Thursday, August 11, 2011

AMW Reports: What's New at Watsons

To be honest, I haven't been around malls lately because of my super busy schedule!  On weekends, if I don't have make-up gigs, you would see me either visiting my parents' place or just stay at home --- rest and sleep like a log!  That's why when I got into a Watsons store at SM Megamall a few weeks before I left for Shanghai (to buy toiletries), I was amazed on the variety of brands added inside the Watsons Family.

Jheng, Jane and myself were just talking during lunch how much we enjoyed going around Watsons, I think a lot of you would agree that the store is a huge "stress-buster"!  It's very difficult not to walk inside without buying at least ONE item.

A simple 'lunch' event was held a couple of days ago and I was able to attend!  It was an afternoon filled with beauty talk!

We were at the second floor of Museum Cafe (M Cafe). After a hearty meal, Watsons Brand Manager Mr. Jared M. De Guzman started the presentation with a talk about a product close to my heart --- BB Creams!  He discussed about its origin, its functions and the advantages of using one.

At the back of my head, I knew Watsons carry Pure Beauty BB Creams, but I didn't know the range grew this big!

Purederm 3 in 1 Beauty Pearl BB Cream - great for people who like the extra "glow"
Purederm Magic BB Cream with Skin Conditioning Effects - works for normal/oily skin

L-R UV White Sun Protection Compact (Php339.00/approx $9.00)
Jasmine Water BB Cream (Php319.00/approx $7.60)
Soothin BB Cream (Php199.00/approx $4.74)

And would you believe I also learn there are BB Creams lower than Php200.00 (approx $4.50)?  The Gluta & Placenta BB Cream by Glorious Skin costs only Php169.00 (approx $3.90).  We chuckled a bit on its promise of "Instant White"! But hey!  If that's what you're looking for, this is the only BB Cream I've came across with this function!

Dream Girl Faith BB Cream for less than Php200.00 (approx $.4.50) too I believe!

Then we were moved on to the next product line...

The Watsons H Bella Bath and Body Care Line
Products were distributed on each table and we were encouraged to give them a test!  Our table, while eating was trying out these products and even joked about accidentally eating them because they smell fruity!

New products after products quite new to me were unveiled right in front of my eyes!  I actually like the fact that I can test the products at once as they pass the products around for us to sniff and try!  And there are some products that REALLY piqued my interest.....

 Pure Beauty Makeup Remover Range!
L-R Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil - oh my!!! So excited for this!
Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Liquid
Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Water

And Dove Foaming Make Up Remover!
Php359.00 (approx $8.50)
I realized that I have a thing for "cleansing" :P

Ah, so many new products available at our local Watsons.  I am actually not that overwhelmed when I visited Watsons Shanghai as I found a lot of products "finally" available here!  And before the event ended, we were asked with the most "loved" question for the day.....

"What brands would you like to see at our local Watsons carry?"

Oh my, I shouted "Le'gere BB Cream" right away, I thought about most of the readers who emailed me about the brand!  Sophie mentioned Mandom Cleansing Lotion and they are sold in Watsons Singapore!  I have to second the motion as I have mine delivered from Hong Kong!

The day turns into an exciting open forum and I would like you my dear readers share their thoughts!  Who knows?  Your wishes may come true!

My extra wishlist, Lucido L Hair Products!  I've seen them in Watsons Shanghai and I own one which was gifted to me by my friend in Malaysia! :)

Feel free to share what your thoughts!
Thanks Watsons Philippines, ARC and special mention to gorgeous Jenny for the invite :)
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. the cleansers looks intriguing, cant wait to see them on the shelves. thanks for sharing

  2. kakagigil mga new products nila!! especially ang mga cleansing oil :)

  3. Watson's is turning into a place that will violently burn my wallet.

  4. i wish missha is available at our watson's like it is in bkk. hmmm what else, i wish kanebo/kate was available at our watson's like it is in Sg? LOL

  5. Watsons is indeed a great stress buster. Im trying the purebeauty cleansing liquid now and im loving it. It reoves mascara pretty well.

  6. The Pure beauty cleansing line looks cute!!! We have Lucidol-L here and I was only a fan when I had shorter hair a while ago :P

  7. I'm definitely going to give that dove cleanser a try.

  8. i have seen those cleansing oils & water before & thought of buying the cleansing water since i prefer the water but decided to muna... i still have etude house's baking powder one & haven't read a review about it e..hehe

    no idea of products that they ought to carry here since i haven't been to other countries that have watsons so i can't make a comparison..hehe

  9. wow! lots of BB cream, now I wonder which is best and what to try. What do you think Ms. Nikki? what is the best BB for oily skin type? =)

  10. prefer the pure beauty cleansing oil compare to mandom cleansing lotion~! Its even cheaper than shu uemuras and for me work just as well =)

  11. I've seen the cleansing oils in watsons a week ago. will def try the bb creams! :)

  12. I want to try the cleansers!! My eyes immediately went to the Dove cleansing foam and the cleansing range from Pure Beauty. Thanks for sharing. :)

  13. oh, i love Watson's! kahit cottons or tissue lang bibilhin ko, I enjoy walking around Watson's to see what's new! ah, ang dami ng products ng Pure beauty ! and those cleansing oils, gusto kong i-try!

  14. ooooh so jealous nikki! :) wishing one day i could attend a watson's event as im a watson's addict myself haha there's a watson's store near our office and i pass there everyday and never leave the store without getting something

    oh legere.. :) my fave bb cream that my sis in law took from me (arbor)

    oh and please let them bring back dr. jart

  15. looks like most of us want to buy that dove cleanser, hehe~

    i hope it's a hit in the shelves

  16. @Kitten They are already available at local Watsons stores :)

  17. @Anonymous Agree! I feel that way tuwing nasa looob ako ng Watsons, minsan nga umiiwas na ako hahahaha

  18. @Marge I think someone mentioned Missha! So who knows? I also like Kanebo/Kate and also ..let's not forget BOURJOIS!!!!

  19. @aringkingking Nice! thanks for letting me know! I can't wait to try it and if it works, it'll help us save a lot of money!!!

  20. @xin Connie sent me a version for "curly" hair!!! :)

  21. @Hollie I am currently using the regular Dove Facial wash and I love how moisturizing it feels on my skin! I can't wait to try this too! Seems like their ingredients work for my sensitive skin

  22. @~tHiAmErE~ Ahhh sige, will try to check it out and let you know, the closest I've tried for "cleansing water" is the one from Mandom and the other one Shu Uemura :)

  23. @ladymishel Hard to say, but do try the pink variant! The regular Pure Beauty BB cream, it does not oil up :)

  24. @Photoescape Which one will you try? Bongga the one that INSTANTLY whitens :) but you don't need it, you're fair na!

  25. @Pammy Ako din! kaya napicture ko talaga sila!!!

  26. @Issa Agree! Anoka! Kahit pocket tissure, GOWH ako sa Watsons :)

  27. @K Malay mo??? I can't wait to meet you :) SOOON sana :) I hope you get your Le'gere back! hahhha

  28. @Kitten LOL! Yup, so will we all see each other at the DOVE shelves ? HAHAHAH

  29. Yes, Lucido-L have really, really good styling products! :D

    Trying the Pure Beauty Cleansing Water to see if it's a match for my favorite Mandom one :)

  30. I looooooove Watson's. Kahit magpalakad-lakad lang ako dun naaliw ako sa products, hindi maaring umalis ako ng walang bitbit. I am also thankful that I won one of their promos - P1,000GC which will fund my toiletry/kikay essentials for when I go to work abroad. Wee!

  31. @Sophie OO nga eh! Can't wait, I hope it is as good para di na kelangan ipasok si MandoM :)

  32. @Lady Stapler Wow congratulations for winning! Where will you go? What will you do? :) Aaww wherever you may be, may Watsons siguro yon! :)

  33. @Askmewhats
    yey bourjois, i wanna try their foundation for oily combination skin! and their blushes, they were gorgeous. alas, i had no more currency by the time i saw them at sg LMAO :P

  34. Thanks for visiting! Will try to consider the brands you wanted (hope these brands are easy to carry) :-)

    See you in the next Beauty Labs!

    P.S. Oily skin BB cream - You can try the Purederm BB Cream (Skin Conditioning) or the Purebeauty Jasmine BB Cream.

    P.P.S. Getting rave reviews about the Dove indeed!

    P.P.P.S. Try Glorious Skin products, great formulator (ONE by Charade) and uber - affordable.


  35. hello po.. just wanna ask f jasmine water bb cream really good for oily skin? i love wearing make up but i dont like foundation sa face, gusto ko poh kc ung natural lng ung dating ng make up ung parang nakapowder lng kya i think of bb cream. hope to hear from u.. thanks and godbless...

  36. @Anonymous I believe so, BUT! you have to keep in mind that BB creams SHOULD BE TESTED as it reacts differently to different skin type! Give it a try na lang since its not that expensive compared to other brands, worse comes to worst, if it doesn't work for you, you can always share it to your friends or family :)

    Pero if you're looking for natural ang dating, you can go for tinted moisturizer (for oily skin) or BB creams nga! Then set with light setting powder :) Goodluck

  37. sana poh mgkagwa kau ng review about sa purebeauty jasmin water bb cream soon. cant wait to read reviews about this bb cream from you..:)thank u po...:)

    1. I tried pure beauty jasmin bb cream so far i like it.It blends easily and won't crease.

  38. ate ask ko lng din po same lng po b yung PUREBEAUTY JASMIN WATER BB CREAM sa watson at yung BRTC JASMIN WATER BB CREAM? same brand lng po b cla.. thanks..:)


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