Saturday, August 6, 2011

Travel Report: Shanghai Shopping for Clothes

Dear AMW Readers, by the time you're reading this, I'm on my way to the airport goingg back to Manila!  I can't wait!  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the trip as I have a dearest brother who accompanied me for lunch and dinner and constantly messages me to make sure I don't get lost!  Traveling and walking around on my own is not so bad!  I guess I'm used to it and it was nice reminiscing those days when I used to live alone.

Okay, let meet get back to my travel report! I must have been a good girl to be here when almost everything's on sale!  Marks & Spencer, GAP, H&M, Uniqlo, Bossini, Esprit, G2000 etc... these international clothing brands are on Season Changing Sale!  It goes from 50%-80% off!  Nice huh?  Plus the fact that the weather is quite warm here so it's all summer clothes!  Perfect for Manila weather!

First night, I've checked out Marks & Spencer....

Bought something!  *laughs*  

Starting here, all the photos are from mobile phone, sorry but it's all ninja shots so the angle isn't that great!  Photo-taking is not allowed...shoot me!  (Thinking twice, nah, just forgive me!) :P

I do like Marks & Spencer here in Shanghai, they have more clothing and shoe choices.

Another favorite of mine, I think I entered this store 3 times!  I do wish H&M will come to Manila.  I bought some for gifts.  It helps that they were on sale too! 

Belts, scarves and accessories

Nice mannequin display! 


Cute hair accessories

Esprit store
Quite huge in Hong Kong, also huge in China!
Can you see the Final Sale sign?

FTW!  They have SMURF shirts and I Love them!  Too cute!

Quite famous here in China and Hong Kong for their girly outfit!
Devil Nut
I'm not really familiar with this brand but I find their store and merchandise too cute!

Also on sale, GAP store, I like the quality of GAP shirts and I found a great great deal!  Imagine the price of 350+rmb shirt costs 48rmb!  Great buy, but I'm just lucky it has the size I want!  And it's one piece left!

American Eagle Outfitters
I haven't seen anything I like plus they're quite pricey!

The best sale store G2000!  Aside from the 50-80% discount, you get additional 10% off if you buy 2 items, 20% off for 3 items and above!  I was told that this one at Nanjing Xi Lu is an outlet store.

Do not expect fashionable items though, this store is great for basic office wear.  I like that the quality is also good.  Would you believe everything here is even cheaper as compared to Hong Kong?  I am so happy because I was able to purchase 2 pocket Shirt for my dad!  I've searched high and low for this design! (FYI: None in Hong Kong, can't find them in Korea, so I guess it's Shanghai!)

Also found a cute store who sells random cute stuff, including hair accessories!

More accessories
I nearly went crazy!

Shopping for clothes isn't my number 1 priority when I arrived Shanghai, I am just lucky its the sale season so I bought most of them for gifts!  When it comes to international brands (cosmetics, skincare, clothing), everything is more expensive in China so try to come here without the focus on shopping, you may be disappointed!  

Let's not forget, travel isn't fun without food adventure!  I'll blog about it soon! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy


  1. looks like you had fun in shanghai! haha thanks for sharing the photos ate nikki :)

  2. All those clothes and accessories are so pretty! Shanghai seems a great place where to shop for clothes. And I'm glad you had a great time on your trip!

  3. I love shopping in Shanghai much stuff to buy!

  4. hay i wish M&S, Gap and American Urban Outfitters will come to Dalian. We got H&M here, but i sometimes go home with a frown because they have limited sizes. Something usual in China.

  5. I wish H&M will come to Manila talaga. :) Hope u enjoy ur trip. Shanghai Baby ka na talaga. :)

  6. Hello Achi
    Welcome back laaaaaah! You have seen the Smurf on Bossini din pala. I saw Smurfette at the back pocket of one of the shorts but sad they dont have it in my size anymore waaaaaaaah

  7. @miemiemie My pleasure! I love sharing travel photos!

  8. @gio Well, I hope I can take better pictures but in Shanghai, most of them would request you to turn off the camera! :)

  9. @feastfulife I know what you mean, their sizes are super small and I can't even find XXL size for men! Medyo mahirap!

  10. @vian LOL on the Shanghai Baby comment, hindi no! Mas Shenzhen Baby ako! :) or probably Nanjing WEst Road baby, super familiar na ako dun :)

  11. @*MrsMartinez* I bought Smurf shirt for my nephew, hirap kasi if I bought myself one, baka taasan ako ng kilay, Ilang taon na ba ako? hahahaha

  12. hehehe...well, H&M will be opening in Singapore on 3 Sept...just in time for you? ;)


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