Monday, August 29, 2011

AskMeWhats Featured on Fledgeling Magazine August-September Issue

Fledgeling is an online magazine that aims to showcase original talent by amazing people.  Art, design, music, film and literature take center stage that's released every two months.
For their second issue (August-September 2011), I was contacted to be part of "The Bloggers" section.  It was an honor to be featured together with other wonderful bloggers!

**my photo taken by Mika Artienda of Manila Street Style

Here's a snapshot of my feature!  Well... my age was proudly printed there!  Not my idea ok??? *laughs*  Just sayin.... *hihihi*

I am impressed with the layout and the articles!  The people behind this wonderful idea are way younger than I am (for sure!) and they're ideas are so refreshing!

Feel free to checkout Fledgeling Magazine by smiling and clicking HERE.

Thanks Fledgeling team and congratulations!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. wow! congratulations! u deserve it!!

  2. Congrats AMW!! We are so proud of you!! miss you girl!

  3. Congratulations Nikki! I really look up to you. :)

  4. Congratulations ms. Nikki! you rock!

  5. kamusta!!! nikki, u definitely deserve this! u r talented and creative! i am always in awe with your manicures and always enjoy reading your honest reviews on everything!

  6. Congratulations Nikki! Way to go! Like the picture they took of me. You looked very fresh.

  7. wow! congrats! i love the fact that the higher you go the more approachable and friendlier you seem pa.
    if you disappeared even for just a weekend or a month, i would certainly understand, a busy girl like you deserve both accolades and some quality rnr every now and again ☺♥
    more power to you!

  8. Thanks everyone for the well wishes :) Its all because of AMW Readers!!! You guys ROCK!!!!


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