Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Jeans on my Nails

I was going for a very simple nail art for the week as I am feeling under the weather after my Shanghai Trip.  Yup, even if I'm sick, I can't stand it when I see my "chipped" nails.  My Panda nails was losing either its mouth or the other eye so I've decided to create a quick nail art which anyone can try! :)

It's inspired by the most casual yet important piece of clothing in anyone's closet --- Jeans!

Step 1:
Apply your preferred base coat.  In this tutorial, I am using OPI Start to Finish Base and Top Coat.  Once base coat is completely dry, apply 2 coats of any "blue" polish that would remind you of your favorite jeans!  I actually do not have one so I chose the closest which is my OPI's Yodel Me On My Cell.

Step 2:
Once the base color is dry, use a small nail art brush or any art brush and apply "stitch-like" lines with a yellow polish.  I am using Bright Yellow polish from Caronia

You can do random "stitches" on each nail.

Step 3:
Create a huge dot with nail art dotting tool or any round object, you can also use a cotton bud and dot random colors that you think would look good against the bluish base color.  I opted for white and pink!  White Polish from The Face Shop, Pink shade from Orly Cotton Pink.

Step 4:
Making sure the huge dots are dry, you can use a needle, in my case, I used a mechanical pencil to create 4 tiny red dots to form a "button"! 
Step 5:
Once nail art is completely dry, apply top coat to protect your nails using wrapping method if you want to!  I am using the same OPI Start to Finish Base and Top Coat as Step 1.

Voila!  Playful Jeans on your nails! 

Come on!
You have to agree with me that this is indeed easy and you can do it!
Have a wonderful Mid-week!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. very cute! I have jeans on my nails too but it's this new sticker nail polish from Sally Hansen. yours look better!

  2. so so cute!!!!! is jeans a trend of nails now? now I feel like doing it too :P

  3. this is so cute! and i'm glad you're making your nail art easier for us to try! thanks Nikki! :)

  4. Wow, you make it look so easy!

  5. This is super adorable and fun :) and that blue shade is gorgeous blue.

  6. This is so cute! And I love that blue shade.

  7. Its really cute!!! Like it!!! :)
    need to put jeans on my nails too :P

  8. @Connie De Alwis Wow, really they have jeans on stickers too? SO CUTE! I want to see!

  9. @xin I want to see your version, I'm sure you can do it even better!

  10. @Issa Of course! I'm glad you find this easier :)

  11. @Ling Glad you find this easier to the eyes :D

  12. @EveryDay Makeup blog I'm glad you liked the shade!It was hard for me to look for a nice base!


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