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AMW Reviews: Maquillage Rouge Enamel Glamour

Ahhh Maquillage, the name itself spells "glamour"!  I've been intrigued with this brand when I was just starting out on make-up!  I've longed for this because it was quite well-known in Asian market because it is from the giant Japanese Cosmetics brand Shiseido.

The Rouge Enamel Glamour comes with a lip color (in bigger sized bottle) and the opposite side is the gloss (Smaller pot).

Maquillage Rouge Enamel Glamour says ---
NEW Maquillage Rouge Enamel Glamour Moisturizes and plump the lips with 8 mouthwatering-shades!
Does not transfer to the cup or smudges when eating! Long-wearing 6 hours each application.
Contains hyaluronic acid, glycerin and Silicate.

AMW says ---
  • Once purchased, the product is well packaged so you know you are getting fresh, unused product.
  • Comes with manufactured date.
  • The brush applicator of the lip color is the best I've tried. Angled strategically to help spread lip color easily.  The sponge does not disintegrate.
  • The gloss part applicator is made of doe-shaped plastic, makes it easy to apply the gloss on top without wiping off the lip color.
  • Once set, the lip color is budge-proof, the color stayed at least the whole day!
  • The gloss looks nice, gives a lovely dimension on my lips without looking like I've an oily dish!
  • The lip color glides on the lips smoothly without any friction!
  • The lip gloss isn't thick and can moisturize dry lips.
  • No weird scent.
  • The lip color dries up dry lips (like mine) if applied without the gloss. 
  • Because of the super budge-proof quality, it's hard to remove this at the end of the day, need a good eyes and lips makeup remover!
  • It settles in the lines on my lips on days that my lips are super dry.
  • Very pricey for a lip product!
The budge proof quality is a huge pro!  This is also the first for me to try a lip gloss that doesn't look unnatural!  It's non-sticky and it gives a very nice dimension other lip gloss can't give!

from Shiseido
  • Apply the rouge first (larger bottle) first. 
  • Wait for a minute to dry (it may feel sticky at first, don`t rub)
  • Apply gloss for a shiny, moisturzing finish! 
from AMW
  • Always wipe the applicator after every use.
  • If you want to apply more, apply the first layer of lip color first, wait for a couple of seconds before you add on another layer, or 3rd.
  • Always wait for the product to "set" before you apply the gloss.  This way, the lip color will stay longer!
  • Gorgeous lips can apply the lip color by itself without the gloss for a super natural lip shade!
  • If you are used to moisturizing your lips with a balm, always remember to blot your lips prior to lip color application, as the product may glide off and the "budge proof" quality of the lipstick may be wasted!
  • Leaving the lip color for a long time without the gloss may make your lips crack, so always take the time to apply gloss if you have really dry lips.
Will I repurchase?
No for myself yes for clients.  I wouldn't mind using this on my brides who have moisturized lips to start with. 

To whom do I recommend this to?
Brides or anyone who needed the long lasting lip color.  I don't recommend this to people with dry lips.

Where to purchase and how much?
At Shiseido Counters for Php1,900.00 (approx $45.00).

The shade I own is 
PK386 which is warm coral shade 
with gold sheen

PK386 on applicator

Gloss on Plastic Applicator

Swatch on Hand
The top most part is PK386 lip color applied alone
Middle part is the gloss
Bottom is the lip color applied with gloss on top

On lips:
Top: without Gloss
Bottom: with Gloss

Ok, I do use this on days that my lips does not feel too dry!  I can't seem to hate this product as it turns out so pretty!  I just dislike this on days that my lips are dry and chapped!  I should just dislike my lips overall! *laughs*

Have you tried Maquillage Rouge Enamel Glamour?
If not, have you tried any similar products?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. ang cute naman ng packaging!
    girls adore cute packaging!

    lovely shade din a!
    it's hard when lips are dry,no?
    that's why lip balms should always be carried.

  2. It looks really pretty especially the bottle. I'll probably buy this later on hehe

  3. Oh gosh, I'm loving the shade! It's coral <3! :P And the packaging is really fancy and cute. :)

  4. oh, another nice coral shade! ang mahal naman! hihihi....but i love the fact that it it budge proof :)

  5. That's a gorgeous shade! Love the fancy packaging too.

  6. it looks very pretty on your lips! but the price tag is keeping me away from this product hehe. :)

  7. i love the color too *slurrrps* and also their signature 'diamony' packaging

  8. Very pretty shades! Japanese makeup is expensive, but I still love it!

  9. Oh my....the packaging! I love it!

  10. aww that's a gorgeous shade on you Nikki! :)

  11. weeeeee nikki it looks so nice.. and ive been searching for ages for a non-drying logn lasting lipcolor

    too bad it's 1900 :( I'm trying to vow not to buy a lippie more than 1,000


    BTW has my friend paula contacted you already< she's looking for a MUA for her wedding and I reffered ya

  12. on the other hand.. it's 2 products in one..
    HAHAHA so I guess it's allowed to get this for 900 since it would be around 950 for the gloss and 950 for the lipcolor

    im such a cheat :p

  13. I love the idea of this lipgloss. It's so neat. I 'm also digging the packaging! It's adorable and nothing like I've ever seen.

  14. @~tHiAmErE~ oo super difficult with dry lips! hay kaya most of the lip products that are nice looking doesn't look as nice on me!

  15. @Jennifer~Vickahh :) There are a lot of shades pa :) GO GO GO!

  16. @Pammy Girl parang you have used Maquillage lip products na right? Parang I saw some on your blog :)

  17. @Issa Super budge proof girl! hirap tanggalin! LOL

  18. @gio like a mysterious potion right? :D

  19. @sugar sugar agree :) But who knows? maybe someone will gift you one? :D

  20. @B I know :) The packaging took my breath away!

  21. @beetrice Thanks bee! :) you think its good on me? hehehe mwa mwa mwa

  22. @K Hi dear, yes, your friend contacted me na :) Thanks for the recommendation :) I already sent her the rates

  23. @K LOL! You and I think exactly the same! I thought about it as 2 products too!!!!

  24. @EveryDay Makeup blog The applicator I may have to add is unique and wonderful!!!Easy to use and it doesn't get ruined!

  25. omo i love that shade, so luxurious, too. ^_^

  26. I really liked the article, and the very cool blog


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