Wednesday, November 9, 2011

AMW Reports: Sunsilk Hair Experts 1M Project Makeover

Sunsilk's Hair Experts FB page recently achieved 1,000,000 Facebook members, well, at the moment, it's
1,020,618 to be exact, thus making this the world's biggest hair care community!  It's an achievement worth celebrating!
To commemorate such milestone, Sunsilk launched a 24-hour promo and invited fans to submit congratulatory photos and videos.  From there, the team will choose 50 most creative participants and get the opportunity to be a celebrity for a day plus Sunsilk gift packs to take home with. 

Aside from that, they invited 4 bloggers to join the photo shoot with the rest of the loyal members (Trust me when I say LOYAL members, I've seen how interactive the community is and how vocal they are in showing the Sunsilk Hair Experts love!) and I was lucky enough to be one of them!

A full day of pampering with great companion?  What's not to like?

Meet the 3 gorgeous bloggers whom I shared the same unforgettable experience with! 
Sophie of Beautynomics 

The day started with hairstyling at David's Salon...

Of course, together with the 4 of us are the 50 Hair Expert Likers were also there inside the salon for their once-in-a-lifetime pampering experience!  Did you know that I like having my hair pampered?  Feels like massage and I would love to take her home! 

After hairstyling, we took a short ride to The Lighthouse House Studio for makeup and photo shoot!  There I met super talented and down-to-earth stylist Rain!

Rain came with a huge suitcase with more than 50 hot pink tops and dresses (I swear, I've never seen this much pink in my entire life!) and a whole lot of accessories!  *drools*

There, I also met the Creative Director of The Lighthouse Studio  Fashion and Conceptual Photographer Niccolo Cosme together with his staff.

While the rest of the Sunsilk Hair Experts lucky girls have their photo shoot, we had our make-up...

As a makeup artist myself, I seriously enjoyed relaxing for once and having someone do my makeup!  After a couple of hours, with the magic hands of the talented makeup artist, we're ready to roll!

I went adventurous with the bold fuschia lip color that matches my top perfectly! (not intended though)

And there's a whole bunch of "first time" giddiness and laughter during the shoot! 

Group shot with Niccolo before we left the studio

Fun, wacky shot with Rain!

Here's the professional shot 
taken by Niccolo Cosme

 Don't we all look so serious and professional in this shot
as compared to the ones above?  :P

I want to thank Sunsilk Hair Experts for the opportunity!  Our friends from Media Contacts for taking care of us for the whole day!  David's salon for the hair, Rain for styling and Niccolo Cosme for the wonderful shots!

That sounds like a speech from Oscars!  But who cares?  This experience definitely goes straight to my memory box and I'll proudly tell my grand kids....

"Your lola (grandma) once look hot in hot pink!" LOL

Yes, I'm practicing to have more confidence even at the age of "I don't remember my name" hahaha

 "Feel free to LIKE the Hair Experts page and get the best hair tips for Filipinas with the help of Shape & Length Expert Teddy Chares, Dry & Damaged Hair Expert Thomas Taw, Straight Hair Expert Yuko Yamashita and Hair Fall Expert Dr. Francesca Fusco."
What's your favorite Sunsilk variant?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. that looks so fun! :) nice shots!

  2. grabe, i love your makeover!! ang gaganda niyo! love that last photo! pang-billboard...

  3. so pretty! pa-autograph! :) mishuuuu

  4. @Jorelli Griffin San Juan Ahh we are lucky to have THE Niccolo Cosme to do our shots :) He's talented

  5. @Issa LOL! Pang Billboard talaga ha? hahahhaha ang cute mo

  6. @iamsutil Si Sophie! namimigay ng autographs! hehehehheh Misshuuu too!

  7. pahingi rin ako ng autograph! hehehe

  8. Hi NIKKI! :D

    Just saw this now. It was nice meeting you. The photos turned out really well.



  9. @Anonymous RAIN!!!! IT was great meeting you! Hope to bump into you again my fellow "early bird" :D


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