Sunday, August 7, 2011

Travel Food Tripping at: Shanghai City

I am back!!! Bad timing, I woke up with throat ache and stuff nose!  I thought drowning myself with water would help but too late!  I guess it's the Flu Season in Shanghai plus the weird super hot and humid weather then the sudden pour!  Sad to say, I'm human, so I got sick! :(  

Well, Shanghai is a great place to food trip because there are variety of food available for almost all nationalities!  My first meal in Shanghai was with my brother and he recommended me this Vietnamese restaurant which I like!

Pho Sizzling
Weird name but it's located at Nanjing West Road near Marks & Spencer.  Located at the 2nd floor!  I wouldn't see this restaurant if it weren't for my brother! :)

Beef Noodle Soup

Beef noodle soup mixed with beef balls
My order!  I can't finish this up!

The second day, I  went for full day meeting/work, I just had sandwich for lunch and for dinner, met up with my brother again to go back to my favorite curry house, COCO Curry!  I ordered the exact dish I ordered 3 years ago.  Pork Chop Curry!  I died and went to Curry Heaven!

Felt guilty as my brother is coughing like mad so he did not order anything spicy and opted for Chicken Salad instead.

Each table, you'll see a jar of this crunchy vegetable (sorry, I wasn't able to ask what kind of vegetable), I love putting this on top of my Curry Rice!

And I finished my first Happy Lemon Pudding Milk Tea (for this trip) coz I had seconds!  *laughs*  I personally liked the taste of Happy Lemon in Shanghai better than here in Manila!  The taste is just right and there's no bitter taste at all!  And the best?   Pudding is abundant!  I can bite pudding all the way until I finished the drink!

On the third day, I went to work again so I wasn't able to do anything exciting!  Had simple sandwich for lunch then went out with my dear friend for dinner at a restaurant called Element Fresh, located at Ritz-Carlton Hotel!  Very posh!  A lot of foreigners like it here!  We actually waited for at least 10 minutes for our table!

I was feeling a bit too tired so I went healthy instead, ordered Classic Cobb.
It was a hearty portion of grilled chicken breast, cheddar cheese, avocado, tomato, hardboiled egg, bacon and onion all chopped into good size served on a bed of crispy lettuce and pita bread!  Dressing on the side was 1000 Dressing :)

Ok, first 3 days, I've been eating non-Chinese food!  Hey, I'm in Shanghai!  I want Chinese food!  Well, I'll talk more about my food experiences in Shanghai on my part 2 report!  :)  Watch out for it!

I'm seriously thankful I got sick on my last day, I won't be able to survive all the walking I did when I'm feeling this way! 

Normal blogging will be back!   More reviews and information coming up soon! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. super busy last week kaya hindi nakacomment but i do read your posts...
    i'm sure shanghai is indeed very beautiful & thanks for the tour.

    the food pics are delish!
    especially the curry!

  2. @~tHiAmErE~ awww ok lang understandable :) Yup, beautiful place to tour but you need to arm yourself with super comfortable shoes!

  3. waaaah, parang gusto ko yung pork chop curry! yum yum....

  4. My goodness! The food looks amazing you had me at lemon pudding tea!
    Keep the stories on adventures coming.
    Hugs from Mexico:)


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