieces from other brands. Try the Elf flat top brush, it's one of my favorites as well as their blending brush. :)

  8. Thanks for the review. The set is so cute!

  9. @aMz88 Ah now you made me feel bad, I never stop wanting to own more brushes :)) :)

  10. @Mischievous Mack Make sure when you order brush sets, the "key brushes" that you like to use are there :)

  11. @Marge Kaya yan sis I will root for you AJA!!!

  12. @Kumiko Mae You can insert more brushes or your favorite blush shade or lipsticks :)

  13. @xin Noted: I won't bring this with me as someone's going to steal this :P

  14. @Kat_m oh no! i'm sorry that yours got loosen up, I own the V1 and its still working fine! What shampoo are you using when you wash it? So I'll take note on that! :) Thanks for the reco!

  15. @gio Agree, makes me smile every morning I reach out for a brush :D

  16. omg i so want these brushes! gotta have em! :D

  17. Great post Nikki! I'll bookmark this for my guide when using the V3 brushes :)

  18. @Askmewhats I used j&j baby shampoo with a little antibacterial dishwashing and extra virgin olive oil. I learned this method from Michelle Phan. I clean all my brushes this way and I only had problem with the 2 charm brushes (powder and angled blush brush) from v2. Should I just use shampoo for animal hair brushes? But my 2 bare escentuals are still working fine and it's been with me for years already. Maybe I'm the only one who had a problem with it. heheh...oh well, too bad for me..

  19. @Askmewhats
    thanks girl ♥☺ there's this music fest at smx this sept 17, fangirl asia invited me to do makeup at their booth, i hope to have this in my arsenal by then in case makeup lang maprovide nila ☺♥

  20. @Jillsabs You don't need to bookmark this na no! ikaw pa! I'm sure you'll even find more ways to maximize the usage of these brushes!

  21. @Kat_m Ahh for natural haired bristles kasi I don't use the Olive oil na :) But anyways, depende talaga, swerte swertehen :) thanks for sharing :)

  22. @Marge WOW! Congrats! that's a nice gig!!!! If you want to borrow this for your gig, let me know :) I can lend it to you para ma try mo before you buy?


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