Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Readers' Corner: "What Brand of Lashes Do You Use for Your Clients?"

I have tried so many "inexpensive" brands of false lashes and I think it's high time I share to the readers what I use for my clients!

There are definitely a lot of brand choices out there --- from Ardell to Shu Uemura and MAC, I've used them just a number of times but I can't seem to purchase them for all clients due to budget constraint!  Some lashes costs even more expensive than a make-up service!

So on to the search for inexpensive false lashes that look and feel like the high end ones!

Before I continue, yes, KKCenterHK did send me these lashes for review but I am a long time customer way before they asked me to review their products, I will still repurchase from the company using my own money even after the review, I'm a hoarder remember? :P

When it comes to make-up for photography (photoshoots, weddings etc...), I strongly suggest my clients to use falsies no matter how "unnatural" or "uncomfortable" they think it would be!  Photos register false lashes well and it can make your eyes look bigger and brighter!  

I'm glad I don't need to tell them this line: "You have to suffer a bit to be beautiful!" 

Recently, I've discovered 2 of my favorite falsies design from ES Brand.  I find myself using them the most especially for newbies and brides.

ES A66
Shortest hair located at the inner corner 
goes longer on the outer corner.
Creates a very natural "wispy" look

Close up on ES A66

ES A111
The lash hairs are just a tad bit longer than A66 
The longest hairs are located at the center making your eyes look huge!
A closer look on A111

  • Does not feel heavy at all.
  • First time lash users gave me feedback telling me the lashes feels super comfortable!
  • Looks very natural and if applied correctly, stays the whole day or until removal.
  • The band is thin and flexible so its easy to use for any eye shapes.
  • Reusable, I've tried reusing a couple of the lashes, just make sure you store them well and remove the glue after every use.
  • Inexpensive!  A box of ES A66 and ES A111 costs only $8.00 (approx Php336.00)  plus approx $5.00 (approx Php210.00) for shipping.  Each box includes 10pairs.
  • Not readily available locally, I need to order online and wait for shipping.
  • Need to pick up the package at the postal office and pay additional Php35.00. 

Recently, I had a photoshoot with some of my Blogger friends (will report about this next time), I brought along with me ES A66 lashes and here's the outcome... very natural!

A closer look
Thanks to the angel who took  my camera and got this shot of me in this angle! :)
I was in a hurry that I forgot to take a shot of my eyes! 
(blame the hunger) :P

What's your favorite inexpensive falsies to date?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. You look gorgeous with your makeup! and the necklace, wow! Everyone needs falsies especially for special occasions where you'll be having lots of photos.

  2. I just buy from ebay too :D I get as low as ten pairs for 1$ :D

  3. ever since i've seen these lashes on your blog, i am really wanting to get some for myself... mantra: soon... soon... after the wedding... after the wedding... hehehe... XD

  4. Hi Nikki

    Wow. the falsies look very natural. Incidentally, I reviewed ES lashes yesterday night. Like their soft feel.

  5. i'm a lash hoarder too hehehe.

  6. Love your makeup, Nikki. You look great and glowing. :)

  7. i love the KK center for the lash selection! i have purchased extra on my own, but since i am only using it for myself so i still have quite many of them :D

  8. These lashes looks pretty natural!
    wow! I love ur lip color!

  9. love the makeup! love the lashes! love everything!

  10. @Lemon Tart Yup! no matter how much eye makeup I put, if I don't use falsies on photography, its a waste coz I don't have much lashes :(

  11. @Kumiko Mae Do you have an "ebay" brand in mind? I tried buying from Ebay before and it came out "plastic-y" :(

  12. @angelamhiere A month left then you're free to shop! LOL

  13. @Mona *high five* i have to say, falsies look gorgeous on you Mona!

  14. @Pammy hahaha glowing sa makeup lang yon! LOL

  15. @xin CONFIRMED..we are sisters from different moms and dads!

  16. @Anastacia not the usual lip color i would use but I like this!


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